Time Traveler From 2030 LIE DETECTOR Test

Hello everybody and welcome back to Apex TV This is the highly Anticipated lie-detector test we did on Noah who claims to be an actual time traveler from the year 2030 Noah was first featured on our other channel Paranormal elite in which he told us about why he is stuck in the year 2018 after doing several live interviews with him we sat down with him in person for the second time and Hooked him up on a lie detector to see if he was telling the truth Hello, everybody and welcome back to Apex TV today. We’re talking with Noah who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030 We’re actually doing the highly anticipated Lie-detector tests and a lot of you’ve been looking forward to this and we’re finally doing it So I’m excited to be sitting down here with you Noah. How you doing today? Oh? Just a little stressed man. I’m feeling overall feeling great you know It’s it’s been it’s been great Not much, I can say it’s been Kind of you know hard to get to United States So as you guys can see we have no one looked up to a lie detector Here actually monitors his heartbeat his heart rate is blood pressure among other things, and it’s gonna And I just want to emphasize that these lie detector tests are not 100% correct but I think it’ll give us a basis to base our evidence and Everything else on so we’re gonna be asking Noah a few questions. Could you show that to the camera real quick? No? Okay, no let’s just start off with the basics, and we’ll see what the lie detector says first off Are you an actual time traveler from the year 2030? Yeah? Okay again, we will be taking a look at the results of this lie detector after the video is over So I’m excited to see what it says now We’re just gonna be taking a look at some of the more common questions that people ask you So know a lot of people ask us if you have any actual evidence that you are a time traveler Um yeah, so I have no physical evidence besides the thing that’s highest and you know predictions, but I’m not sure So another thing a lot of people are wondering is if you’re actually in any danger by telling us this is Your safety jeopardized by by you telling us yes So what do people use as currency in the future do we use? It does it does kind of shift to cryptocurrency Yeah, we use a lot of a little bit of more of Bitcoin, but not too much We still use cash money, but just a little more bit more. Yeah still use coins Hello pennies do they so exist So I know you mentioned other videos if Trump is gonna be reelected is that true Okay, and how about from this time you’re from in 2030 who’s gonna be President or even So no What are your thoughts on the other time travelers that we’ve interviewed like the guy from 2055 for example or any of the other ones? And you are So Noah, can you tell us a little bit about the technology of 2030 like what about cell phone technology? That’s been like one of the biggest revolutions. How small and condensed computers have gotten Bigger Like tablets in your pocket no not tablets You know not like their cell phone signs, right? But they have edge to edge display law and they also you know have like more accurate swipes and everything you do more You know quicker cleaner and a bunch of other things like you know it’s faster Internet It don’t come out the sim is now on. There’s no holographic phones yet there isn’t okay Yeah
Because we interviewed a guy from 2055 and he says they have holographic phones by then but but I got to keep in mind You’re from 2030 right a lot of people were saying that in the video you were featured and you were from the Year 2021 You claim to be yeah But but you say you’re from the year 2030. Yeah, which one is it well I started time coming here 20 21, so I think that’s it my natural year, but like I I was leading up to the year 2030 So are you hoping to live until the year 2030? Or 2028 you say time-travel is gonna. Be existed is that correct. No. It’s gonna be like So we recently interviewed a guy who Claims to work on quantum computers our quantum computers used for time traveling. Oh, I think so Yeah, you really are both. You know. There’s other ways and I mean You don’t could you tell us about the method you would actually use the time travel? Yeah I use a little much electricity around me and or Like if I were in the knocking the police where I’m supposed to time travel usually I mean this giant throne underground where like Electricity generates, and I like the technology Interesting can you tell us a little bit of the process of actually time-traveling what happens cuz we’ve spoken to some Time travelers like Alexander Smith he claims you kind of black out, but instead of seeing black you see all white Yeah There’s different ways for me. Oh yeah, I think it’s somewhere on like that except it’s like Okay, and I know you mentioned you have you actually have something implanted in your wrist. You know it’s like a round booth here What about transportation in the year 2030 do people still take airplanes. Oh, yeah people still take airplanes electric you know Electric trains are more You know a little bit more used