Time Traveler Noah From 2030 Tells His Story

Hello, my name is Noah the Time Traveler. I am a time traveler from the year 2030. I will tell you my story today, because
alot of people have been asking for the full thing. Today I will be going through my whole life
and telling you how I became a time traveler, and how I done it and how… everything that
has to do with it. What I did, what I saw and what I’ve shown. Today I will be showing you guys everything, it’s
going to be a long story so make sure to watch throughout the whole thing. Just listen to my story at least. Because I just want to tell you guys everything. My story starts in 2025, I was a teenager
in highschool. I was bullied alot cause you know, thats what
happens to every teenager. And… I was a really smart kid. I mean you can’t really tell from the way
I talk, cause it was the future and everything. You know, thats how we talk, we talk like
millenials. But I was pretty good at school despite me
being a difficult- looking like a different person. Which basically started the bullying. Because I didn’t look smart, but I actually was smart. The thing is, I got straight A’s in all my
classes. I was doing well in school, and then there
was that one day… Where I was pulled aside in school and I was
contacted by two men in tuxedos. Well, these suits, they had shaved heads. You can still see it growing though it was
not like Men in Black where they have complete shaved hair. And you know, you couldn’t really see anything,
they had hair growing still. And they told me that uhh I was going to be
involved in a government project. I basically didn’t have a choice to decline
so I had to accept it. But later I found out the truth… This wasn’t just some “government project”,
this was me becoming a time traveler. And, It was really hard to accept when I found
out, my parents didn’t know, no one knew. So I had no one to vent it to so it felt like
I was in my own little world. Basically, my parents were czechslovakian
I was raised like that so, I really have a studdering problem growing up as a kid. I remember that was a huge bullying problem,
people used to call me “studder.” Which was terrible.. Um, I can speak 2 languages, english and russian,
which doesn’t make sense. I never gotten to learning Czech even though
thats why parents spoke time to time, but I did learn Russian, because my parents also
spoke that. um, so starting off… I was offered a bus ride on this big bus,
all by myself. To the middle of Nevada. Where there’s just desert and desert and desert. I remember the bus ride there, going through
the desert. it was very strange. Then we approached a building, and it was
a military type building. I entered in, and I was probably in there
registering for about an hour, talking with people. Until, we started having to go underground. Where we had to take a staircase down to the
ground of the desert. Going down the staircase, I remember it was
well managed and clean. Um, so it was very strange. You’d expect a stair case going down… ground,
inside the ground of a desert, to be dusty, which was weird. But then there was a door, double doors actually. I remember the man pushed them in front of
me and I saw a HUGE underground bunker. it, it was like I could see everything, people
were walking. People, you know sitting behind computers,
it was huge. And I remember that was the first time I ever
seen the giant time machine. It is, it was glass. I remember I could see it through the glass. There was a HUGE giant room, full of mechanics
just all around the walls. And um… I don’t know how to explain it, but uh, like
I can’t explain the engineering behind it. But it was breathing taking how huge the time
machine was. And I would have to use that later, in the
week. So, first thing I remember I was handed my
uniform, It was very uncomfortable, I could say that. I think the government really didn’t care
about the time travelers, I think they gave them the worst quality of life. Because that’s what it felt like. I remember going through the education, I
was put in a class of 5 people.And we were basically taught the basics of time travel,
the basics on paradoxes, everything. And how- what are gonna be doing, I remember
that’s when I started realizing this is a real thing. I’m gonna be a time traveler. I had to sign a contract as well earlier,
which basically said I would be there for about 8 years. And 8 years… I can uh-um time travel that, 8 years of me
doing the job because it’ll take me 7 months to do 1 time traveling thing, in my you know,
from my point of view. Right, you know but 8 years from my point
of view. That’s how much I would have to do time traveling
for. There were some people who were so unlucky
they had to sign contracts for 50 years, and they were for their whole life a time traveler. And I can not imagine how someone can be able
to do a terrible job like that for that long. I didn’t even do it for the full 8 years and I couldn’t stand the
job. But I remember, uh you know alot of people in my classroom. We were learning, I remember I took this huge booklet, and brang it into my little
room, I remember we slept in bunkbeds.

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  1. here is a question noah, have you tried to reach out to your family in 2017 and today, like your old self because you said in 2025 you were in high school so you should be in 8th going into 9th this year coming up. also this government has tested back in the 1950s, 60, 70s project called MK ULTRA PROGRAM, they can put false memories into your life and make up what ever they want, another words make up a story that you take as fact. just a theory, seek out yourself and family and see where this takes you to help you find answers. peace be with you.

  2. Noah, I will meet you soon. I know now 2 things newly. Man need not die, 2ndly How to cure any ailments by using purely herbal treatment. I am planning to start a hospital now.

  3. Noha your mom is looking for you,, this is your,,, how can I say this well I am your future father yes Noha you have Mexican blood on you… i am from the year August 6 2016

  4. If you think about it. He is alive right now in two ways. His future self and his present self. Where is his present self? If he is telling the truth find his younger self, Even do a dna test to. But in 2025 his story resets.

