Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Tells All

My group was sent to 2987 This man claims to have been to the year 29 87 we flew to Armenia and sat down for an interview with the man as he told us his story you Will not believe what our future has in store Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment on this video saying I subscribed. Let’s get into it Hi everyone from Armenia who is watching a big Stevie? Today I will tell you a story that happens to me I don’t know Do you know or not? But Armenia was also in Soviet Union And I was doing my military service in Soviet Army when I was 20 in Soviet Army I saw many weapons and technologies that are still top secret and at that moment only few people knew about different experimental weapons and aircrafts most of these projects were closed after Soviet Union collapse I will tell you about one of these projects in which I was involved It was a real time machine We called it in Russian character of shaky story history character The project was littered by the greatest scientists and engineers of the times back Then I was just a soldier I didn’t understand too much about the technologies But I was one of 10 soldiers that were used Yes used for these experiments I know it’s hard to believe but I was really involved in these Researches and even now I know it’s hard to believe But I was really involved in these researches and even now it’s dangerous to talk about it It was 1987 they were planning to send us to 16 or 17 centuries To make some changes in Russian history, but scientists couldn’t manage to send Anyone to the post and after some time they decided to try to send someone to the future to 2987 it was the first time when Soviets sent someone to the future before us There were a lot of experiments with animals and even different things for example Glass of cognac also they made a lot of unsuccessful tries people were even dying during these experiments They divided us into five groups of two people each Every group was travelling to a different period of time my group me and a leg was sent to 2987 that I have mentioned The machine was huge there were too big drinks in the center of it where we forced to stand in the middle They gave us device made of silver Similar to watches they told us that the machine after modifying could work only with human body Cotton and silk our uniforms were made of cotton And they were similar to uniforms of pilots the machine was sending us to different times Thanks to the power of magnetism and electricity they told us that if we will lost our watches We won’t be able to come back each watch was designed and constructed Exclusively for concrete traveller, and it couldn’t be switched or shared so after all trainings. They send us to 2987 I can tell you one thing I couldn’t understand that I’m still on the earth first of all I couldn’t see anyone outside and Few people that we found were almost like robots each of them was covered with some strange mechanisms comparing to their technologies our VR glasses were just sunglasses Their clothes were really strange for sure not made of cotton or wool or not even synthetic people were not walking at all they were just moving from point A to point B and I couldn’t understand how even though that our clothes could be strange for them No, one was looking at us. I had an impression that we are in They didn’t have any emotions on their faces And they looked like they were busy my colleague a lead drew my attention to their Transports above I saw everything Levitating over our heads seriously everything was levitating there There wasn’t a building that had bases everything around was levitating cars streetlights Everything I was really astonished all buildings were covered with solar panels When we found the way to go upstairs I saw current advertisements for example one of them was about to Earth to Mars, but in the Advertisement that I saw Mars was wonderful It wasn’t the Red Desert that I knew it was beautiful even though really strange purple seas Islands Trees like our planet except purple seas after me and Oleg have found normal clothes Suitable for that time we went to a very special place called 3 km From where people are traveling to different planets at trick’ beyond we could find special thing on magnetic Mechanism that was making us levitate. It was really weird when I’ve tried it first time I was really close to fall down from about 200 feet height after some time when we were able to levitate Let’s say walk we noticed devices that were similar to cause and that were also floating in the air We haven’t seen there any shot or something like that at that time I couldn’t understand how people were buying things, but now I think everyone was online at that time We didn’t have internet, and we didn’t even know what is it? So I couldn’t imagine after some time discovering the city with Oleg we were stopped by two humans or robots I’m not sure till now they took us by their huge car to the military base In the military base we met a guy who was wearing something. It was kind of military uniform why I say kind of because we don’t have anything similar to it even nowadays So the guy was speaking Russian with us, and it was strange. He told us that we are in Murmansk I understood the timing the same city they were asking us different questions They took me to a bright room where the lights were so bright that I could feel how it burns my skin They were asking us how we could pass the border from which country we came. How we hacked the teleport As I understood from their words there are four countries on the earth at that time It was Soviet Union USA Asian Confederation And as they told us our a but I couldn’t understand. What country it was Now I can’t understand how there could be Soviet Union in the future if the Soviet Union I knew was collapsed in 1991 After all these questions for which I didn’t have any answers They started hitting me with a stick which was totally red and after each hit I felt the smell of my skin it was terribly painful. We were told in 1987 to not tell anything about time-traveling So I was trying to hold myself and wait we knew that when it will be 3:40 on our watches we will be sent automatically to 1987 I was really lucky that they weren’t suspicious about my watch Maybe because it was too primitive for them And they didn’t think that it can be a part of time machine After smelling enough of my own burning skin. I woke up in 1987 but alone Every day I’m thinking what happened with Oleg was he killed or he couldn’t come back, or he came back But he was killed by solids in 1987 Till now I can’t understand one thing how it was possible that there was so VAT Union if it was collapsed in 1991 for it was parallel reality or Post-soviet countries will reunion again. I hope they won’t There are a lot of questions that I don’t have answers I Was inspired by other Time Traveller’s stories to tell my story or epics TV? Is this guy a real time traveler who has been to the year 29 87 in the end that’s up for you to decide? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts down in the comments below We have many other videos of people claiming to be time travelers To hear their stories check out our time travel playlist by going to the link in the description. We are also posting mysterious creepy and unexplained things every single day on our Instagram account So be sure to follow us on Instagram for new content every single day at ApexTV official. We just reached 200,000 subscribers and would like to thank every single one of you from the bottom of our hearts We have a few very big videos planned and are going to be releasing them within the next week, so The best way you can stay updated is by subscribing and turning on notifications by hitting that Bell icon We will see you in the next video peace out

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  2. If he was 20 years old in 1987 he would be 52 years old today,I don't see any grey hair on his head or face.I guess Russia has a big problem with mental disease also just like here in the U.S.A.

  3. Its really hard for me to believe
    Think about It they would kill these people
    Don't you think with all the insder knowledge with what
    Really going on. Come on now that just my theory.
    After all the gov is like a gang js i still like to watch these tho

  4. Why don't these time travellers show us atleast one piece of their future technology? They know we'd never be convinced otherwise right?

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  6. I'd like to keep an open mind. XD We don't know what will happen. We don't know if they're saying the truth or not. But nothing is impossible. Look at how far human had advanced now compare to thousands of years ago. As long as there's curious people who want to uncover the whole truth about our universe, we'll never hear the end of it.

  7. In 1987 the guy was a soldier, in the USSR army he could be as young as 18, so now he's about 50 but doesn't look or sound more than 35, right? Mhmmm… the whole time travel thing has to have some very interesting side effects…

  8. What a load of complete and utter rubbish. Anyone could sit and spout bull dust like this guy. Why blur his face? simple, people would be even more convinced he is talking utter rot.

  9. Ha Ha Ha……what a joke!!!!!….. If u have some little knowledge abt Physics u wouldn’t make this kind of shit video…. Waste of time

  10. He probably went to America and they lied to him he didn't see people outside because people are always in the house playing video games and the mechanisms for their cell phones

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  12. And it all was happening in the society that could not produce a telephone. Yet, they had „time machine”? Haha haha, I think not.

  13. What a very good fake story they created, they should have atleast found someone 50+ aged person to tell all this shit

  14. Its not our future he's from Venus there like us but more advance the pictures they show are from there planet venus

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  16. "You will not believe what are future has in store" …. the only thing with any validity behind it to ever come from ApexTV.

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