Time Traveler Reveals Real Time Travel Machine

A man who claims to have traveled to the 45th
century shows us his time machine. finally, some concrete proof that time travel
exists! Just kidding
Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. Its been a while since we’ve made fun of
a time traveler story on this channel. I almost missed it. almost. Actually not at all. Lets meet David, who is from Slovenia. David has been studying physics since he was
very young. He’s a big fan of Nikola Tesla. He used his knowledge to build his own time
machine. According to David, This machine can send
people through time by harnessing electricity and water. Wait a second.Electricity and water? That doesn’t sound very safe. Don’t try this at home kids. David says he left his family and everything
he knows in order to make the machine and research time travel. During his travels, he met a person who wounded
by a laser weapon. He also met other time travelers, like someone
who had been to the 35th century, and another who had made his own time machine which he
used to time travel only 40 times. ONLY 40 times guys. That’s sissy shit. Do you even LIFT? So what does the future look like. Well firstly, in the 45th century, the buildings
are very tall, 500 floors. Oh and people drive flying machines. Well that sounds pretty cool, why did he come
back to the 21st century? Why did any of these time travelers choose
to come back to the 21st century? Also, have you ever noticed that there are
no female time travelers? Or any time travelers that aren’t white,
male and European for that matter? Are you ready to see this spectacular time
machine? HERE IT IS. Wait. That’s not a time machine. That’s a disassembled laptop. I know because I smashed mine the last time
I broke up with my boyfriend. OK guys what would it take to convince you
that these time travelers are legit? Why don’t you test the time machine on camera? HMM?? HMM?? Let me know your thoughts on this story in
the comments below but for now im going to respond to some comments from previous videos. Dom – if you’re here to complain about the
hosts, your input is irrelevant. This channel is a news channel not a modelling
channel. I could not agree more. As we are bringing back Saturday videos, surprise,
you will be seeing more of Rebecca because I just cant handle all the videos myself. Its not about favorites, we are here to tell
you guys about the noes. J hope hobi – is it bad that I love IO more
than my sister. I feel like…yes? Natalie Khalil – love this channel, it gives
info on the weirdest stuff. That’s us, the weirdest news on YouTube. And yes we live up to that title,
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100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Reveals Real Time Travel Machine

  1. I too have a time machine at home.
    It has a cozy pillow, a blanket etc. and you only need to take place in it and close your eyes — and ZAP! — when you open your eyes again you traveled to the next morning!

  2. There was a woman time traveler who accidently went in the Charlie Chaplin movie from the 1920's but used her Cell Phone which wasn't invented yet

  3. I feel like LBQ, Mostamazingtop10, and IO don't like me. Like i they say they are having conversations with the people, but they don't. I was just trying to find out if i did something wrong to them.

  4. i found maguc pebble that allows me to time traval…..not really but it can smash widows. then cops come and im doing time…

  5. In the future, the men have to travel for their female bosses! None Want to come back to the 21st century, its a punishment!

  6. Man I looooove you!
    Love your comments (and (not so subtle) sarcasm)
    Your kind of wit is fun to watch. The way you beat the mickey out of these so-called time travellers…GREAT!
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    You just made my day!!!!

  7. Right, David, whatever This Apparatus exists or not, my only news is just my future that I pers. don't know, don't think, never find out, if I can contradict your relev. reception of my good msg. that you can still deserve to write me, call me, thanks, Peace, 'J.A.,' Sgo., Chile, The Danish Law etc. etc., so I can find out – etc. etc., [email protected] If it didn't work out, God is still A 'Good' Moron, Jehovanu That never needs any known conflict, mine, if I can count on Its 'Famous' Palace & let alone claim that Seba. Piñera is Any Good Chile Pres.!

  8. Thank you. You actually said a few things that I normally comment to those tume travelers that only want to be interviewed by apextv lol

  9. Another delusional poor sap escaping the harsh reality of his own pathetic life and retreating into a fantasy life.

  10. It’s complete bollocks. I already said on his post. It’s a laptop with a psu and alarm clock. I do electronics and study the pic and you can see it’s a broken up laptop and a basic power unit and a clock circuit. Great time machine lol.

  11. all fake of course. Taking the example of a star in the sky that is supposedly far about 28light years, that mean you watching a light produced 28 years before from your pov, so you have to reach a speed of the instantaneity, and faster than that, to expect to move 28years in the past and try to figured out the scene from your departure at the same time. You simply die, it can't be traveled and not even possible to expect to find any technology to reach more faster than the instantaneity like a negative nano sec on very great distances. So, pure fakery. And expecting to reach just a minute of a past on the same spot is pure fiction, you have to travel back on the spot continuously, and probably not even seeing anything, just invisibility of anything due to the speed and the travel, but be sure that someone watching it will see 2 travelers (if this travel was done in a short distance faster than the instantaneity).
    I don't understand why time travel videos, interviews or meeting do not stop definitely, people just don't know how to reach a time stop then a probability to reach past of one sec.