  5. I think your tin foil hat is on too tight…..maybe too much um um um electricity…..I feel like a psychiatrist at a intake interview at a mental hospital lol. Padded room for you my friend. Too bad your life sucks, but own it, dont pretend to be a future spaceman lol. If the government actually gave a shit, this video wouldn't be here, nor would you…..time to find reality….which is 2019.

  6. Hey apex TV can you check out any of his friends or his present self as he was born in 2006 if time travel was made public the time would be torn and the flow of time would be ruined as people make mistakes by changing time and can he please explain it and if he is stuck in 2018 or 2019 then it would be impossible to travel to the past or the year below 2033 as the global Internet was not connected yet

  7. So which is it is he time traveling for the government or for vacation in other videos he says time travel is available to the public and he was on vacation he is starting to forget all his lies he has told

  8. We live with aliens in this time that he is from with a female president but they only want strait white males for the program he makes no sense lol

  9. I also if he is stuck in this time how did he go to 2100 to get the video on his phone and library pages shown in other video if u watch these video in order his story falls apart within 3 videos apex need to quit wasting their time on him record the videos why arenโ€™t they calling him out on shit that contradicts shot he says in other videos itโ€™s like the media interviewing a politician they just let him get away with it

  10. he didn't even talk about the future hold for School but what will happen in school i don't know , but if Time Travel is real the story will be change . And Time Travel need to have people watching because it can't let this awesome idea go to the wrong hand what else , people from the future is going to kill people from the past . But did i Trust Noah i can't tell maybe is real or maybe is fake 2028 and 2035 maybe .

  11. He is telling the truth because he predicted robotic eyes for the blind and scientist have actually started working on that

  12. Noah. You. Should. Have. Protection. Weapons. Get. A. Body. Armor. And. A. Weapons taser. And. Hunting knife. With. Case. Hook. Onto. Belt. And. Small. Gun. And. Black. Hoodie. Black. Sweatpants. And. A. Big. Black. Backpacks. And. A first aid. Big. One. Special. Food. Kit. Ok. Be. Careful. Noah. I. Don't. Want. To. Lose. You. As. A. Time. Traveler. Friend. I. Am. A. Fan. Of. You. If. You. Go. Back. To. Your. Own. Time. About. Low. Class. People survival. And. I. Hope. You. Be. Okay. And. Feel. Sorry. For. You. Cannot. Go. Back. To. Your. Family. And. Friends. And. I'll. Pray. For. You. Noah. I. Hope. I. See. You. Again. On. The. Program. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  13. Please ask one of your time travelers if aliens are taking over our government after Donald presidency.
    Thank you,

  14. total nonsense of course. what shows are popular on netflix in 2030, who won the premier league in the uk in 2025. of course they never answer these questions. just vague stories about a war happening etc. he is only from 11 years in the future but makes it all sound like he is from 100's of years in the future.

  15. is there a big dick to shove lies up your ass,yes Noah is the penis clown feeding lying bullshit.feb 2019 Midwest snow storm burries the Midwest killing 1000s and 1000s he said.its the 18th today and no storm yet jackass in the tv box.fired for being a lier?

  16. His story changed. This guy is the one who interviews him. He's American and when he pretends to be Noah he uses a fake accent. In his last story he claimed he worked for the military so which one is it. Why does his story keep changing? He's American because he has the slang and talks about American events. Such as our president and Yellowstone.

  17. I believe him because Saudi had the Stargate which is part of time travel. Of course great usa took it and started a war….smh

  18. Witness!!๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ Iโ€™m always keeping tabs on video changes. This is exactly what I was looking for. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
    I believe he got his job back. But I donโ€™t know just watching.

  19. Why is his face distorted? I am guessing if he shows his real face someone who knows who he really is will expose him as a fraud……

  20. When he said he "thinks" he remembers his job and then said his job was studying history. How does he have to think to remember. I remember my first job just like everyone else would. Hmmm

  21. Noah, not that I disbelieve you… but I have trouble with the fact that you were carried to a government facility in the desert, of which we are all aware DO exist, (ie. โ€“ Area 51 & Area 52). You filled out some paperwork for an hour, and then marched down into the center of this facility, given a brief description of time travel, a suit, and a small room with a bunk bed, based on having great high school test scores, without undergoing a myriad of tests and/or training? There was no general physical, blood work, psychological testing, Cat scans, MRI's…not even an allergy test? No Psychological endurance testing and protocols involving capture? Nothing about the necessity of remaining unbiased to all that a time traveler may see or experience, during the mission period and not influencing or changing future or past events? There was no emotional or psychological expressions of separation from friends and family mentioned, but your most traumatic memory involved, โ€œbeing denied a glass of water in a hallway????โ€ What's more, there was no mention of protest from anyone else involved in the program…

    Maybe I haven't viewed the right video at this point, to satisfy my mind concerning these issues, but all of what you told in the the 38 minutes you took to tell me about your experience, you really said nothing. Nothing that would cause me to be satisfied that any of this is true.

