Time Traveler From 2075 Gives Warning About The Future

And in 2063 there’s a great flood in which
Los Angeles, California is under water. This man claims to be from the year 2075. We met up in Los Angeles, California, where
he told us his story and revealed supposed shocking details about the future, including
the future of LA. Watch this and decide for yourself. Hello. My name is Kasper, and I am here today with
ApexTV to tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth. Today, I’m going to tell you about time travel,
and how time travel is real, and how it’s going to affect our world. In fact, time travel is not only real, but
it is being withheld from civilians. Most people have no clue about the secret
technology, including time travel, that is being withheld from the public eye. That is why I’m here with ApexTV. I want to tell you about this, and I want
to tell you about what is being hidden and what is going on in the world, and what is
going to happen in the future. Because there is much going to happen in the
future that people don’t know about. Shocking things are going to happen in the
future. I’m going to share with you one of the most
shocking things that you will have ever heard before. You will be absolutely shocked at the information
I’m going to give you in today’s video. Keep watching, because what I’m going to tell
you is imperative information. Imperative. You need to know what I’m going to tell you
today, especially this one thing. I shall start by telling you about myself. My name is Kasper, and I’m from the year 2075. The year 2075 is much different than the current
year that you are watching this is, the year 2019. We are in the year 2019. I came back to the year 2019 on a mission
that was public. The public is aware of the missions in the
future going back to the past. But in the past, they are not aware of the
missions that are taking place. It is not until the year 2028, until time
travel technology is revealed to the public. In 2028, along with time travel technology,
the existence of extraterrestrial aliens is also revealed to the public. These are shocking details that are going
to happen in the future. So, in the future I was sent back to year
of 2019 on the public mission to collect the data about the past. Because you can go to the past, and you can
see certain details, and you can read about the past and watch videos talking about the
past, however, it takes actually going to the past to get the desired information, so
we can fill in the details. And I come back to the past with video cameras,
with photography equipment, 3D scanners, sonar equipment, and all of this equipment that
helps me map out the past. And we’re sent for specific missions. I am here in Los Angeles, California to map
out a specific thing that I cannot get into the details of. I’m also here in regards to the 2020 Presidential
election, in which there is going to be a major detail that’s going to happen, and you
will see that I am telling the truth. Because there will be a major detail that
happens that’s very shocking. And I cannot say what the detail is, however,
there is something very shocking that I’ve come back to try to document, because it’s
very historical time in the United States. I cannot say where I am from or what program
I’m part of. However, I will say that most countries in
the future have time travel technology, and they have time travel secret missions and
programs. This includes India, Russia, United States,
Mexico. Most of the world’s major super powers have
time travel technology. Now for major detail. I am in Los Angeles, California because very
shocking detail is going to happen in this city. In Los Angeles, California, there is going
to be a major flood. This happens around the year 2063. There is major flood, and Los Angeles, California
is under water in the year 2063. All of the buildings behind me, this is all
under water. Los Angeles, California is not how it is today. And it is quite shocking and amazing for me,
being from the year 2075, to see Los Angeles, California before the great flood. The flood is caused from one major reason. The flood is caused by global warming. And I will say that the flood is preventable. And we can prevent it, as long as we are willing
to try as a human species working together. In future, there is no borders. Humanity works together as one. The world is a giant nation. It’s a giant country with no borders. Everybody speaks same language, everybody
has same religion. Everybody is more of one in the future. And this is very good. Do not be scared of great flood. The sea levels rise year by year, until eventually
Los Angeles is completely under water. As the sea levels rise little by little, humans
start moving farther away from Los Angeles, California. And there’s no need to panic because Los Angeles,
the city itself, is contained within a giant bubble, and people still live within Los Angeles. It has been waterproofed from the water, so
water cannot get into the city. And people still live in Los Angeles, California
in the future. There are many underwater cities because overpopulation
is big issue in future. Overpopulation causes people to move into
underwater cities, living in space, living in self-contained environments and habitats
in future. Many time traveler have spoke to ApexTV, and
they tell about their story. I can tell you that about 2/3 of their stories
are real. I know for a fact that certain things will
happen in the future, and when I hear time traveler talk to ApexTV about things, I know
they are telling the truth. I have major shocking detail that will shock
you to listen to. In the future, in future, artificial intelligence
is major player in the world. The world’s superpower are not governed by
people. They are governed by a super intelligent,
artificial intelligence, robots and computers govern the world in the future. This is shocking detail, and this is true. And you will see that this will start coming
