Time Traveler Who Spent 6 Days in The Year 2365 Tells All

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Who Spent 6 Days in The Year 2365 Tells All

  1. This one seems very doubtful, I'm British and this sounds like an American putting on a British accent. Love your uploads though Apex, keep em coming 👍👍👍💯

  2. How the fuck did he get there? What and how much of do you need to smoke to do this? Also, why not from back in the day?? Or, this "time travel" is only forward?? Bring something used in everdays life back…

    Again, why is there no past travelers?? I don't get it… I will believe this channel when either somebody contacts me privately, or something happens that will make me to believe this channel.

    But, this, this is so American sociology!!

  3. “I don’t anyone knowing where I live that’s why I live in Russia” is he serious?🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  4. It's well known within disclosure circles that the US goverment knows how to wipe memories. They can do it chemically or they can do it energetically. Very few people remember such detail. I guess it's entertainment and Apex TV is doing a good job on focusing on a subject that people are very interested in, whether it is true or not.

  5. How did I get onto this BS. One minute I'm watching funny dogs video's, then boom….just like that I'm here. It must of been time travel. It's the only expernation I can think of. 😃


  7. Apex has been lying Watch NERD Stuff videos he will explain all this bs and old alien videos and "ALL" the time travelers they clearly paid😒😒😒😒

  8. He remembers this remembers that no one talks of memories like that only dreams are spoken of that way. He’s so full of shit. Hope you didn’t give this bloke money v

  9. Where were you guys? I was waiting for you for two houres! Once more it was in vain. Once more I was disappointed! Can't you guys stop by my place anytime soon? The Swedish authorities is exercising pure terrorism upon me! Please help me! I'm desperat! I want to get off this rock as soon as possible! Give me a hint over Youtube if you're intressed. If you could come and pick me up I would appreciate it very much! Can you meet me at the southwestern shore of Lösensjön anytime soon? I intend to visit Lösensjön every Saturday if possible! Actually, I was at Lösensjön today, but had to leave. Please meet me there! Prove you are real! Can I become a space traveller? Can I become a time traveler too? Please visit me anytime soon! Can I get ANY help at all? Love💗💖💝. 0010110

  10. Why would they choose an unqualified person and pay them when plenty of people within gov. Would go for nothing but to serve. On top of all that they choose this dude to represent the past.

  11. Ask Noah if this is " like " the same program he time traveled on or different one I keep seeing split personality disorder on here.

  12. I don't think that such important things like videos about the future stay only in youtube and is not populized in the whole world. But there is a reason for that. Because it's all fake. If it was real shit it would be populized all over the world. And why the fuck people from the future go back to the past to send their messages to A YOUTUBE CHANNEL? It all doesn't make any sense!!! In my opinion this channel should be banned because its fucking propaganda

  13. If even ONE of the Travelers is real, then he is a DIMENSIONJUMPER from an other Universe with an other TIMELINE so is e v e r y t h i n g he tells not real for our Earth ! We here are in Year 2018 the past happend and the Furure is a open land with boundless possibilities

  14. I want to understand but i cant if there is no CC 🙁 please make English CC, i am the person who Will got it if they were written
    Iya, gua ngerti bahasa Inggris kalo ditulis doang, kalo begini mah kaga ngerti. Dan gua juga yakin kalo ada orang2 yang berkebutuhan khusus juga nonton beginian karena kepo kan, tapi ga bisa gegara ga ada CC nya. CC Inggris lah biar bisa dibaca kan
    Alhasil jadinya gua liat kolom komentar

  15. Another kids with full imagination… alot read books and filem. well if you want to know the future. You already know what would happen because imagination is limited..this how the future alike. Conclusion here.. > you not from future you just a imagination like us.

  16. There are two kinds of time travelers, fake and genuine. Fake time travelers have to work hard to persuade people about their alleged descent, real time travelers must work hard to avoid being revealed. Guess who has the hardest job?

  17. Total bull because I know for a fact that time travel has been around since the late 60's at least. He says it was invented in 2028.

  18. totally fake Royal Air Force would not call a raf camp a base, talking to this channel , would also be a breach of the official secrets act

  19. You Sir, are a despicable liar…hired by the elites to further indoctrinate humanity. I'm guessing the government would know who he is and would've been swiftly eradicated. Stop it, get some help.

  20. He does sound like Noah. IN my Opinion, I don't think GOD & Jesus would approve of this World He speaks about. Robots are Demonic.

  21. If he works for the government??? Why does he speak with the IQ of a child. It is the apex guys there full of shit. BTW have Alex show a boarding pass for his flight to Russia it's all lies.

  22. I know these time travel stories may be hoaxes, but what if people from the distant future found wormholes and traveled back to our time. Given how rotten our world has gotten, it's probably the reason why they keep showing up.

  23. At least his story correlates other stories, claiming 2BE from the FUTURE ..
    BTW , why would he move to Russia from U.K, unless there was a real threat to him & his family?
    NOBODY would volunteer for Siberia .. well I wouldn't

  24. Oh no, not another English fighter pilot time traveller ! Where are all the southern hillbilly inbred time travellers ?

  25. APEX TV … legend in rusian and germany????? Are you kill me???? When you are add legend in spanish or portuguese??????? Come on!!!!

    I want to believe all this, but am not sure if you guys are starting to read from a script? Anyway I'm being entertained!

  27. Hey um.. I hate to break this one you, but we have legit time travel/travlers all ready. They are called astronauts the faster you travle the more time slows.. Simple physics, also there trying to send particals back in time. There trying to attach information to them. I watched a documentary about it last night. That been said these kinda vids are complete hogwash with no proof at all. Nothing brought back for proof. And in the event if it was done do you really think they would send someone unqualified with no traing, an to just release him back into the real world? Think about it … He could,and would know and definitely should know what and which companies would successful, the damage he could do financially would be to great. And become the next worlds superpower thus ruining the actual timeline he was sent too… Im sorry but if you believe this your a fool. He dose tell one hell of a campfire story though 🤣🤣🤣

  28. He's very emotional at certain points….Hard to know for certain. One of the more interesting "Time Travelers".

  29. Legenda em Alemão e RUSSO APEX TV?????
    Quando vocês colocarão legendas em PORTUGUÊS e ESPANHOL????????

  30. maybe he was testing a computer game and was hypnotised in the process and is convinced this happened. Ps: Euros really lol.

  31. This is utter bullshit. He's either just reading from a script or faking a British accent. No former British pilot would say airforce base they'd say RAF. Nor are British government employees paid in Euros.

  32. Yes ApexTV, you did a marvelous job hiding Noah's identity. Like I say in of all of Noah's videos, stop doing weird shit with your hands every time you open your mouth. Seriously though, the voice alteration, the blurring, the location, all are executed with perfection I'm sure there isn't a single person that would stumble upon your interview, not even if they happened to be driving around in a black truck. By the way, if you truly wanted to keep your identity secret going to a major news outlet would have been a million times better. Major news agency's have the ability and legal right to refuse revealing the identity of a source …. a fuckin' YouTube channel has no legal standing. Also, they put you in a machine that is 35-inches across …. that is a fuckin' lie and you know it, there's no possible way you would fit in a machine that is just 3-feet in diameter.

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