Time Traveler From 2028 Shares Terrifying Warning About The Future

A man who claims to have time travelled from
the year 2028 , and he’s risked his life travel back in time to warn us about the future. More on this today on IO. What is good spuds, I hope you all had a fantastic
weekend, its time for another IO video. By the way, I’m charlotte, and you’re
watching inform overload, the channel that overloads you with information. Hit that like and subscribe button, and tell
me in the comments below, if you could time travel to any time period, what would it be? A video was sent to the youtube channel paranormal
elite, which has now gone viral. According to the video, they received a phone
call from a man from south America claiming to have worked for a government project in
the united states. It shows a pixelated man who appears to be
in his mid twentites, though it’s a little hard to tell because you can’t see his face. He wanted to remain anonymous, so he wants
to be referred to as noah. So what does Noah want to warn us about? He says that Donald trump is going to be reelected
in 2020, which may or may not be a warning depending on whether or not you support Donald
trump. He also says that artificial intelligence
is going to become more and more prominent in our society, as well as self driving and
electric cars. In the year 2028, we will all be sporting
an accessory that resembles google glasses. So what are the chances that this guy is telling
the truth? Well time travel is theoretically possible,
but we don’t currently have the technology that would allow us to do it. We are years away from discovering the secret
to time travel. That being said, could it mean that in the
future, where noah claims to be from, they have the capability to time travel? Noah claims that time travel does not come
without side effects. He suffers from depression and anxiety from
his years of time travelling. He says that time travelling will become possible
in the year 2003. Im sorry, 2003? Correct me if im wrong, but does 2003 not
sound like 2003? Noah appears visibly distraught in the video,
he cries about the fact that he is stuck in this time period. Guys, im gonna go ahead and say right now,
this video is a hoax. Its all over the map. First of all, noah claims to be from the year
2028, yet the title says he’s been to the year 2030. And secondly he seems like he’s reading
from a script, and he most definitely does not have an accent to suggest that he’s
from south america. At the time this video was filmed, the video
of noah has 300 thousand views, and has been picked up by major news outlets. Maybe time travel could be possible, but this
video is not evidence of that. If you guys are interested in seeing it, check
the link in the description. Alright, now that that’s settled, its time
to respond to some commetns. AJ Velez – Charlotte, on a scale of 1-10
how likely do you think the world will end in 10ish billion years when the sun swells
and explodes under its own mass. I would say, like a 12? Tooquick4you2 – what if I were a tomato
instead of a potato E Dhinesh – Charlotte ur voice and accent
are so damn good that I’ll never be able to miss another video of yours. Tell that to my acting teacher. We have come to the end of the video! thanks
so much for watching. If you like dthis video, you should check
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100 thoughts on “Time Traveler From 2028 Shares Terrifying Warning About The Future

  1. Want to go on an iO binge? If so, check out this video about shocking footage of a time traveler >>

  2. So if time travel is in the future. Why wouldn't everybody time travel to the good times in future history and skip the bad times. Let's just say aliens are coming here in 3018 to harvest all of us, but it everyone can time travel we could all be gone and there would be no one to harvest. Maybe come back 50 years after the aliens leave? The economy get bad, leave and come to when the economy is good.

  3. oct 8th 2016 thats where i wanna time travel too so i can keep my 59 dollars in my account on casting 360 so i can qaulify for that role of spiderman homecoming

  4. Go back to 1947 to be the first person with a good camera to take photos at Roswell from the crash of the ufo so we all know what is real and what is fake

  5. Everything He Says Is Already Taking Place..Excluding Trump In 2020..But He Has My Vote..Hell..Self Driving Cars Are In Pittsburgh..Google People…Wow

  6. i’ve time travelled many times; across international date lines and seen 3 sunrises on flights to southeast asia – each way. and it does have side effects, yep, gives you the shakes and the shits and just wears you down.
    now then, i have some predictions as well. grocery prices will keep going up, gas prices will go much higher. the cost of water will become outrageous along with electrical power. people will be born; people will die. some will get jobs, others will try for the free ride. your homes will need painting. you will have to replace your major appliances and automobile more than once in your lives. some of you will have children, some of you will not. you will hear truth; you will hear falsehoods. how ya like me so far? i haven’t lied yet…

  7. hay well know about time travel is possible just ask kirk an spock they did it alot save whales every star tec show does it

  8. Noah predicted the polar vortex in the midwest of the USA this year ask them people that survived if he was right

  9. Concerning "Time Travel!" you need to interview Andrew D Basiago!…He and His Father had been Time Traveling since the early 70's through a Secret Time Travel Program Sponsored by D.A.R.P.A.!….I am Just Saying!…God Bless!

  10. At 17:18 on this >>> https://youtu.be/TyWOjfSxt3Q you hear Noah’s actual voice.. doesn’t sound “mid-twenties”.. teenager, at best! It’s kids playing a hoax. Lol

  11. Time traveling is going on right now. How else can you explain the Mandela effect? Even for those who want to deny the Mandela effect there's always a few things that can prove that Mandela effect happen. Go look at a picture of the Twin Towers . one Tower is not taller than the other no more . go look at a picture of Hitler, his mustache looks different.

  12. Time travel is the same thing as dimensional interception…Its all an illusion anyway…lol

  13. Stop thinking it's all fake just try understand it all could be true on what something time travelers say just make notes on what they say and wait to see if they come to and there you have what you been waiting for yes sorry it my take awhile but who know maybe in the future AI will become smart as humans or maybe even smarter who knows. More on Alextv https://youtu.be/7h_cCtiqFA0

  14. Dear time traveler,

    Travel to the past and publicly announce specific events that haven't occured yet. Announce a specific date in the future where you'll reappear to verify those events so we'll already be expecting you (this will take you no time…you have a time machine).

    This would be a start.

  15. it is true, i know that. if you dont want to believe then is not exist but if you believe then everything is possible

  16. remember there are billions of univeres if does get put back in office it not because he elected he was not elected this first time he was put in office

    This is in caps so you dont ignore it.

  18. Actually the military has access to time travel I have famy member in military that have seen the machine n they it works but they are improving it

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