Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Shares Shocking Warning

time traveller who claims to have travelled
to 2987 has shared what our future looks like. And I’m going to tell you what he said,
here for you on IO. Welcome back to inform overload, where overload
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could time travel. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Alright, I’ve got another time traveller
story to share with you guys. A channel called Apex TV is sometimes contacted
by people who claim to be time travellers. They flew to Armenia to interview him. This man, who sits on a park bench with his
face is blurred out, says that he was doing military service for his country when he was
20. The soviet army has a ton of top secret military
weapons that we don’t know about. They also apparently have a top secret time
machine, that’s called the history corrector. It was a huge machine with two big rings,
and people were forced to stand in the middle, that used magnetism and electricity. He says that in 1987, the soviets used him
in an experiment, where they wanted to send him to the 16th and 17th centuries to make
changes to Russian history. But scientists could not figure out how to
send anyone to the past, so instead, they sent him to the future. To the year 2987. So what is life like in the year 2987? Apparently the people from this time period
were basically robots. They wore strange clothes, made of some unknown
material. People also didn’t seem to walk anywhere,
they moved from point A to point B by, I guess, teleporting. Everything from 2987 levitated, cars, people. Buildings were covered in solar panels. There world was split up into four main countries,
the soviet union, the united states, the Asian federation and a place called R.A. In the year 2987, we have also gotten the
capability to go to different planets, mars included, but mars is not the red desert we
know it as today. There are trees and oceans on mars. So guys, do you believe him? Does it sound like what he is saying could
be the truth? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below. Comments from our last video about a time
traveller from 2028 Calvin Kilgallon – time travel through the
past is incredibly difficult or impossible, for it to be physically possible, you would
have to enter a wormhole without being crushed, and its impossible to chose where you would
travel to. Maybe that explains why the scientists in
this guys story couldn’t figure out how to send people to the past. Edina Pasic – did he mention anything if
apple will ever release better features for the iphone? I actually heard that iphones will become
obscelete in the near future. Hans – I love how you say comments. I didn’t realize I said comments weird. Maybe you say comments welrd. Ever think about that? Ok guys that’s all for this video, if you
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news stories. That’s it for me and I’ll see you in the
next IO video.

71 thoughts on “Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Shares Shocking Warning

  1. Let’s say that time travel is near impossible and is very unlikely to go back in time, if you did, you’re never coming back

  2. We got million pixel cams today, bit not even single image of Alien
    And now this blur ass guy…
    Time Traveler my foot…

  3. If the guy was a time traveler why couldn't he bring his time machine and send us there to see for ourselves

  4. It be cool if we could make peace with aliens what beef do they have with us but thank for great content keep it up

  5. He probably is from 2987 but you can't judge because you don't know what he's been through so he probably telling the truth

  6. That guy must hear the song "i want to get high…. so high" quite a lot. What the hell is he smoking. I want some.

  7. I sometimes believe it sometimes not to believe it because my uncle said it's rubbish because it's not proof

  8. Omg I just watched a vid about a time traveller from around that time from Greece and he had a secret mission and he went to the year 2400 and he said there were people aliens and robots with artificial intelligence
    But then in 2900 the robots could’ve out smarted the rest of the population with the artificial intelligence we invented and taken over the world like most of society kind of expected to happen anyway
    Well done robot creators you sabotaged the world

  9. I always time traveler for 27 years I am alien on area 51 ufo from the future in 2046 Donald trump sent me to the future as for now I will be future strar singer, wrestler and president

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