Time Travelers from World War I … Sir Victor Goddard

It’s one thing for an anonymous caller to
join a late night radio show, and claim that he is a time traveler. It is another thing altogether, for a highly
decorated knighted officer of the British Empire, supported by government documentation, to speak of his flight into the future and his subsequent return. The fascinating true story of Sir Robert Victor
Goddard, concerns an Air Marshal who passed through a temporal vortex in the sky. The military career of Victor Goddard spanned
forty-one years of service. He began as a midshipman in the Royal Navy
at the start of World War I. By 1915 Goddard had joined the Royal Naval
Air Service. In the Battle of the Somme over three million
men fought, and one million of them were either wounded, or perished. The battle lasted almost six months, and before it ended the Allies had succeeded in advancing their front line… by a distance of about six miles. The reliability of the biplane was so poor, that the likelihood of suffering mechanical failure, was almost as high as the likelihood of getting shot down by the enemy. Across the English Channel in the northernmost
corner of France, young Goddard began his air career flying reconnaisance over the Somme. At the end of his career, ten years after
the next World War, he had received so many medals from so many nations, that there was
not enough room for them on a regulation uniform. In 1934 Air Marshal Goddard was relaxing between
wars. He took a day trip by automobile, to visit
in Scotland the landing field at Drem, one of those from which he had flown during the Great War. He knew the airfield was no longer maintained
by the military and was curious as to its current suitability. He found the buildings in wretched disrepair. The roof of the officers mess was falling in. A farmer was using one hanger as a barn for
his cattle. Another hangar was used as storage space for
bales of hay. The field itself was now criss-crossed with
fences of barbed wire to keep grazing sheep separated from grazing cows. The next day the Air Marshal was flying a
Hawker Hart in the same vacinity, while traveling from Edinburgh to Andover, England. He was suddenly enveloped by cloud and heavy rain. Goddard admits to losing control of his plane,
plunging 8000 feet in less than a minute. After regaining control and freeing his aircraft
from a death spiral, the fog was nowhere to be seen, and the earth was bathed in heavenly sunlight. He expected soon to pass over the airfield
at Drem, and he did. But as he looked down, it was not at all as
he remembered from the previous day. The airfield was no longer fenced. The grass was evenly cut, and there was no
livestock in sight. It appeared the area around the hangars was
paved with fresh tarmac, and the hangars themselves bore shiny roofs in good repair, brightly reflecting the sun. Goddard was unfamiliar with the bright blue
uniforms he saw worn by the mechanics below, but he was more surprised to see several odd-looking
airplanes on the field, having but one pair of wings, rather than two. The monoplanes were all painted the same color,
in military fashion, although he had never known the air corps to paint their planes yellow. The men below did not look up, even though Goddard was flying only fifty feet over the roofs of their hangars. Then the sunshine disappeared, and his Hawker
Hart flew back into the mist and dark rain. Four years later the Drem airfield was rebuilt. It became a training school for U.K. military flyers. Blue overalls were issued as the new uniform
for mechanics, and the new training aircraft, which had only one pair of wings, were all painted bright yellow. All the details matched exactly the vision
of the future afforded to Victor Goddard. This was confirmed, by the report he filed
four years earlier on his arrival at Andover. Sergeant Henry Johnson was born in Winston-Salem
North Carolina. He later moved to New York. He joined the Army in 1917 as a teenager and he was assigned to what would later become known as the 369th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Harlem Hellfighters. In a bitterly fought battle in May, 1918,
Johnson and one of his fellow soldiers were cut off and surrounded by a large German raiding
party. Wounded by a shower of grenades thrown by the attacking Germans, Johnson’s comrade was being dragged off by the Germans into captivity. Disregarding his own injuries, Private Johnson leapt up and smashed one of the Germans on the head with his rifle butt, drew a bolo knife, and plunged it into thus cull of a German and into the stomach of another… a hell-fighter indeed! And then he threw grenades at the rest of
the enemy, until they withdrew.

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  1. It's always nice to see one of your videos in the morning Bill! Did you know, they made an episode of the Twilight Zone that was based off of this event?

  2. Another dope video Bill.  🙂  Even though I've seen the case before, you added nice imagery and narration.  And Sergeant Henry Johnson was such a beast!

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  4. I've always found Sir Goddards' " time flight " very interesting. Thanks for covering this classic tale. Peace be with you Bill!

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  6. As an after-thought, it scares me to know that Mr. Rogers was a sniper in the Army.
    🎶 Who are the people in your neighborhood?🎶

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  8. This reminds me of the story of an elderly couple from England that went on holiday and wanted to go to a village not far from where they were staying. It had loads of flowers decorating all the houses and buildings. There was a sign that said something the village winning an award for the flower display. They came back the next day because they enjoyed it so much but when they did the flowers were all gone and so was the sign. When they asked someone they said that the last time the village won an award for that was 25 years ago..
    It went something like that, I think there was a program where they interviewed the couple aswell. 👻

  9. If you can't trust the word of this guy, you can't trust anyone. Did you see all those medals on his uniform? That is solid credibility lol. And considering that he was an expert in reconnasaince, you can also trust the accuracy of his statement.. And then there's the fact that he couldn't have possibly known what would happen to the airfield in the future, or what the colors of the uniforms and airplanes would be changed to.. There are so many hundreds of cases of people experiencing timeslips like this, but this is one of the best pieces of evidence for it.

  10. Hi, Bill! How are you? I have heard about this incident before, but never as well told or in such detail. You have outdone yourself again! I am always happy to see that you have a new video! 😊💕

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  12. Is this Goddard related in any way to Goddard AFB? Just wondering because it's a fairly unusual name.

    Great story, Bill! You're the best! Blessings!!

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  16. I have heard of this story for at least 7 plus years, I have accounts, watched a dozen or more TV shows, and several you tube videos, describing this event.
    None of them come to the complete story until now. None of them had half as decent background photography, and certainly none presented in a great sounding, clear, engaging, superb narrator

  17. I remember the twilight zone episode. He lands on the airfield in late 40s or 50s. They are trying to figure out who he is. He escapes, jumps in his plane and returns to his time. Good episode. Didn't know it was based on a documented event. It makes it that much more special.

  18. NightTerrors is the spiritual sucessor to The Twilight Zone and it belongs on network television! Help make it happen by signing the fan-made petition today!

  19. Great presentation and a very interesting story. I think Sir Goddard also had, or knew someone that had a similar experience in China (?) and a movie was made based on it.

  20. Nice details. Seen the Drem Airfield story a lot but didn't know the officer had visited the field on the ground the day before. Far out.

  21. i love this channel. your intros crack me up every time. i swear this dark material coming through in such a funny way its awesome. i have a question though please please i love music, what song is playing during his experience flying over the airport right above the dudes heads?please and thank you anyone who could answer that id buy you a cookie. nevermind i found it i forgot you put all the credit to the sources. damn i love this channel

  22. I can't say I'm buying this time travelling thing unless a time traveller show up in my neighbourhood. But I would certanly appreciate if it's real…and I was alowed to use it, because I'm in desperat need for a time travel to January 3rd. Is there anyone who can help me with that? So please show up, prove you're real.

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