true, especially in near coming years. In 2020, the first commercial artificial intelligence
is released to the public. And you will see that it is called the Light. The Light is released to the public, and by
the year 2033, there are artificial conscience intelligence entities living amongst humans,
and living amongst extraterrestrial aliens. The world is a much more prosperous place
in the year 2075. There is a great misconception that artificial
intelligence and the robots will be enemy of humans. This is not true. In future, artificial intelligence and robots
work with humans to create a better future, and there is a great future. The number one problem we must stop is globing
warming. I have huge shocking detail that I need to
share with you. In future, the aliens that I mentioned are
not from space. They are from another dimension. In the future, we as humans find out about
the existence of multiple dimensions in which most humans cannot perceive. These dimensions are just as real as any other
dimension that we are currently living in. And you will see that this will happen in
coming year. This happens close to 2060. And in 2063 there is a great flood in which
Los Angeles, California is under water. You will see that my predictions are true. My name is Kasper, and I will be willing to
do more interviews with you, ApexTV. If you give me opportunity, I will take a
lie detector test, I will show you photo of Los Angeles under water. It is shocking photo that I will show you
in next video. You will see that what I am saying is true,
because I have photo of Los Angeles under water, and I will show it to you in the next
video. Just wait. Another shocking detail about future. Humans face a great danger in the future. We are faced with contact from extraterrestrial
beings like I mentioned, we are faced with contact of aliens. When faced in the contact with aliens, humans,
as a whole, come together as one. And this is when the borders are gotten rid
of. This is when we all start speaking same language
in the future. This is when we all start having same religion
in the future. This is when people become more as one in
the future. And by the year 2075, we as humans are uploading
our brains to the internet, and we are uploading our brains to technology. And we are uploading our brains to outside
dimensions that we currently cannot see. And by doing this, we as humans become more
as one. The only reason that I, myself, personally
as Kasper, have not uploaded my brain to technology, is because I’m faced with specific task to
come back to past, and this is my current job. However, in future, I mostly likely will upload
my brain to the technology in the future. Many things are very different in the future. Many things are flipped from what they currently
are now. Instead of being affected by diseases, we
are in control of diseases. Instead of being separated, we are as one
in the future. There are no longer families like there are
today in the future. Children are given more rights. Also in the future, we have embedded chips. These are released to the public in the year
2021. I have embedded chip in my left hand, right
here. In my left hand, I have embedded chip that
let me connect my brain to the internet, and that let me time travel back. I am being watched. They do not want me disclosing too many details,
and that is why I leave some things out, I do not want to cause paradox. I am being watched, but they know that I will
not disclose too many details, otherwise I’ll be let go of my position, I can’t go back
to 2075. You’ll see that what I am saying is true. And what I am saying will come to truth in
soon years. Very soon, you will see. There is great opposition to embedded chips
that go in the wrist. There is great opposition, however, they are
very good thing. They help keep people healthy and they save
millions of lives, millions of people are saved by these chips. I highly suggest that when chip come out in
2021, that you get one. Because they save great many lives. And I implore people to be healthy, and I
implore people to take care of their own health. Because in future, we have life-extending
technologies in which you can live many more years than what you currently do. You’ll see that what I’m saying will come
true. And I thank you, ApexTV, for coming here and
letting me share my story with you. I greatly appreciate your kindness and courtesy
and letting me tell my story to the public, and telling what is going to happen in coming
years. I have many, many more shocking details about
the future that I’m going to tell in future video on ApexTV. And I have picture of Los Angeles, California
under water that I’m going to show in upcoming video on ApexTV. You will see that what I’m saying is true,
and you will see that what I am saying will come true. Thank you for coming here, and thank you for
listening to my story, I greatly appreciate it. [Announcer] What do you think? Is this man an actual time traveler from the
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universe, as well as Kasper’s picture depicting Los Angeles under water. You’re not gonna wanna miss it. Thanks so much for watching, everybody, we’ll
see you in the next video, peace out.

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  1. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss when we release our interview with Kasper in which he showed us a picture of Los Angeles underwater. Also, we recently interviewed a man claiming to be from another universe and have a ton more huge projects planned that you're not gonna want to miss. Thanks for watching and staying tuned!

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  19. I believe this I’ve watched many different videos about how la will be under water at some point I watched a video on it in science years ago

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