Time Traveler Noah Reveals Future of North Korea

I, myself am a timetraveler. Hi, you might know me as Noah the timetraveler. I appeared a paranormal elite at ApexTV and many media outlets Such as Daily Mail, Express and ABC. You might not believe me, but I’m actually from the year 2030 and I’m stuck in this time. So I’m here to answer a lot of questions that people have for me and a bunch of things about time travel as well. so I’m going to tell you guys a big story of my travel experiences to North Korea and 2030 and what happens to it, I will tell you guys that at the very end How do time machines work there are several time machines four I use. Is it’s like this giant suit right and I go inside this underground dome which is like in the middle of nowhere. You’re not gonna be able to find me easily right and this huge surge of electricity Basically pushes me through time either forward in the future or in the past and I arrive in the same dome But in like a different year, and that’s that’s how I a time travel, and I don’t go by myself I always have to go in a team so I’m never gonna be going by myself at all. What exactly was my mission that got me stuck in 2017 My mission was actually studying the cartel and a bunch of other stuff like after facts about them in the Southern America that was my mission it’s something you would expect either to look something so extreme the most important parts happen in time travel We just study Like stuff there are some times Where people study something as simple as like medicine that just a simple advil pedal or something like that? But there’s no it’s always boring right I didn’t I didn’t see anything interesting about my work for the like Studying and like getting notes of the cartel, okay? Are are you altering the timeline in any way by disclosing such information of like trumping presently? Oh yeah yeah yeah, basically I’m not I’m not disposing I mean I am disposing all this, but I am not causing any paradoxes right the time machines are like built so Paradoxes are able to happen unless of extreme Circumstances we’re still building upon this so extreme paradoxes won’t happen Basically me learning the public won’t do anything. It’s it’s like this really complicated stuff is it’ll take me I’m not even sure if I have before like an idea and everything with their like and the engineer could probably go on it For like hours and hours and hours, but there’s like so much things basically this doesn’t cause a paradox But there could be paradoxes that could happen If my younger self were to see me in the news they were there probably dismissed it in will never like think about it again Or will, just like they’ll probably forget it Or they’ll think like they’ll process it and like ow I’m a time traveler but then oh forget it as soon as they grow up because Nothing will happen that lil don’t think oh, it’s the childhood dream How do you stop a paradox? That’s one question people have a lot? Basically, they’re like a giant group of engineers that work on this. I don’t know what they’re specializing in, But they’re specially designed in cases paradox happens in and they’ll come, and then they will try to figure this out And they’ll stop anything that basically caused it in the beginning and they’ve like Special with chips and a lot of other things that basically stop it from happening as soon as they get rid of the threat That’s causing the paradox. Nothing the paradox will happen from them stopping the threat. That’s stopping the paradox It’s just a bunch of a bunch of coding a bunch of stuff It’s super complicated And I I couldn’t get into this cuz I don’t know the full detail of it. Now the thing I can’t go back in time To you know make wealth first of all I never remember the lottery numbers I don’t think you’ll remember anyone on lottery numbers right now and the second thing is like third. There’s just like so much There’s like So much Paradoxes that could happen from this and that just kind of terrifies me me learning a public does not cause the paradox and I know For sure because one hasn’t happened yet some people think that there might be alternative timelines But I’m not sure are there gonna be aliens in the future Yes, there will. I actually have seen alien races come to earth. It’s just only one, but they’re just as smart as us There’s a common misconception That they’re going to be smarter than us, they’re just as smart as us just as foolish as us And they have ruined their planet as well They came to us and we’ve kind of talked about with them, but like the aliens that the government has been Harboring for so long are way much more unintelligent than us And they are like they are they aren’t even human order at all so these aliens that we find right now are actually like so intelligent that we have the government has to tell everybody about them and Such a giant race just as such a giant amount of them come that they have to announce it And they finally do and that’s when when humans finally have interactions with aliens while they got here because they sent us radio signals and a bunch of other stuff and as soon as they got from like to Earth they had became in these spherical objects, but as soon as they went down to the earth. They stopped right away They basically interacted with them They