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A man claiming to be a time traveler shares
footage he says is from Las Vegas in the year 2120. You’re watching What’s Trending, I’m Martine
Beerman make sure to subscribe for more trending news stories from the future. The time travelers name is Noah, and he first
showed up on the channel Paranormal Elite in November 2017 claiming that time travel
is already possible but is being withheld by shadowy organizations. Video: “The ability to time travel is not
planned to be released to the public until 2028. Sorry, just give me a minute. My natural year is 2021, this is the time
period in which I spend most of my life.” That original video, as you would expect was
met with plenty of skepticism. And he didn’t offer any proof, he was just
like “Hey guys, I’m from the future!” In a follow-up video, on the channel ApexTV,
Noah took a lie detector test in an attempt to give his claim some credibility. Video: “Uh let’s just start off with the basics
and uh we’ll see what the lie detector says. First off, are you an actual time traveler
from the year 2030? Yeah.” He said that Donald Trump would win re-election
in 2020 and that global climate change isn’t such a big deal in the future. ApexTV is going to some really serious lengths
to make Noah seem credible, but if time travel is real, wouldn’t it be just like, really
easy to prove? If Noah can bounce around from time period
to time period, then why just not go into the future, and come back with some sweet
lottery numbers? He could’ve told us 3-weeks ago that a Thai
soccer team was gonna get trapped in a cave, but that they’d all get out okay. It would’ve saved me some very serious nail-gnawing. But he claims he can’t do those things because
of paradoxes. What paradox would prevent you from going
back in time and betting on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl? Maybe he is talking about a literal pair of
doctors who are holding him, hostage, right now. Anyway, that brings us to the latest video
from ApexTV where Noah claims to have a video on his phone from the year 2120. Video: “I went back recently and a bunch of
other time periods and I was able to record a video from the future. Today I will show you guys this video.” Dude, Noah, there’s no need to yell, we’re
going to be listening to you. In the most recent video, he said he made
stops in 2060 and 2120 but then when he returned to 203, he was labeled as a trader for having
shown the world all this information about time travel. Video: “There’s no laws pertaining to time
travelers basically saying everything. So I was let off but they made a law right
after me. Which makes me basically doing something illegal
right now.” He also says in the video that he’s ripped
pages from future library books that would show that time travel is real. Except they’re like, lost at his house right
now, cause you know, like, clutter and stuff. Pfttt, I totally get it, Noah, it’s like,
you’ve got some really important tax documents or some paperwork that proves that you’re
an inter-dimensional time traveler and you’re like “I must’ve thrown those out with the
rest of my junk mail.” Also, library books, Noah? I’m pretty sure that in the future as sad
as it may sound, library books probably won’t exist anymore, because all you have to do
is look at an infinite holding a magazine and watching them try to swipe the picture
right to know that, huh, books may soon become a thing of the past, not the future. So, after about 10 minutes of talking about
the government maintaining control of time travel technology, and how he’s actually 70
years old but looks 26, he finally reveals the long-awaited footage. And we’re gonna show it to you right now. I give you, Las Vegas 2120. Video: “As you can see, there are three vehicles
in this video.” Guess the future is a bunch of flash animated
rocket ships just cruising around, three spaceships to be exact in what looks to be a highly populated
area. He also says the red clouds are due to global
warming which makes it even hotter than usual in Las Vegas, Nevada. Except, wait a minute, didn’t he previously
say that climate change was not a big deal? Nevermind, the point is that Las Vegas in
the future is a literal cartoon. Video: “We’re through the looking glass here,
people.” Why is no one else freaking out about that
more? Despite the bounty of rock hard evidence,
some commenters are still doubting Noah’s claims. Hello Corp says “He brings us all evidence
and its just a 10-second clip recording of a still mounted camera footage. Doesn’t look around or doesn’t go for a walk
into town. As long as all the dumb fks keep spewing money
at Apex TV, I highly doubt that they will give up on this charade.” HashySlash says, “If I was a time traveler,
I wouldn’t be rocking a 100-year-old phone in my pocket. Just saying.” Vintage devices are always cool, like my phone
here that’s about 12-years-old, or a tomogachi. What evidence would you need from Noah to
prove that he’s actually from the future? Let us know in the comments and for more trends,
head to whatstrending.com

37 thoughts on “TIME TRAVELER Shares Video From Las Vegas 2120?! | What’s Trending Now!

  1. Time travel is possible. Think something like Avatar. Astral plane. There is a secret government agency that specializes in this shit.

  2. hahaha and if it comes from the future .. why a photo … and not an ologram ???? continue to sell the iPhone X at that time … ???

  3. if i could go back to as near as 1985, i will bring a video tape of me in my time to show the changes and even take a close up shot of me texting with the video catching how letters and emoticons and stickers appearing on the screen. no matter how they do'nt want to believe, they can't deny that its a handy more advanced typewriter i got.much more if they see how this small carry on phone could take a picture and even a selfie instantly. if you're in that year,would you doubt me? this guys came a long way and surely very dramatic changes should have happened. why they did'nt thought of making this crystal clear evidences? they should be much smarter than us today. yet seem to be more dumb ! and they ask us to alter the future. are'nt they worried that if we do so,they may just got vanish in thin air?

  4. All he has to do To make it believable, is to let someone see his phone , and check the year when it was manufactured.
    And maybe see the time and year when that video was taken .
    But my real question is :
    How directly the fuck he travels in time?
    Is it a time machine , or he just catches the subway??

  5. Instead of questioning all of this… haven't people thought of checking legal documents to see if this guy really is from the present or future?

  6. Ohhhh my gaaaawd screw the dumb time travler video your a fox do we get married in the future ask this asshole if we ever get married lol

  7. I would need some a series of premonitions that for all come true withing the next ten day. Not 8 years…

  8. I can post a video online, blur out my face and distort my voice and print out a photoshopped picture for proof. Him and the people interviewing are all in it. I can come up with crazy believable things to say. Plus if time travel was possible than it would have been happening very commonly since time is infinite. That dude just yeeted all you and is laughing his ass off. Put him on a real lie detector test with the feds.

  9. What they don't tell u is that when this video ended and the Camara stopped the lady snapped her finger in a circular motion and moved her neck from side to side once. Then walked away to the bus stop and went home to her mom's basement and drew up a game plan on how she could further discredit noah. Rumor has it that this lady has 2000 pics of noah. They cover up the whole basement. Noah is actually a pothead that lives 5 doors down from her and she's mad bc Noah keeps stealing her mom's penny saver bc, well, he's a pothead.

  10. This obviously fake because if it was real he wouldn't be showing us videos from the future because that could alter the past

  11. If he's a time traveler then bring US the future not just give a long reason why he is, JUST BRING US TO THE FUTURE ALREADY

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