because it’s faster like that mega left technology where they levitate a little yeah, we’re not using You know we’re still in the process of it. We’re just almost you know any grades they go faster and What about a Piper loops because I know there’s one being built. I think below Los Angeles Dude does that actually get completed by the year 2030? Oh? Interesting in I assume, that’s gonna revolutionize Transport because we can get to one place to another Without you know having to wait in traffic. I think it’s between San Francisco and LA So by the year 2030 is global warming pretty bad It’s not very you know much of a problem, it’s like still rising problem in 12 years, so it’s a rising problem are there any Effects on the way people live in a society no. No it’s all good It’s just hot more hot if you live in northern state in the United States will be fine It’s you’ll be like there should be a little more harder than you used to okay Just just a couple days and even that it’s more than a couple degrees yeah like Gross or like state like, California So how are we gonna solve that our steps being taken to a combat over money? Yeah, we’re trying to well. We you know we’re not we’re not like Pushing against it yet because it’s a huge thing. That’s happening One of the proposed things is that we could actually build a civilization on Mars as that taking place by the year 2030 you know? 2030 we just started all right, so so there’s people on Mars There’s Melissa what year what the exact year is that they go? first one 2028 2028 so the same year that time travels and that did it man I’m looking forward to 2028 I mean 10 years in the future a lot can happen. I mean look what happened in last 10 years Like a giant cheese 2020 I Heard that might hardly be because of quantum computers and artificial intelligence, which actually can improve upon itself is that the case? So so AI is become is is it human level yet artificial intelligence? Okay, so so it’s not conscious. It’s not conscious, but it’s really good, and it’s really smart It’s used for a lot of things all right. Do you believe that one day an AI could become conscious I? Don’t think so okay, so no uh what about Apex TV. Do have you heard of that in the year 2030? That’s the reason why I becomes familiar with you guys so that’s why I kind of contacted a man asked Why don’t you contact us rather than like CNN Fox News or the mainstream media? Yeah? I contacted a bunch of new stations who rather like the you as a contacting you know I Contacted one show you know basically I saw a couple when I came picked up your story. I think in the UK he had the only booth or my story After we interviewed you and by the way guys that interviews up on paranormal elite, which is our other channel. That’s the original interview We’ve done a bunch of live streams with you, and I look forward to doing our next live stream as well And then after this no I’m I know you mentioned you have something in your wrists or something Yeah, right here, okay, so could could we possibly go actually have an appointment scheduled with my doctor later tonight Okay, so you’re okay with Ian X right? No, so we might be able to put in this video, but if we don’t it will be a separate video But it might be in this video guys so um After after we’re done with the interview. I will show the actual The results of the x-ray so speaking of global warming do do we I kind of switch to alternative energy sources like? Do we use solar power? Wind power hydroelectric power. Oh, yeah, we use a lot of You know fossil fuels and you know nuclear power, but we’re still you know we’re still Persisting you know on electric like it’s like you know solar-powered oh We’re getting somewhere with there, and we’ll be like you know We’ll be doing some things that I think well you know we’re like What about in terms of implementing it into cars? Because it’s not there because you know basically like if you’re trying to drive the night How are the ranges of electric cars in 2030 oh look like a normal car so what you’re saying is that in the year 2030 our electric cars will be able to go as far on a single charge as Our gas cars right now Well, but, but is it mostly electric cars, or is it mostly a gas cars Okay and part of the reason might be that you know there’s a lot of money tied up in gas so they might be pushing Against it you know most electricity Russia Korzun expensive at the moment And inexpensive that strip would be boosted money, which is good, and they save the environment So what about medical technology in the future do we advanced a lot in terms of? Medical technology oh yeah, but there’s a lot of people ask me Is there a cure to cancer? But there’s no cure to cancer because there are various forms of cancer So there so how about the types of cancer are they are they kids to those oh? There’s like. Oh there’s types of cancer those two federal curiously. What about other diseases or? Are other are many other diseases cured by the year 2030. You know money of this is are cured by year 2030 just not you know like not a lot because you know This is no cure. Just 12 