they don’t communicate telepathically or anything they just talk like normal people they can they have really good ways of like Basically imitating vocal cords and being able to speak our language a little President Donald Trump actually met with one, but there was never a recording of it He actually met with them in private So and it was announced like a couple months after he did so and he was just you know he was just talking with them To see what they were like how do aliens look like basically? They look like us humans they very high they could be smaller than us Taller than us. They have burglar-proof pupils like us more wire on them for their eyes and everything They are kind of like they do to have a bigger brain so the heads are kind of bigger they they are kind of more Muscular a little so they have like their muscles around their body where humans don’t So they have them have like a muscle like popping out like like one right here one right there And it sits there like they’re really hard to describe there are skin colors like it depends on what they are it It sometimes they have great skin sometimes. They have like kind of transparent grayish skin It’s hard to describe. They are intelligent in space travel, but other stuff We are smarter than them at. Where did they land? Some of them landed in Antarctica, northern Asia, It’s like basically Russia and some in the ocean You can obviously tell what happens to the ones that landed in the ocean they perished But basically we were able to get over to them And you know transport them some actually recall ?using? Antarctica until we discover the leader They didn’t know what happened and where they were and they’re basically these Spacecrafts that they came in only work once. They break as soon as they travel that long distance. Is China still communist? No They become a democracy in the future it is due to like they feeling it’s more of a business decision for the country and they feel like it is better and Because of that they even stopped becoming allies with North Korea Which kind of led towards the next war it wasn’t our World War three It was just the next war now the big question what happens to North Korea North Korea is Basically becoming a huge huge Huge threat to us And this I am story about me being in North Korea like in 2030 I was there studying with a bunch of other people we are basically just just getting notes But the thing is the were in the world where we were part of it work like there’s two sides fighting It was basically a bunch of countries I’m going to say three of them because I don’t wanna cause any paradox Unites States, Japan and South Korea, but Basically they were fighting and I was in the middle war-torn part of it, and it is super violent there I’ll constantly to go gun firings constantly rebels just running across killing each other so it was really hard for me not to get into the middle of that but I was just trying to take notes and Basically a lot of the fight was happening, North Korea Got a little victory and they got the land that I was staying in so they immediately arrested arrested me hours after that happened and I was set into camp The reason I didn’t talk about the story for a long time was cuz I was only there for two days until we got the someone out the land back a Country and we basically were able to be set free and it was just a really terrible thing to be basically being tortured not like painfully, but we were like sorry for a little and We were able to get out which was like really happy And I was able to get out of there because obviously the time machine I travel in is was back in America And it’s not no I don’t have it like Customly with me or anything so I can’t go back or anywhere so I was just stuck in North Korea But luckily I was able to go North Korea is Defeated after a while and it becomes Korea Basically this people still call it, North Korea and South Korea Just like United States people say the north in the south, but like there is a lot There was a lot of rebels in the north as soon as Korea was made because they didn’t want basically any you know capitalist society you don’t want to communism, but eventually they slowly soft like they’re slowly stopped being more rebels and the Basically just a capitalist country and everyone’s happy, but I guess happy there. There’s a new leader, and it was just all good Kim jong-un was actually dealt with I’m not going to say how but he was What’s my future gonna be like this is my last video I might be able to do some interviews after this and a lot of other stuff, but this is my last video I am going away for a while, for the rest of my life I’m not gonna say what’s happening, but it’s cuz it’s like a bunch of other stuff This is really important to me, and I have to go I am trying to do this really urgently and but this like I’ve been called some for something in a rush And I may be going Thank you guys so much. This is my last video as Noah the timetraveler Stay tuned I’m sorry that I have to go It’s been nice, but I have to leave like a couple of weeks. I have to do something that’s like dear to me So, thank you so much, man. Thank you so much for broadcasting my story. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. 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