Time Traveler Claims to Be Pregnant With an Alien

So, now I will show you something you have
never witnessed before. This woman claims to be pregnant with a half
alien baby. We met up in an undisclosed location as she
told us her story and showed us a supposed picture of her baby. Watch this and decide for yourself. Hello everyone, my name is Mary. I can’t tell you in which country I am right
now because this might be dangerous for myself. Today, I’ll share some shocking information
with you while giving you real proofs on it. Let me start from the very beginning. I was 18 years old and a student studying
in one of the universities in Paris when one of my professors noticed me. His name was Paul Marteaux and he offered
me a job at the laboratory. By the way, I was studying chemistry. He didn’t exactly specify what the lab was. I have been working there for two years and
my job was quite simple, separating and numbering samples and specimens. There were many rooms in that lab but one
of them was closed for regular workers. Only a limited number of people knew what
was going on there. I won’t tell you the whole story, let me just
jump into the interesting parts. Since I’m a very adventurous and brave person
myself I decided to visit that room one day. My supervisor had an electronic card with
which he used to open that door and during lunch break I stole his card and entered the
forbidden room. It was a huge space filled with wires and
cables, glassware of different shapes that had various liquids in them. There was a metal chair right in the middle
of the room to which an uncountable number of wires were connected. The whole room was making different electric
sounds. I was walking around the room, staring at
things while suddenly a heavy hand grabbed my shoulder. I turned around and saw professor Paul Marteaux. He got very angry at first, but then he calmed
down and he decided to offer me a new job as a time machine operator’s assistant. I didn’t quite understand him at first, thought
it was some kind of a joke. He clarified that whatever I saw in the room
was a time machine called the iron mass. Not to go into many details, from that day
on I started working in that room. We were sending people off to the future with
that time machine. They were military servants, scientists, experts,
everyone was studying the whereabouts and happenings of the future. Turns out, time machines have been around
since the 1970s but a protocol has been signed worldwide banning time traveling and any machines
of such kind, even for scientific study purposes. Our time machine was working on electricity
and radio waves. We were going on various expeditions into
the future with different tasks. Usually we would stay there for one hour with
our time measure and in future, however, this counts for three/four days. The understanding of time is deformed in future
and now, the main part of the story. I was already one year into working as an
assistant machine operator in that room and, where I had gained my fair share of trust
and love from the coworkers, and I asked the team supervisor to send me off to the future
with the squad to gather plant samples and for study purposes. I really wanted to see the future and, with
my own eyes, witness all of the happenings there and this was the best opportunity I
could get. The squad was made of 20 people of which 14
were military servants. He decided to send us off to the year 3,500. So far, we have only traveled up to the year
2,900 and this was going to be a great risk. By the way, the year 2,900 looked like paradise. It was filled with greens and plants. I thought the same would go for the year 3,500
but even better and, well, we were yet to witness another shock. The world had turned into a war zone, buildings
were destroyed, plants and greens were burnt down to ashes. War was going on between humans and aliens
and it was painful, it was painful remembering all of this. I can’t even go into details. Those aliens were from the Andromeda Galaxy
and people got lucky that they were just a little more developed than humans. Therefore, the fight was going on equal terms. Since there was strong radioactive and magnetic
wave in the year 3,500 we couldn’t get back to the present. To be exact, we spent a whole year there. We joined a community of people there who
were fighting against aliens. During one of those fights, our community
lost and the aliens took us into hostage. I won’t get into details on what happened
there because the pain, humiliation and torture we went through was inhumane. I was the only one who survived, but I was,
I was there, and I was their slave. I had no idea how I got so lucky and suddenly
I appeared at home. Turns out I’ve been missing only three months,
which in the future was a little over a year time in our measure. Now, here’s the shocking news. All what I’ve told you took place in 2019
while I came back from the future, seven days ago. When I was back to 2019 everyone was scared
when they saw me. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went back
to my room, gathered my stuff and ran off. So, now I will show you something you have
never witnessed before. My doubts were right. I am pregnant from an alien. Five months from now, I will give birth to
a child who will be a mix of a human and an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy. I don’t know what to do, I can’t even imagine
the solution to this. I can only imagine if people at my lab found
out about this the torture and humiliation that I would go through, along with my child
with their experiments, would be just excruciating. Anyhow, thank you for your attention. I will keep my contact with Apex TV until
the child is born and they will keep you posted. Stay safe. What do you think? Is this woman really pregnant with an alien? She promised to show us her half alien baby
when it’s born. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks so much for watching everybody, we’ll
see you in the next video. Peace out.

