Time Traveler Reveals 2030 President

My name is Noah the time traveler. And I am
a time traveler from the year 2030. I’ve come back to 2017 and I was fired and
I’m here to basically spread my story. I’m going to tell you guys some future events. For the United States of America, the next
president will be Donald J.Trump. This is not an opinion. This is a fact from the future. It actually happens. I’m not here to persuade anyone’s political
opinions. Second thing. In the future, there will be aliens and time
travel. It will be open to the public in 2028. You’re going to be seeing new alien species
in 2028. It will be a crazy thing. Just wait a couple of years and you will see
this amazing stuff. Also in 2030, there will be a new president. Yolanda Renee King. She’s the first president to be in the new
law where you’re able to be very young. She’s sworn into office, I think, at the age
of 21. She’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter. So, look out for that. And, that’s all I have to say for now. You guys can check out my YouTube videos on
ApexTV where I talk about time traveling predictions and everything. Make sure to watch them. I go into depth and I predicted a bunch of
things and I show you guys proof from the future. Thank you guys so much for watching. See you guys later.

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Reveals 2030 President

  1. I had to look up Yolanda Renee King to see if she’s even real, and she’s real and 10 years old and already doing activism, which by itself is just fricking amazing.

  2. yolanda renee king?!? in year 2030 she is 22 years old.according to the law to be a president you need to be 35 years old she is 22 he caught lying

  3. Wow… Time Travel… one alteration to history and the present for this “Time Traveller” will be drastically different

  4. at 0:54 he says in 2030 the president will be yolana reene king . I just googled it and i saw she is martin luther king III's grandaughter and she is just 10 . Which means in 2030 she will be 22 years ! If u donnt believe me u can google it !

  5. If what he said is true… Humanity is in great danger.. When he said it was not a opinion but a fact i freaked out… I hope it is true. We'll have to wait. Can't wait to see aliens… or whatever the shirt that is

  6. Have you ever noticed how every video on YouTube speaking of time traveling has no proof? The only thing the videos do, is explain what happened. They're interesting stories. But that's all they are. STORIES.. There's always an excuse to why they couldn't show proof!

  7. Tell us big upset wins with final scores in upcoming sports. Fake, so will be good for a laugh when it doesn't happen.

  8. MLK's Granddaughter huh…if that happens the whole Country goes down the tube, but we'll all get Free Sh!t, anybody can get welfare and new cars…lol

  9. Just tell us all the winning lottery numbers of every lottery held on earth between now & 2030.
    Otherwise, you're full of shit.

  10. If this was true then I'm sure 1 of us that has watched this video would come back from 2030 and comment here with a little actual proof so we don't get the p**s taken out of us ,or at least lotto numbers for next week ,so what about the paradox/butterfly effect of winning as it could then be 1 of us that invest in study of time travel and that's how this guy gets here 😂🤣

  11. The DonAld trump is fake cuz he is already the president anybody remember alien invasion in the Simpson's and how he mentioned aliens? Well here's another Simpson prediction

  12. He came back to 2017 and said trump will be the next President ! Trump was elected in 2016 ! Lol. This is BS. He's not predicting the future if it already happened !

  13. Aye wuz up future peoples in 2028 looking to see if this all happened I told you humans were too stupid to evolve to travel through time. Here we eat cleaning juice and jump out of our car to ask keke if she loves us

  14. A "new law" changing the minimum age for a US President, from 35 to 21? It would have to be by Constitutional Amendment, ratified by at least 34 states.

  15. Trump had already been  elected in 2016……smoking crack will fry your brain; notice he is sitting in a garage by a garage overhead door where his mom exiled him.

  16. Again, same narrative, same description, same shitty flying cars, same so called tall buildings. I'm so sick and tired of these so called time traveller

  17. I am a time traveler too and Trump is president in the future and me and Trump also ran a train on your mom and sister we fucked the shit out of them

  18. اونی که این کلیپ رو گزاشته alireza taheri کونیی بیش نیست . یک خواهر کسته ی به تمام معناست .

  19. How do you time travel
    It is backed up on your words
    What real proof do you have?
    I do not judge
    I just am concerned About all the
    Confusion that the states of America 🇺🇸 is bringing in fact to all the world 🗺
    It means If you are from the future
    Logical comming back here
    YOU alter time

  20. Interesting, I plan to leave the US and move to Japan by 2028. So this guy is saying I'll be missing something cool….🤔🤔😏

  21. This is freaking crazy. We have a boy, a freaking boy fresh out of high school by few years claiming he’s a time traveler. Ha! Got some powerful friends already. 🙄. In this duration of time the video upload says a month ago and he says Donald Trump is becoming president. Well how about that.. You think? Normally I would say, “You can’t make this stuff up.“ But, I guess you can

  22. He said he's from the year 2030. But he says he came back to 2017 to tell us the next President is Donald Trump. Trump Got elected in 2016, which means when this video was made, trump was already in office. This is so fake.

  23. After Kanyes election win in 2020, he reformed the government into a dictatorship because hes a genius. If he isnt president in 2030 then clearly this video is fake.

  24. Ok, so the part he said of Yolanda King being president, MLK Jr granduaghter.. it’s a fake. She already died, couple years ago. So this is a hoax..

  25. 11 years is very far fetched to believe Americans will abandon vehicles for flying cars. Self driving cars maybe but nothing but flying cars by 2030? You all realize a bulk of our economy comes from oil right?

  26. Let’s see what will happen this month. January 2019. According to what you said before, we should see several UFO sights and reports and videos and stuff. 🤔😄

  27. This doesnt make any sense there isnt even an election in 2030 and the closest election is 2028 and she would be 19 and people usually start running a year before so then she would be 18 there is no way this is true

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