Time Traveler Reveals Map Of The U.S. in 2030

right here is the future map of the United States of America this is what happened NOAA claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030 who became stuck in the year 2018 after a failed mission to the Past previously NOAA passed a lie detector test and showed us a supposed video from the future as we were leaving from filming the lie detector test NOAA said that he had something else to show us this I need to do this I need to show you guys this because it is really important information watch this and decide for yourself now I will show you guys the evidence I have a lot of evidence to prove I am really a time traveler I am not joking this is not a giant lie I really am a time traveler I have the evidence to show it will start by showing off the future map of the United States of America then a library page of future events so first you have a future map of the United States of America obviously this is the map of the United States and right here is how far it really goes this right here is the future map of the United States of America obviously it’s it’s shocking Florida has nothing now California – anything by water is completely flooded we take this real really deily this is the map in 2030 I know it happens very fast all of a sudden California is being submerged in water Florida is being submerged in water Miami is being hovered completely this is a new age in 2030 United States is no longer how it is right now if you live by the coast we rep the rising sea levels are our cause from global warming and the melting IceCaps people leave constantly the global warming is a real but it just ends up happening and really working with you anymore we can’t do anything else it’s under one there’s no irreversible steps it just happens and kind of just have to try to stop it in the future this is the future map of United States of America I can’t seem to find the library pages will be communalism okay so unfortunately you Austin library pages oh we have them with us what happened you will be heading back just hopefully look to see if we can find any library pages hopefully we didn’t lose them and they’re actually somewhere hopefully it was all of a mistake Oh run out my phone is at a low percent so I’m gonna have to pull up somewhere and I could show a future video so maybe we can stop over right there we ended up finding the library pages back at the original filming location and Noah agreed to show them to us I’m gonna show this in the next video we will bring these back in the car Lena in somewhere will show up with subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss our next video in which Noah shows us alleged library pages from the future thanks so much for watching everybody we’ll see you in the next video peace out [Music]

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