Time Traveler INTERVIEWED – Year 6491

A man claiming to be a time traveller who
has returned from the year 6491 has done an interview where he talks about what planets
humans will be living on in the future. My name is Danny Burke, returning once again
this week to fill in here on Landon Production, hope youre having a nice Friday wherever you
are in the world – lets talk about this time traveller. Hes called James Oliver and he spoke to Apex
TV, a channel about the paranormal, about what life is like almost 4 and a half thousand
years in the future. One of the main points he talks about is how
by the year 6491, humans have spread out to many different planets across the solar system
because of overpopulation. He said that humans will be living on Mars,
Mercury and Venus in special domes that cover the whole surface of the planet. James claims he is from another part of the
galaxy and is now stuck in the year 2018. He also warned about the Yellowstone volcano
erupting some time soon, devastating the US and the world at large. Ok, thats the details out the way. Now for an opinion – its a load of rubbish. I love hearing about these people who claim
to be time time travellers from the future because theres always something so obvious
that they overlook. In this case, why does James sound like hes
from the south of England? He claims to be from thousands of years in
the future, from a different solar system, and yet his accent sounds a bit like my uncle. Think about how quickly accents change in
just 100 years. In thousands of years, whole languages change. Now, Im guessing that he would explain all
of this away by saying hes studied our ancient language and picked Southern English as his
accent of choice – but really, I think you need to use Ocams Razer to this one and assume
that the simplest explanation is hes making all of this up. But hey, thats just my opinion! What do you guys think? I guess if Yellowstone explodes in the next
few years I may eat my own words. We shall see. The official Harry Potter mobile game -Hogwarts
Mystery- released their new trailer yesterday and the reaction from fans has been, interesting. The game offers Potter fans the experience
of living the life of a Hogwarts student. Its a departure from previous official franchise
games with tended to focus on playing as one of the main characters – usually Harry himself. In Hogwarts Mystery, the player will be sorterd
into a house, attend classes, make friends and fight evil in their very own storyline. On paper, it looks like a fun mobile game
that provides fans with what theyve always wanted – their shot at being a Hogwarts students. Some people on Twitter certainly seemed to
think so. One girl joked that everyone wont hear from
her for months or years once the game comes out. Others speculated if this could become the
Harry Potter version of Pokemon go. That would be something to strive for as Pokemon
Go became the craze of summer upon release but Im sure the Hogwarts Mystery designers
would like it to retain its popularity in the years after. I hate to burst everyones bubble but there
were also some negative reviews from people who got their hands on the game in the beta
test. Some described it as dull and nothing more
than a money grab to make money off a franchise – others said spoiler alert – its really bad. Of course, this all may be due to peoples
personal taste – I guess youll have to see for yourself if you like this game. It will be coming out on Android and then
iOS some time after. Shocking story now coming from Florida where
a 26 year old teacher has been charged with having sexual relations with a 14 year old
boy and apparently used McDonalds to lure him in. Stephanie Peterson also sent inappropriate
pcitures of herself to the boy when it all started in November. The teenager said the married teacher would
come and collect him from his home at night and take him elsehwere to have sex. She would then return him in the early hours
of the morning. When it came to keeping him quiet and pacified,
she would buy him McDonalds and even marijuana. During that time, the boys grades slipped
from As to Fs. He remained silent on the issue until one
day when a different teacher contacted his parents to see if he wanted mentoring. His parents joked about him being groomed
by that teacher and thats when he burst into tears and said -Anyone could molest you- … he
then told the full account of what Stephanie Peterson had done to him. Shes been taken into custody where her charges
carry a 25,000 dollar bond. Well, what can you say about this story? Its sick. I think for many years cases like this were
overlooked or swept under the rug because it was a female teacher and a male student
– but its clear that this is just as horrific and damaging to the child, regardless of what
gender the parties were. Next up a Kenyan Doctor has performed brain
surgery on the wrong patient. Four Kenyan medicas have been suspended after
cutting open the skull of the wrong patient at a hospital in Nairobi. There were separate patients – one of them
needed intensive surgery for a blood clot on the brain – the other just needed non invasive
treatment for swelling. Identification tags on the patients were mixed
up and they received the wrong surgery – the doctors didnt even realise until hours into
the procedure when they found no blood clot in the patient who, surprisingly, never had
a blood clot. Fortunately, the patient is making a full
recovery but now the hospital is having to examine how a mistake like this could happen. The CEO Lily Kros said the hospital -deeply
regrets this event and has done all it can to ensure the safety and well being of the
patient in question- She went on the say that the neurosurgeon, the ward nurse, receiving
nurse and the anaesthetist have all been suspended pending further investigation. All 4 of them have protested against their
suspension and claim it was the person who put the identification tags on that should
bear the full brunt of the punishment. How do you guys feel about this? We put a lot of trust in Doctors and hospitals
when it comes to our bodies – obviously they get it right 99.9% of the time but do you
worry you might one day be a part of that 0.1% – interesting thought. Next up now – the City of Eugene in Oregon
is being plagued by gangs of wild turkeys that roam the streets. Its a story that sounds like something out
of a movie. The city has seen a surge in whats called
-Urban Farming- where people let animals roam in cities and towns instead of the usual farms
and grasslands were used to seeing them in. In Eugene, the main day is Turkey Wednesday,
where locals leave out Oats, wheat and barley for the Turkeys and Chickens. The City Council has said this has brought
on a plague of rats and perhaps more worryingly, the Turkeys don’t care. Seriously – they arent scared of humans – they
tend to just stand around in the street waiting for people to give them their next meal. When theyre done eating, they leave Turkey
feces everywhere. Officials have been meeting to try and come
up with a solution – right now it looks like they will put a ban on feeding the Turkeys
in public. Will this cause the Turkeys to disperse and
look for food elsewhere, or will they just get really hungry, and then angry, and then
attack humans in the street? Could this become the worlds first Turkey
majority city. And finally now weve got another animal story
where Scientists have recently discovered a hidden population of penguins numbering
1.5 million. I know what youre thinking, how can 1.5 million
penguins hide for so long? Well, they live on the Danger Islands of the
Antarctic Peninsula. The heavy sea ice around those islands means
that boats struggle to land there meaning theyve been almost untouched by humans. So, how did they find the penguins? Through satellite imaging – but they didnt
spot the penguins themselves, they spotted their poop. Thats right, the penguins were discovered
when a satelite in space saw huge patches of their feces all over the island, prompting
scientists to investigate further. They are Adelie penguins which have long since
thought to be endangered but now that these 1.5 million of them have been discovered,
Scientists arent QUITE as worried. They also seem to have very healthy bowels
by the look of things. Its thought that their isolation and lack
of contact with humans may be the reason that their numbers swelled so high. Experts are now calling for a marine protected
area for the islands to ensure that they remain unspoiled by human activity. I love how humans just seem to ruin everything
we touch – its a great quality we have. Im just kidding, were ok, kind of. Well that is that last LP Ill be doing this
week, Landon and Courtney will be back with you guys on Monday. Ive had a lot of fun – I hoped you liked the
stories, I hope you enjoyed the videos, I hope you remember the penguins, I think thats
about everything – Im Danny Burke, thanks for watching Landon Production and I hope
you have a lovely weekend.

