Time Travelers Promotional Video

What is the most important moment to you? Dad! Don’t be so reckless! Oh my daughter! Made you wait didn’t I? Dad. What do you like about mom? Hey Yuri! Really?? Don’t laugh! So where shall we go? A movie? You seriously thought about me didn’t you? If that moment was destroyed… I have something I must tell you… Why did you let Hina go? Stop! You’ll be disintegrated! She became a victim in order to save us all. I’ve got you Youta! Don’t let go! I’m fine… so save Mom and my brother! YOUTA! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You’d try to fix the past wouldn’t you? Ignorance is a sin Therefore you must atone for your sins. The people who lost something important to them Now I will give you your final judgement… I’m the one to blame… I’ts because of me… I would have been better off dead. Do you really think you can escape? What would you choose? Can I kiss you? Nevermind. Forget it. Yota! You just wait! I’ll definitely save you! I also have something, chosen by myself, decided by myself I won’t ever give up again. I’ll show him You are a time traveler. What’s the point of having this power? None of us chose to be this way. Is it ok if I return the world to what it once was? Turn back time. Everyone. Wait for me. This small screen becomes the theatre. Playing cinema

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