Time traveler’s Handbook

Hello mortals. Imagine one day you’re walking in the middle
of nowhere and you suddenly see a time machine. On it there is a red button saying “Random”,
and of course you press it. Okay this looks better. – Hey, what year is it? – 27 BC
– What does BC stand for? – Before Christ
– Well if he wasn’t born yet how do you – I must go. Anyway, here are some advices for time travelers
on how to rebuild the modern world. The first things you need to know are the
units of measurement. The meter is defined as the distance travelled
by light in a vacuum in 1/299 792 458 second. Yes, no more imperial systems this time. Now what is a second? It’s the time it takes light to travel 299
792 458 meters. Okay that’s not very helpful. Another way to think of a second is the time
between the human heartbeats. It’s also the time it takes to say “One
Mississippi”. Now one meter can be defined as the length
of a pendulum that takes one second to swing from end to end. A gram is the weight of a cubic centimeter
of water. Now regarding medicine. Wash yourself in clean water regularly to
keep yourself clean. Tell the doctors to wash the surgery instruments
in boiling water to kill all the small bad boys. Germs haven’t been discovered so you can
call them whatever you want. The mold that grows on bread, and if when
viewed under a microscope looks like weird hands, is penicillin – which is an antibiotic. Use it to treat bacterial infections. Viruses on the other hand, are treated with
vaccines. Grow a culture of this virus and then kill
it by heating it. Once the virus is dead, inject it in yourself. The dead virus cells won’t kill you, but
they’ll teach your body to create a resistance. Also extract insulin from the pancreas of
pigs and use it to treat diabetes. Boil milk to kill all the small bad boys. Find lodestones and heat it up. Now you have a magnet. Let the magnet move freely and it will act
like a compass. Wrap some copper wire around an iron bar and
put it near a water wheel with a magnet attached to it and you have achieved electricity. Run electricity through tungsten and you have
discovered the light bulb. Take that Edison. Run a current through a wire at certain frequencies
and you’ve made a radio. Measure the time it takes the radio waves
to come back and you’ve created a radar. You can also do the same thing with sound
and create a Sonar. Put a bar of zinc and one of manganese dioxide
in an acid that will act as an electrolyte and run a current through them and voila – you’ve
got a primitive battery. Make the process reversible and the battery
will become rechargeable. To create a very basic camera use an iodine-coated
silver-plated copper plate for the imprint and a silver-chloride bath that will fix the
image. Afterwards go around and photograph people
telling them you stole their soul. For fun of course. In order to make a transistor you have to
divide a silicon semiconductor in 3 parts – 2 n-type sections injected with phosphorus
atoms and 1 p-type injected with boron, or vice-versa, depending on what you’re trying
to achieve. Afterwards, dip it in some virgin’s blood
and recite some incantation like abracadabra and hope it works because there is no way
I can explain how a transistor actually works in this video. Now using these transistors create logic gates,
which you can use to do all sorts of mathematics. And voila – you’ve got yourself a computer. Also make you have at least a thousand transistors
that are at least 100 micrometers in size. You don’t want a computer the size of a
castle. Now link 2 computers together through a cable,
which will send out information encoded as electrical impulses and which will be subsequently
decoded on the other end. Do that with more computers and here’s your
internet. Nuclear physics time! Tell all the alchemists that in order to create
gold, one has to bombard atoms of platinum with neutrons accelerated at speeds near that
of light. Also wish them good luck doing that. What’s that? They don’t know what an atom or a neutron
is? Atoms are the building blocks of the universe,
so don’t trust them, they make up everything. Atoms consist of a positively charged nucleus
made up of neutral neutrons and positive protons, and a negatively charged electronic cloud. What else do they need to know? How to make nuclear bombs of course! The idea is really simple. Bombard uranium 235 isotope atoms with neutrons
which will create a nuclear chain reaction. For example the power released from the amount
of uranium the weight of a grain of rice is roughly equivalent to 300 kilograms of TNT. How about we go even bigger? Anti-matter bombs! Compared to nuclear weapons that convert less
than 1% of their mass into energy, anti-matter bombs translate 100% of their mass. The released energy can be calculated using
this nice formula, that you’ve discovered yourself of course. So 1 kg of antimatter exploding would create
a blast similar to that of the Tsar Bomb at around 45 Mega-tons of TNT. There’s only one slight problem. For today’s standards, it would cost approximately
63 trillion dollars to create one gram of anti-matter. So once again, wish all the alchemists good
luck with that. So let’s see. You’ve taught your human ancestors medicine,
chemistry, physics, how to obtain electricity, how to create the computer and the internet,
even how to control the atom. Will this allow the human civilization to
evolve and catch up with our modern day society in a span of a few decades? Will your divine intervention make humans
become an interplanetary species before our middle ages? Let’s fast forward and see! Oh of course. What else could have we expected from these

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  1. Sciencephile you‘re one of the best science channels I’ve ever found that explains science concepts in such a fun way that everybody could understand. Please never stop making videos.

    “Light speed is the speed limit of everything” —— Albert Einstein
    “What if I go faster than that?” —— some guy
    “You can’t because you’re fat.” —— Albert Einstein

  2. As per this video by the time 100~500 ad earth had been destroyed by nukes even before the born of Islam religion or country, whats's else expected by humans. 😂😂😂

  3. Experiment of entanglement then an a.i rebot is fine. Still have difficulty in transforming matters. May never can because of carbon aging…??

  4. Do you know what I would really get from medieval people after I showed them all of this???


  5. "Alright kids, when was the lightbuld invented?"
    "27 BC!"
    "Correct, what about vaccines?"
    "27 BC!"
    "Yes, now when was the first computer made?"
    "27 BC!"
    "And lastly, the Anti-matter bomb?"
    "27 BC!"
    "Yup, 27 BC was the peak of all human achievements, and it's was all thanks to one single guy."

  6. instructions unclear. died when trying to get virgin blood for transistors. how I make pew-pew should be top of list next time?

  7. hey, does anyone have any advice for a girl who just opened a scientific YouTube channel and wants to become slightly famous?

  8. Historian: This was an ancient castle!
    Historian after new studies: this was an ancient primitive comuputer made by a time traveller!

  9. So humanity's all greatest discoveries,which we got in 2000 years, shown in a seven minute video
    Well that's an average achievement.

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