years. Okay, Noah. Can you tell us a little bit about? Robots in the year 2013 not regarding like artificial intelligence, but do they have like humanoid robots? That can you know tend to the house do the dishes put the kids to sleep not yet, not yet? They’re just starting on that you know but sorting on it now There’s you know robots that can move around the house like exam Amazon Alexa about yourself But you big time I can move around the house But that’s all we got so far not really It’s the earth flat no the earth is not flat okay, and And a lot of people will ask me not included But a lot of people will ask how do you know it’s not flat because it’s really cheap to go out into space So so the price comes down consumer space flight is available What about taking a trip to the moon? Do we have faces on the moon? you know We have traveled to the moon since we did in Late sixties early seventies know can you tell me a little bit about entertainment in the year 2030? Yeah, mostly in 15 minutes. Now. Okay. Yeah TV do people still pay for cable Yeah Don’t still pay for cable at all But like you know in the future or one tiny you know for every two minutes starting off this virtual reality, okay? And how advanced does the VR by? 2030 because I’ve done the oculus rift and as of right now you have a cable coming off you so you know you can get Triple-a, but it is amazing. It’s like room-scale. VR. You can kind of see the pixels. How is VR in the year 2030? Oh? Basically, it’s a little more Sharper and you know for me life and That you can get stuff with it to make it. You know more better and easier and more Special place where you can you know what about drones do we have like a quad propeller Helicopters like they like a drone that can carry a person. Yeah, we ready Yeah, we have those and lilyc they’re like kind of used to rich people for taxis like right now You know we’re still working. We’re trying to do cheap, and you know you see the bond I heard one of the Arguments for one of those was to you know if you have I think eight propellers or so one of the engine fails You’ll still be able to fly yeah Once ooh. Do people still read paper books in the So by the year 2030 do we discover intelligent alien life So no we have the lie detector running right now, and I’m really interested to see the results of this, but can you tell us? For a 100% fact if you’re telling the truth yes for one percent of fact. I am telling the truth I’m a liar. I am a time traveler from the year 2030 This Is inevitable that we’re gonna get a lot of feedback from this video of people saying that you’re not telling the truth And again, I don’t want to give my opinion because I don’t want to influence anybody who’s watching this opinion But what do you say no to all the skeptics out there? Who don’t believe what you’re saying oh? I can see you guys are coming from and I believe you guys have a point But my the ways where I keep arguing the ISIS. You know just You know maybe guess I’m sorry. You know. I’m trying to get as much people aware of the fact So no we just took the lie detector off you And I want to thank you for coming on the show with us today. It was a real pleasure to talk with you again Oh my actually wanted to give you this she’s a next TV time traveler you guys can see a link down in the description if you want to give it a Sorcerous. We’ve talked with you so many times Is there a second time actually speaking in person, but we’ve done a couple live streams with you I want to thank you for coming on the show and Again for everybody watching this link is down in the description if you want to get one of these hoodies or that Right there. We want to thank you Noah for coming on the show once again Thank You Noah, and I hope to talk with you soon. We’ll be going to the doctors now to do the x-ray test and I hope you do another livestream with you soon No problem We then went to a doctor and did an x-ray on Noah’s wrist as you can see there is a small foreign object next to his carpal bones The doctor had no clue whatsoever as to what it was and no one did not want to get it surgically removed again Noah claims that this object in his wrist was used during the time travel process And it’s actually a piece of technology a few days after we filmed this video during a livestream with Noah He suddenly went off the air And we weren’t able to contact him for a few days that is until he sent us an email Telling us that he’s back in our time He says he was taken to 2030 briefly for interrogation but is once again in 2018 Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay updated on this story Also join our discord live chat by going to the link in the description We recently interviewed Alexander Smith who claims to be a time traveler that has been to the year 2182? Have an actual picture from the future that video is gonna be up very Soon as well as a couple of live streams with supposed Time Traveller’s be sure to turn on notifications, so you don’t miss them Thanks so much for watching everybody. We’ll see you guys in the next video peace out You

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