Time Traveler From 6491 Has SHOCKING Warning For Earth

Its been a while since we’ve made fun of
a time traveler on this channel. I was beginning to think Apex TV had given
up. But no, I was wrong. Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre
and I’m ready to get savage, are you ready for Charlotte the savage? Too bad shes here. Meet James Oliver, the time traveler from
6491 who has some shocking predictions for the future. He claims he has a time machine that’s hidden
somewhere on earth. He is currently stuck in the year 2018 because
his time machine broke. That sucks James, did you check to see if
it was in warranty. James further said that he has friends that
are aliens, which is like, I’m sorry, not fair. I want to befriend aliens more than anything. Why do aliens want to be friends with James
Oliver and not me? I am quite possibly the best friend there
ever was. I, I don’t know guys, am very suspicious. James also has a warning, against the threat
of climate change. He says that climate change will no doubt
threaten our future, and in order to prevent this, the US has to rejoin the Paris climate
accord. Thank you, captain obvious. While he was interviewed, He took a lie detector
test on camera, and he passed. He didn’t only pass, he answered every answer
correctly. That being said, taking a lie detector test
does not always mean that you are telling the truth. They actually don’t use them in a court
of law anymore. And also we also weren’t seeing the results
of the lie detector test throughout the video, we are only told that he told the truth by
someone from apex tv who has his face blurred out. So, a few things. #1 James oliver has a really thick birmingham
accent. I highly doubt someone from 4 thousand years
in the future will speak anything like how people speak today. Language and dialects evolve pretty quickly,
think about it. Americans have only been Americans for the
last couple hundred years. And now they have several accents that only
exist in America. 4 thousand years from now, its likely that
the physical appearance of humans will change drastically too, as well as our manner of
dressing. I will also further say that James oliver
looks like he’s about 18 years old. Does anyone else feel like apex tv are just
a bunch of college students who are trolling everybody with these time traveler videos
and making a ton of money doing it? Maybe I should make some time traveler videos. Alright guys that’s enough savagery for
one day, lets respond to some comments. Epic waffles – so happy today was the last
day of school. Im gonna be a couch potato. Potate all day long. Ipotato – I’ll never get noticed. Never say never. Also cute pic. I wish all potatoes looked liket hat. But then…you would never eat them cuz they’re
too cute. Collin Films – why is your name on instagram
charlaychaplin. Honestly it was a nickname a long time ago
when charlay bit me was a meme, and then I didn’t feel like changing it. That’s all folks, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, smash the thumbs
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82 thoughts on “Time Traveler From 6491 Has SHOCKING Warning For Earth

  1. Hey Charlotte, How do you know that your are not already friends with an Alien? I mean, We are in disguise so your people don't know what we are up to..

  2. The only good thing about all these Time Traveler claims is that I get to see an Inform Overload video everytime.

  3. Getting real tired of the bs videos lately, that one about not taking vitamins really blew my mind with stupidity.

  4. Why on earth would anyone come to this specific timeline so far long ago from 6491? Illogical since clearly humans and aliens are here in Earth in 6491 don't you think we humans will still have a future regardless if he visited us or not. He shouldn't mess with the space time continuum. He could be very well helping our doom. And since when did humans learn to survive in one lifetime for thousands of years 2018 vs 6491. Your living history and possibly screwing up our timeline. Too bad your stuck here forever James. There isn't any time machines anytime soon bud. You screwed yourself by coming to a year where time machines don't yet exist. Good Job James. Maybe you should help us about the future instead of warnings. What's that going to do without knowledge how to stop it. Clearly this man isn't very smart and clearly loves his alien friends that aren't here to help him. Great friends let me tell you. Shouldn't have traveled alone. I don't feel bad at all for the poor guy. He thinks coming back 4000 years is going to save mankind. 1 person thinks he can save the world. It takes a full team of Power Rangers to defeat evil and keep peace on earth

  5. 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  6. I feel like half of these videos say that we will all die soon so my theory is that they have somthing to do with the end of the world but keep failing

  7. I love that ig name it's the bomb 💣 you can't beat that name it's in top 5 best ig name fo sure playa

  8. Go don't believe. The warnings he told us seems true. Yes the time travel might not be true BUT the warnings might be true.

  9. Macho Woman Charlotte Savage, Oh Yeah, Dig It! Got you for 3 minutes! And yeah, had to throw in Randy's line from Spider-Man since worked out with the video being just under 3 minutes. 😉

  10. – You are already a time traveler if you are from Nepal coz here our Nepali date is 2075/02/26

  11. I am a time traveler from 70526 Its still the same as 2018 and the memes are 20x danker 👌 😂 👌

  12. I love IO but I feel like you guys could be talking about something more intelligent and giving us helpful info like you guys used to!

  13. lets be serious we all know that the worlds fresh water is decreasing and global warming is kicking in… i dont even think we can make it to 2100. the worlds screwed up and when water and food becomes hard riots and all wars starts to kick in and by den all humans ded

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