    Granted, you may have had an experience, But I somehow believe that it may not have been a purely physical time travel experience, as we all think of when we speak of time traveling.

    I'm no expert on the subject, but if you truly participated in a program, is it possible that it may have been one where you were part of a test or governmental procedure that involves the use of electricity, (as you stated) which could propel the tests subjects consciousness forward to a desired space in time to witness and report on events and outcomes, to specific events based on geographic, historical information and questionings from an attendant, who is providing both the information and questions to the test subject during this process? For the purpose of understanding and knowing risks, hazards, outcomes and oversights, that would be helpful to the querent in moving forward in whatever endeavor they are seeking information on? But then again, all of this is above my pay grade.

  22. What I think is that at some point in time in the future people will be able to time travel and given how much technology has changed in the past decade it could be about a decade or so, so maybe they will want to come to the past and see what it was like or see themselves so thb I think hes telling the truth given that one of his predictions was a huge snow/ice stom in February of 2019 and well that kind of happed in saranac lake and lake placid and places close to here

  23. So he is from checklesolvakia or how ever you spell that but he can easily take a bus to Arizona with no problem, totally not a massive ocean in the way of it. Not to mention how the American government chose him to come to America for time travel of all things.

  24. if he is really from 2033 and isn't lying why dont he meet his present self,,i mean if he is from 2033 than he must be born till now nd must be somewhere right now,,, that'll prove that he is saying true !!

  25. Noah I understand how this works, time is relative contact me I would like to compare notes. Thank you for all you do!

  26. Listen i will prove to all time travel is real …..yaw ready…..in the next 10mins i will mulnipalate 10 mis ahead……and me exit this bullshit……aaaahhhhhh im out!

  27. His is forever lost in time loop … He will never be in 2031… When actual 2030 will come he will again in past which is now. And now its endless…. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. I don't know if this is real or not, but I find it really fascinating either way. The stories are so elaborate.

  29. So you're signed up for 8 yrs to study history from the year 2025 and went to the year 2017. Interesting that this time period is 8 years. Me thinks this guy is just living out these 8 years in the past. Tell me what happens to BTC and XRP in this period mate.

  30. Great if he did that than Iโ€™m also capable to become a time traveler ! I want Iโ€™m here Iโ€™m volunteer!

  31. Hi …. Noah …i do believe in time travel because ancient indian text does explain about this plus ancient indians did time travel to know their future…..till now there still some ancient text can predict our future by reading it … and not only that …i have read about ancient indian civilisation has discovered 16 dimension but current scientists just discovered 11 dimension…. and not only that this ancient civilisation even talks about aliens ….but if the mayans and aborigines have sculpted aliens in caves and stones ….. so ….i do believe you and the existence of time travel… thank you

  32. You wanna know how this is fake he can't spit it out he's always hesitating to speak can't put it straight

  33. ok fine! Probably some of the guys beleive this shit…. I did to until I heard the shit about aliens looking like sea horses and stuff…lol… ok so just one question for you Noah, you never tried to meet your small self in this year to warn him or stuff, at least yr parents. It was like, boom! I was fired because I can't even handle a small job, and now I'll go and reveal all my world's secretson a small you tube channel risking my life… just great fighter

  34. Hi im ReberoAlanoRemicky…..im from 4030……i was sent to 2019 for govenmental research……i caused a Paradox so im stuck in 2019…….naw im F'ing with yaw……lol

  35. If heโ€™s from 2030 and is obviously older than 25 according to him, couldnโ€™t he find himself today as a younger version of himself????

  36. So he predicts the next president will be elected in 2028? So either Trump serves three terms and he neglected to tell us that which if that did happen would require them to change the law which would be pretty historic or the person who wins in 2024 is a one termer who is so unremarkable he didn't feel the need to mention them ๐Ÿ˜‚ right…

  37. I'm from 2040 and Donald Trump Jr is President because Donald Trump changed the Constitution and his family became the first dynasty in America and America is the happiest we've ever been and one scientist proved God is real and global warming was a hoax to scare everyone so stop with your lies Noah and talk to a real time traveler like me

  38. He does not sound like he made it through high school. Let alone other subjects .. IS this a joke people? I would like to believe.

  39. Yes, because if time travel was real of course the government would kidnap a teenager with no training and force him to go, lol. We wouldnโ€™t want to send an astronaut or a spy from the CIA who have education, training and already know how to keep government secrets as part of their job and would probably want to go. No, the only one for this mission is to kidnap a clueless teenager, lol. Einstein had a theory about time travel and there are stories of people who have experienced time slips so maybe one day there will be time travel but this kid isnโ€™t it.

  40. Glad you noticed the military base to be very clean and found some doors and such and such how much bull is out your mouth is just retarded.

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