Time Traveler Noah Reveals Future of India

– [Noah] Hi, my name is Noah
and I am a time traveler from the year 2030. I’ve came back to this time,
after a failed mission, and I am spreading the
truth about time travel. Right now, I am going to speak to you about the future of India. In the year 2030, India has changed a lot. India becomes a world
superpower by the year 2030. As I’ve said before, time
travel is revealed to the public in the year 2028. This is not only true for
the U.S., but also for India. India has their own time travel program and a lot of their technology is actually better than the United States. In the year 2029, India
develops the technology that changes the world. I remember hearing the news about this when I was in the future. In the year 2029, people in
India come out with a chip that is able to be planted in the body. This chip makes your brain,
on average, six times more powerful than it normally is. Now, as I said before, I
already have a chip in my wrist that lets me time travel, but
I do not have the brain chip. I have though, met people who have it and it is like talking to God. They are much, much smarter, and more intelligent
than the average person. Because the chip basically
connects their brain to the internet. The biggest problem in India in the future is that there is too many people. Overpopulation is a big problem. But India’s space program
is going to send people to live on Mars for free. If you have any more
questions you’d like to ask me leave a comment below. Thank you for having me. (mysterious music)

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Noah Reveals Future of India

  1. UPDATE: Noah showed us his supposed time machine from the future, check it out and watch it here β–Ά https://youtu.be/OZReQLD-eu0

  2. Agar tum future se aaye ho toh future may Sab se bada scientist kon ho ga . How will invent time machine

  3. India will create a machine in 2030x its called a shit machine where you Sit and put your ass on it you can travel in future moodi zindabad moodi ko bond zindabad.

  4. Bro you are from feature and tell us that prophasy of Jesus in bible all full filled you can read the prophacy of 666 in bible. That GOD said to all human kind so tell me did Any thing happen ….

  5. I seriously don’t believe it since iam an Indian i know how the authority’s here are like and development is nearly as slow as a snail so if nothing happens to people of india to make them a genius i think your words will stay a lie

  6. If he had been releasing information rather than com0leting his mission then he would be no longer selected for the mission in year 2030 and thus he would not be here…..that means stop lying already and get a life.

  7. In 2030 Indian cricket team squad and kabbdi all team full squade if there is some one B.syed fayaz is there I want answer tomorrow evening 5 pm please tell it is my future

  8. Bhai heh Noah ka muh kyo nahi dekha rahe, muhdikhai ke paise longe kya.πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  9. The Indians in this comment section are a proof that this Time Travelers lying.
    We're never gonna be even close to becoming a superpower even by 3030.
    Aise chutiyon ki jab baraat ko leke superpower banenge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ye log bas shiv ji ke Lund ki Pooja karein, that's all they can do.

  10. I am timetraveller from year 2030 auor main Noah ko lene aaya Hoon uski gaand Marne aaya Hoon future we past main

  11. Haha…. India overpopulated with largest numbers of internet users targeted by time travellers for money…😁😁😁😁

  12. Just made video…For views mentioning india.. Bcoz they…Know india has more people who uses internet……

  13. The world has literary gone from speaking the truth to saying rubbish just for appeasement. It's amazing how these foreigners are trying to be nice for views. LoL… We will do good in future but you are fake.

  14. watching too much star war movies. he is making video to collect the money to travel India and get that chip in his head.

  15. Hey hi I'm from India and I'm lot more interested to know more n more about ut journey ur experiences and how did u do this…

  16. By 2030 in india there will be a celebrity couple,both individually gr8 at their business,internationally respect…name them ???i'll believe you

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