  12. I really don't expect man build real time machine recording story about real time machine and show in youtube or other social media. If have in reality people's travel in time all be in secrets. All reports I see in youtube show me people's don't know simple mathematics principles and don't have education.It's funny people thinking can build time machine without knowledge in science. 🙁

  13. please someone stop ww1 …I m not interested in this history….and kill the man who invented exam before he does…and ask John lennon not to say the word which he say…..good luck

  14. Easy to prove. Just jump forward and then back one year. Bring back the winning lottery numbers and hit the jackpot 3 times in a row.

  15. 1:35 pause.
    This is the inside of a dell PC
    He has put a calculator and painted 0005 in glowing green paint.the PC can not work due to the lack of wires and don't see a separate console.
    Stay in school kids.

  16. Well I am a time traveling person I made mine a year ago and it works perfectly and no you can not see the real one because of government lawsuits and stuff so yeah start Believing

  17. I like this because it comes right out and says what I'm thinking but at the same time, don't know what to think. I ask myself this: If I could Time Travel, would I set up a You Tube site and tell people about it ? What happens to the Atoms that make up my body when they travel to the past and were in other things and not my own body ? Before my birth and 9 months before that, my atoms were in two people and some sandwiches, and maybe a cold beer. So If I travel back to the the time before my birth, the atoms go with me, right ? so those Atoms will zip on over to where they WHERE…before my birth…won't they ? Just askin.

  18. Space flight as we know it…isn't popular in most and many places…Time travel is more popular…The Royal Federal Federation however has the last say concerning time travel within the 'all' or the aggregate of creation…It's normally referred to as 'the federation' or the federal federation'…of course the aggregate of creation is a rather large piece of many forever times and places of estate…and most being royal estates…but the most desirable but much less in number are democracies…and there are heavy penalties if apprehended using time travel…and it's very expensive…and 'on and on'…my father & his friends from another time and place actually teleported me to visit with me…and at the end of each visit (five or 10 minutes) I was given a Marlboro cigarette and a lighter…after I would light the cigarette I would immediately awaken in my bed…after the third time they told me what was goin on…explaining that it wasn't a dream…and they were just testing me to see if I was stable enough for the experience…This was the forth time making the transfer…they explained that I would be there about 45 minutes for the last visit…saying that I could smoke or drink if I desired…they said they used the Marlboro cigarette thing because they knew that I liked Marlboros…just as a reminder for me at the end the first three visits…we talked about the time differences between our two worlds…My father lived on a water-world planet…he was very wealthy…he explained that my father from this time was not the same…he said that the bases of their cities were all created from atomically grown pylons…he took me to the front of where he lived…a very large sky scraper like island with a few gigantic harbors…explaining that most of the ships were at least five miles in length…saying that the water-world was about five times larger than our earth…this was the last time I saw him…although I have many more experiences from other times and places….'Best Wishes'…also visit My Chronicle Story Blog… conradmcummings.simplesite.com

  19. Why would people say the built one now? If time in linear wouldnt people who live in the future we don't yet exist in already have built time traveling devices and traveled back in time. Thats far more believeable than building one now and traveling to the future. I see no point in traveling forward. Traveling back in time makes much more sense. You can change outcomes of not only your life but also endless other things. The host says why would you travel back in time? The better more logical question is why would you travel to the future to a world a timeline a time period your not familiar with… Thats like going to a foreign country where you can speek the language just way to risky and so much you may not understand in the future. I believe in time travel. But I believe time travel exist only in the future and people travel back in time from the future and of coarse you can always take the risk of traveling to the future but I see no point…
    To sum this up
    Time traveling devices probably and only exist or were created in a future we are not yet in.
    But I just dont think we have the the technology to build such a device in 2019.
    Maybe in 2025 or 2030 but we arent quite there yet in 2019.

  20. I see this is like most amazing and many other channels that dont respond to there fans. Its a shame really because all you people are what made these channels what they are today. I never sub to channels that dont interact with their fan base. Any channel im subbed to I speak one on one with the hosts. And collab and brainstorm promote help out and I host a pay for meet ups and vacations its nice. Im a small channel bur I dont do it for the money I could care less im actually very wealthy already. I do youtube for fun and to meet great people and creative minds. Summer of 2020 will be THE BIGGEST meet up and vacation I through for 7 different heavily known channels it will be broadcasted and have multiple uploads something big and amazing is coming to youtube in july of 2020. Any just wanted to say you guys should really interacted with your fans after all they did make you what you are today pay it forward. Unless someone else runs these channels and your all just host.. Which if thats the case im sorry your in that situation..

  21. In quite a few films they want to go back and kill Hitler to stop WW2.

    Never seen a film where they go back to 1914 and prevent the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo and stop WW1, but still…If they were able to stop both wars what happens to the millions of armed forces personnel and civilians that did die?

    Do they suddenly re-appear from nowhere?

    This is a bit troubling if they do.

    The main problem may be that the millions of survivors would have enough descendants now to push the world population up to 10 billion, and that will cause a massive food shortage and that will lead to the 'haves' and have nots' and that will undoubtedly lead to war.

    That's why I destroyed my time machine.

  22. Rose Tyler got it right in the episode of School Reunion. When traveling with the Doctor, the real future is being left behind.

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