Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Year 2118 Speaks Out

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Year 2118 Speaks Out

  1. UPDATE: Alexander Smith showed us what he claims is a real PICTURE from the year 2118, check it our here ▶ https://youtu.be/ZBCCKYyep98

  2. ahahha she think that i was one a car crash…. i open the window and i saw cars flying in the sky…. soo you can survive to that tipe of car crash? ahahahhahahhahahhah

  3. Worst acting i have seen. Thats a 20 something year old in a mask trying to talk in an old voice 😂😂

  4. Its assumed he is in a costume and he used low grade tech to not have AI recognition software track his face. Everything is done with intent to not reveal location through visual and auditory ways. I assume…….

  5. Ha ha ha ha! They have time travel agencies?….. he is in a different “ empire “ but they use dollars?… HA HA HA HA , THIS GUY IS A JOKER

  6. Dont know about this but if there was time travellers why nobody camed in earth yet or are the not allowed to sey it?

  7. The other Time Traveler said in the year of 2048 they didn’t have money anymore, so in 2118 they went back to the paper money??? This is fake and why isn’t this Time Travelers mention the people race at that time?

  8. Why are you so emotional,so afraid of talking about the future.its so great what you saw,why didn't you try to live a bit in that year?wherent you curious?
    I believe it..but you went to a peaceful place,why run away !?
    It's so so weird!Man,why were you sent?

  9. Oh, they gave him around $50,000 before he time traveled just Incase. I use to work as an armored car guard. Do you release 50k in cash is the size of medium suitcase. He’s all lies.

  10. Omg of course I’m gonna dismiss this…come on the accent gives away everything. Stop trying to sound like an old man with an accent who smoked a pack of American Spirits. At least try harder. Your speech is too choppy to be in the CIA. The CIA doesn’t work that way. I’m ashamed of this fake🙄

  11. How come the hospital did not beleave him ? Delusional maybe. Thay never ask what happened in the past. Flying car's ,Robot's , & glass buildings. If heaven appears on earth. You won't need any of that. What a hoax. Only Yashua knows the futher. Be saved in him not time traveling to another dimension you might time travel to HELL and never return ? It's a life choose. 💝💝🙊🙉🙈🆘🔠👿😈🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💀💀💀💀🚻💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🚻💀💀💀🚫

  12. So did he purposely record this video with a potato to hide the fact that he is wearing a silicone mask?

  13. I kinda believe him, obviously the CIA didn’t took this down cuz they know people won’t believe him, like seriously is impossible to believe in time travel.

  14. he was the first person to time travel??? and there were dangers??? well it fucked his head up, shrunk his shoulders and messed up his suit fitting. Pitch black and pitch silent?? fucked his brain also. Is it me or his dates don't add up correctly.. In 2118, he was found by the road? where was his helmet and suit…..Plus he states there were no roads only side walks.. Crazy shit.. I can't believe I sat and watched this..

  15. First of all, he sounds like a younger guy trying to sound old. And he's obviously wearing a mask. For one the whole face barely moves, and not like it should when talking or moving. And secondly the head is about an inch all the way around too large for the body below it. He should have worn a suit with elbow pads at least to offset this effect. And maybe taped the prosthetic face better to his lips and really work them. That would've also make a better old person sound lol.

  16. Okay your story fell apart at the 23-minute Mark when he starts talking about finding time machine place in pain four hundred and something dollars and they gave him fifty thousand

  17. How is he able to keep that money on him when he went to the hospital hospital procedures must have changed in the future

  18. I have some great doubts. First of all, the nurse seem to think hes nuts when he told her he was a time traveler. But then there are even time travel agencys and an official knowledge of when time travelling was achieved (remember the random guy he has asked on the street). I also wonder, why he is even able to communicate with those future people when he doesn't even seem to be in his homeland? Okay, it could have been a country where they speak english. But maybe he would have been looked at like a freak for his archaic, outdated english. Why didn't he mention this? I wonder anyways why people who claim to travel through time never have problems with speaking either old, ancient languages or some that are not developed yet 😂 must be all language scientists xD

  19. His age doesn't add up at all.. he said during the 70s he was apart of the CIA. Let's say he was born in 1950. That's 20 years from 70s. that means today he is 69 years old. His voice or body doesnt represent a fucking near 70 year old man. Not only that but 1992 was the first "Smartphone" (Not touchscreen) just the term smartphone. So 30 years prior would be. 1962.. let's say he got a time machine which is in 1980 as he said. Then 30 years later is 2010. So in 1980 they managed to build a time machine.. but in 2010 the most successful thing was Instagram.. think about that.. 1960 they had phones. 30 years later it released… none of the maths adds up.

  20. That bitch makes himself believe the bullshit story aaaaaa fuuuuck oooffff travel time agrnvy so why the hell 3028 ppl still did not visit us yet

  21. Bro i just watched 5 diffrerent time travelers and all of em said time traveling was invented in 2028


    I don't think so

  22. lol what a horrible fake. Bad make-up and he uses words that only a millennial would use. I would guestimate he's roughly 26 at the time of the recording. What news station has the date with the year posted? lol

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