Time Traveler Brought This Technology Back From 3780

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Brought This Technology Back From 3780

  1. The video of the alleged time traveler explaining the Mandela Effect is up! Check it out here ▶ https://youtu.be/HS_rSh52SAg

  2. Shrs deviating probably took some acid. Impossible to travel in the past but future is ok about 2000 years when presumably robots will take over and bring a chip from 1995 but just place the chip in the pocket the only chip with no estimated value. That chip is old ad fuck

  3. Comments are more interesting than this video I just wasted my time in watching her hands moving not according to her voice

  4. I believe she's telling the truth, because there's no way that top she's wearing has or will ever be in fashion, in this day or age.

  5. Time travel is possible but i dont belive that she is a traveller as the experts time is whole different way multiverse different earths material that is light that light can travel 3 lac kilometres in one sec

  6. You were very lucky to meet this guy Jack who just happened to speak English. I can’t find anybody who speaks English in my apt.

  7. How come ApexTv, never makes a comment on any interviews they posted about "Time Traveler"? Yet they are able to give the interview and post the bull-shit crap….should just watch their videos not "SUBSCRIBE"….not only "The Time Travler, are Lier and fake but ApexTV as well"……

  8. Apex tv plsss stop uploading these videos as these are misleading
    This is not acceptable at all
    If a child cannot remember his childhood then it is not possible for a person to go in future or past

  9. this is a very good video. you can't prove it's fake or real. the face is blurred so the voice might not be from her at all. this video might be a woman explaining her back pain or and showing her grandson processor chip so he stop playing online games and start studying… but this video got millions of view. that's all matters of this channel. view count.

  10. It is quite obvious that apex is trying to make money by drawing people to this channel. As they make more money we can see better/more convincing videos

  11. Why does these "interviews" come off as some half-assed casting couch-esque porn for the mentally challenged?

  12. Are you well payed in the time travelling business? Don't tell me…let guess…you got payed in advance, right?!?😈😈😈

  13. Shit like this takes away from actual time traveler cases. Apex Tv I don't know what your purpose is, but if it is to make people believe in these theories you are doing it all wrong. If it is for profit which I'm assuming from the amount of ads you fit into one video it most likely is then I've answered my own question. But I repeat, if you are trying to "awaken people" to this idea THIS IS the complete wrong way to go about it. You are making it seem like we are crazy and turning people who may believe or be interested completely OFF. It doesn't take a genius to realize this whole thing is bullshit. From start to end.

  14. Guys this is a lie it's actually suppose to be 3 minutes I saw the seen 17 times in the video I sware this is a lie and there is so body else talking not an old farting woman dude that's a lie bro and plus it was hard for me to type great spelled words because I'm a gamer when I spell stuff I make a short kut lol yah u ik idk gtg BRB and that kind of stuf but ik I mean I know that ppl I mean people won't understand k bye

  15. Just curious to why people's names are so common to this day and age, wouldn't they have out of this world names and that robots are still robots ,why they never took any form of media devices but they came back with chip

  16. Tx guys this helped me…It help me fall asleep after 24 hours of no sleep!😂😁😀😄😴😴😴😴😴

  17. This "schene" is an AMD processor. It even has an indicator on the angle showing how to place it. Pathetic liars.

  18. If she’s from 3790 don’t you think that our languages would be integrated by then and there would be at least no hard accents🤔🤨🤨🤨

  19. Guys! She is right… I can't explain because i am gonna die very soon
    I hacked this account for a day
    I am one of them..

  20. Y R U Doing This U Lie first that chip you have would be over almost 4 million years old and you are drinking water in the glass beside you if you were from the future and you were drinking that water you probably did back in your time because it would be almost 4 million years old you can't eat you can't drink water you would get really sick back in your time so why are you here in this time telling lies when you can go to any other time why would you come back to this time only if you could travel back in time to anytime why did you choose here doesn't make sense🇨🇦📶

  21. Wheres the fotos wheres the local newspaper from that era .she went there and came back with some kind of chip .glass of vodka sitting on table beside her. She fooled me . Not.

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