Time Traveler Meets His Future Self

Hello everybody and welcome back to Apex TV as many of you know Noah claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030 We were recently contacted by a man claiming to be Noah from the Year 2070 And he says he has proof We organized a meeting with both of them, so they could tell us their stories if their claims are genuine This is an actual meeting between Noah and his future self From the year 2030 and a man who actually claims to be Noah from the future and what year did you say you’re from So 20 70 so that’s 30 more years from where you’re from right yeah So has he presented any proof to you to actually show a Bunch of personal info like he he said like a bunch of things about you know like did like he Said all the secrets of like events and stuff since I came back from 2017 He said like everything I did and like this is type of stuff that Someone would have to stop me from a whole life to figure out. Well. Yeah Obviously obviously it would be really hard for him to figure out all this and all this information, and I don’t know he Came he went to you first – so yeah, yeah, I was actually skeptical at first But apparently he showed you information yeah that proved it Yeah, basically OMA is a classified er oh I guess it is cuz it’s like showing me how I you know how I move around and stuff They’re all you know houses and how I you know make sure that you know the government doesn’t get to me and but he there’s no way that he could figure all this out until he stopped me since the very beginning, but he is I Believe that he asked me from the future So what’s the world like in 2070 could you tell us a little bit about like transportation in the future? If cars are very fast, so you get pushed by the road any program Where you want to go and take you there? So is it like self-driving or yes So can you tell us like what’s one of the biggest problems in the future? There’s a war being waged using space the big father on earth here, but by using satellites to Take out ATMs in the vector City and all that to make it more Conventional war even though Still big fought from space and everything yeah That makes sense so they’re using the satellites to to help with the war on earth correct correct well, and you’ve heard about like the beginning of this I’ve heard of at that like in the future people are talking about how the Tensions are rising where this could actually happen, and then you say it actually is starting to happen Yes, so like could you tell us so what countries are involved in this war? I don’t think I should because I don’t want to throw the paradox where changes Events Yeah, it could that’s the yeah basically, what do you think is saying is that? Paradoxes could basically change this outcome, so dude is it confirmed that paradox is a real future Yes I That was for a second. I was thinking they weren’t so I’ve been wondering about paradoxes How are you able to you know they talked with me? They from my time the eject time travels with microchips that Helped prevent the person can create Paradoxes and so that they don’t say something out of order or Yeah, and so Lou are these able to make it so like you know you can do something really risky and all in like paradoxes What happened? More like the so you don’t say anything oh, yeah You as much as possible Bob to do it. Yes. Looks like it was reprogrammed everything. Yeah, and it kind of helped to you Not do anything harmful to yourself to die in the past so that somebody could find fun the time traveler yeah So I’ve always wondered know what you said artificial intelligence was starting Yeah But can you confirm knowing that like in the further future it is artificial intelligence Still a big if it doesn’t become more prevalent Yesterday I was a become real Integral part of daily life And it’s in the programming or real technical the real Michael small microchips that high processing and they pretty much Take them over one country really could you tell us what country a Poppy shouldn’t but in the Pacific Japan Japan it is to Japan yes Trying not to say too much, but yeah, I actually heard about that So you’ve heard about it starting yeah, I heard it no I heard about from a different time travel board they were robot Yeah, I’m nineteen children So you can confirm in 2070 Japan’s actually taken over Japan even exist like with humans anymore hurt There are still some, but it’s more Robots and It more their month work more awful electronics, and they have their own Wi-Fi from the hotline And I really hostile they’re more think that AIS are more important than humans and you like are they able to do the effort like Trying to kill a human because I’m pretty sure some robots would actually do that because that’s what you feel like is They’re heading for a success Part of the Issues who people are more afraid of that they could be more and more So is there any Any actual evidence you can provide to tell us because I know Noah says you’ve told him evidence yeah, and useful to you, too Yeah, but but it doesn’t really to me It’s knits not that pertinent. So is there anything you can tell us right now that proved you’re actually Noah in the future our Name is Noah So how do we know that you’re not like an FBI CIA agent, or like you work for the government or Either for the CIA or the FBI I will be there be model to Contacting you. I like trying to take you back into your view your reality yeah except Just but you know about future events you seem like there’s there be no point if you were They’re 30 no point of trying to come like visit me and just say stuff and just go at it correct Yeah, that makes sense and plus you did did provide things that That seemed I prove you know that was before I released the video first I’m here Emily or anything So if you were part of it like the FBI are and everything You’d be able to go back to I think somehow be able to spiny them and but that would be hard for you to do with everything correct So no, I remember you mentioned you actually have a chip in your wrist Yeah, we X rating myself to it to prove it Yeah, so would you maybe be willing to do an x-ray since you’re no from the future? Would you would you still have that chip? Do you still have it? Yeah? They were right in that? Could we also do a DNA test I’ll be great Yeah, yeah right after this you wanna. Do it. Yeah, so I guess I’ll call my doctor and see if we can do the x-ray DNA test right after yes, all right well It was very nice to be sure they were so much. I genuinely myself I believe that you’re actually from the future, but it was very nice to meet you Thank you so much for being here and coming back from the future to talk with me I believe fully that you’re mean they’re just there’s just no way that you’d be anymore I don’t know it just to me. You could you could possibly be me those are really high chance especially how you know everything Yeah, and again I don’t know but um well We leave this up to the viewers decide always guys leave your thoughts in the comments below if You want to see more videos like this don’t forget to subscribe to apex TV turn on notifications So you don’t miss any upcoming live streams We might have it really was amazing to get some insight of how like paradoxes work so you actually have the chip is it chip the same chip you have in your wrist that does the paradox so make sure a Paradox doesn’t happen or oh, that’s a different one. It’s a different one Okay, so you don’t yet have that you’re probably okay, and did you get to meet your family once again? in the future You know so so you did you actually get to meet your family in the future? Yep, that’s good So I remember that was a concern that you had If I’m able to me my family. I’ll be so happy once And according to your future self you will be able to meet your family. Yeah according I guess according to I highly believe that is him. I highly believe that he is me and Network both the Sabres Well again, I want to thank you guys for coming out here today It was a real pleasure, and I wish I wish you all the best, so do you actually travel back in a time machine? You say your method was kind of painful so your methods pain, let’s say it was more pain a little bit more If I go this morning this you know like the car from the fifties the Better over here exactly this just comes the technology has gotten way better. Yeah After the interview we did an x-ray on the man claiming to be Noah’s future self We will be uploading the results on our Twitter and Instagram page so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss it What do you think what’s this an actual meeting between Noah and his future self? Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments below subscribe and turn on notifications So you don’t miss any upcoming live streams with suppose Time Traveller’s join our discord live chat by going to the link in the description Many of the supposed Time Traveller’s we have interviewed are on there so if you have any questions for them be sure to join Thanks so much for watching everybody. We’ll see you in the next video peace out

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  1. UPDATE: Noah showed us what he claims to be a real VIDEO from the FUTURE, check it our here ▶ https://youtu.be/WOw1mO6sx5M

  2. This is a predestination paradox because the current young Noah in the future won’t travel back to meet his younger self because he has already met his future self who traveled back. If that makes sense.

  3. Anyone who believes any of this are fah-kin morons !! I'm glad to know flannels will still be around in the future.

  4. 3:18
    according to Avengers: Endgame, we learnt that you can not create a time paradox because a disturbance in the space-time continuum will just create a new timeline

  5. Why did he met his future self first fall it is not his future self it is fake he is someone else if he was then paradox should have happened like in back to the future

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