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Claims to Be Pregnant With an Alien

  1. Jeez, this is just crazy, if she is willing to show the baby, there is no way she is lying. Unfortunately though, I think the government will move her and her baby to area 51 for experiments

  2. If you see her movement, her hands always repeat same movements, what means that thi video is repeat video and just a voice is continuous. Sorry about my English. The point is that this video is fake. But very nice. Good story.

  3. 3 months 2019 Earth time = 12 months 3500 Earth time. Ooooooookie….so when she didn't come back this crazy French professor didn't send another team to find her and her group? Sure.. Whatever you say

  4. So .. in 5 months time, she will apparently bring a baby alien into this world… that will cause the Aliens to get angry then they will all come down and start a massive war with us … can't wait to see that movie!

  5. So. Let me get this straight, aliens, only slightly more advanced then us, suddenly show up FROM ANOTHER GALAXY, go to war, take her Prisoner, and impregnated this woman?

    111% Believable.

  6. lol since she traveled in time, maybe her Paul MARTEAU is the one that draw the card game Tarot ? In 1970? Or… she need psychiatric help. Thought I hope she tried to make a book of sci fi , she certainly is creative 😀

  7. If some university is getting people killed with an internationally illegal time machine, she has an ethical duty to name it. And so do the producers.

  8. Im so tired of Apex fabricating nonsense content. I have unsubscribed and hope you are sued and ruined financially for doing what you are.

  9. Jesus tap-dancing Crist on a bicycle, that's the third highest level of enthusiasm I've ever heard the line 'I am pregnant with an alien' read with. Anyhow, I initially just came to find out if this video would tell me a way to some alien booty that didn't involved getting gunned down while Naruto-running through the Nevada-desert, but now I'm all riled up about that wold-wide time-travel ban!!! Thanks, big government, for seperating the simple workers form their means of going back in time to ride a fucking dinosaur! I don't even live in the USA but for their election in 2020 I support whatever candidate supports lifting the time travel ban! LEGALIZE IT!

  10. If you think this is true, i suggest you go and watch a youtuber called Optimus, he points out the obvious details on how this is laughable.

  11. I'm an alien sent to study human culture. I'm from the same galaxy those aliens came from. My alien civilization being from another dead universe making us the most adavaced in that galaxy. so since I see humans as no threat I believe by that time I would've spread this information and any attack on humans would be intervened with deadly force.

  12. She gave fake statement about Paul Marteau.
    The archetypical Tarot of Marseille, made by Nicolas Conver in his Marseille workshop in the middle of the 18th century, served as a model for the editors Lequart and Grimaud when they proposed a playing tarot in about 1890. Paul Marteau later based his 1930 symbolic tarot on their work.

    Paul Marteau presented himself as a simple restorer, but in aligning himself with the esotericism of his time he in fact produced an original version. A comparison with Conver's 1760 Tarot, which Marteau claimed to reproduce, provides unequivocal proof of this. Edited in several languages, Marteau's tarot owed its global success as much to the huge distribution effort of his editor as to the skill of the "restorer".

  13. I've noticed alot of these "time travelers" have thw same accent. But it's all fake. If time travel is possible its only forward. Look it up with physicist

  14. So did she like made love with an alien male? Wait… Does aliens even have sperms? I thought aliens laid eggs, no?

  15. you cant go back in time. that a time and space stop talking shit go learn something about black holes idiot fuck

  16. So now Noah told the truth this might mean apextv all together is a lie but we'll see. We simply don't know if time travel is real

  17. What a fake shit, the voice doesn't even fit her hand gestures, it's like… when you're watching a clip from Anonymous

  18. 08/15 the thing will born. Apex go visit. The accent of the girl is brazilian? Maybe she don't wanna come back to Brazil cuz here is like in 3500 with animals on power. And if she was tortured… well she don't have nothing to show on her body? Really? And she used the machine how she use?


  20. Remember one thing we live in present why worry for the year 3500 . Enjoy life its not for a long time . Do good act in life love ur family, friends and keep smiling. 😅

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