54 thoughts on “Time Traveler INTERVIEWED – Year 6491

  1. It's not 0.1% who endure a mistake during medical procedures. Medical errors actually add up to the third leading cause of death in the United States.
    Just thought I would freak you all out a bit.

  2. Itโ€™s Sunday, I time traveled. Seriously though, how come the YouTube vids about someoneโ€™s time travel personal experience are never from the past?

  3. We have had a few national news worthy medical mishaps here, you better believe they make sure it wonโ€™t happen again.

  4. i wouldn't mind going to his planet where he's from as long as the drugs hes on are good coz here on earth the drugs im on some times are cut with baby teething powder and bicarbonate soda and not getting the full hit' so i hope the drugs are better on his planet

  5. It shouldn't be the doctors that get suspended, it should be the person who put the tags on. I completely agree with the doctors protesting. That's like saying a Teacher should be fired because the student got the wrong answer on a homework assignment. It's not their fault.

    All the info I have on the topic is the information provided within this video.

  6. He still looks like everyone else from this time period. Humans and living things evolve. Heโ€™s full of it.


  8. blaahuey!,the guy is a spook!. heaven is coming here to a new earth,and no one can live on a wandering star!.

  9. I'll be honest, I've never finished an entire video on this channel until now. This guy is just really good at keeping my attention. He should definitely be a regular.

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