Thrill Rides in Las Vegas | Whitney Bjerken

(motor whirs) (imitates karate noises) – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Yah. (imitates karate noises)
(laughs) (upbeat music) – That’s so cool. – [Mom] Alright, show
me your before nails. Let’s see, I’m gonna zoom in. Hold on, go like this. Oh, sa-bah-cha-ree. – They’re good or scratching. – [Mom] They’re good for
scratching, you need a little clip? – [Whitney] Flip. Flip. Out. – [Mom] So the camera will be ruined. (overlapping chatter) Don’t knock those over. Alright, let me see your nails. Are your nails as pretty as mine? Let’s see. – [Whitney] Mine are prettier than yours. – [Mom] Oh, yours are pretty! – [Whitney] Mine are prettier than yours. – What?
– Yes. – [Mom] What’d you say? – Yours are too dark for moi. – [Mom] Mine are not too dark. But if we can jump on a
tram, instead of waiting. (horn honks) (overlapping chatter) Alright, we gotta find
out where the meet is. (overlapping chatter) (giggles) – We’re gonna be on YouTube. (crowd applauds) – Oh my god. Oh my god. (crowd applauds) (overlapping chatter) – [Mom] Cute. She signed her grip bag.
(laughs) – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – [Mom] Bye girls. So that’s like the fourth or fifth. (chuckles) (overlapping chatter) – Could I have a picture
with you, thank you. (upbeat music) (laughs) (overlapping chatter) – So we are going to
meet a surprise guest. You know who it is.
– No I don’t. – We’ve got a, yes, you do. We’ve got a surprise guest.
– Oh. – Coming to see us for lots of fun tonight
for the awards banquet. ♫ He’ll be here soon (overlapping chatter) – I don’t even have an autograph. (laughs) – [Dave] You gonna ride everything? – Yes. What else is there besides… – [Man] Hardly no–
(wind blows) (laughs loudly) (overlapping chatter) – Where did you come in? – I came through that way.
(laughs) – We were at the bar and
then they kicked us out– – I was like, where are they? And then I saw Whitney sitting up. What’s up?
– Hey, how are you? – I told him, I’m like, you
can’t have kids in here. He’s like nah, nah, nah.
(laughs) And then it’s, sure enough
that they come over, “Ma’am, you can’t kids in here.” I’m like ahh. – What’s up celebrity? Call the Moya, and Whitney
gets 10% of my money. (laughs) – [Mom] She woke up at dawn
Friday morning spinning. – [Man In White] Really? – She was throwing up
but then a couple hours– (overlapping chatter) Tower entrance. – [Dave] Yep, thrill rides. – [Mom] Yeah, I know. – [Mom] Be brave. (speaks in foreign language) (chuckles) – [Photographer] Alright guys.
(laughs) Okay, in the middle with hand on hip. You cross your arms. – [Mom] There we go. – [Photographer] Little
one, hands like this. Towards me. And you point. Both hands. And we gotta get surprise. Alright.
(laughs) There you are, come down
and look at it, alright. – He was thinking we’d take it. – By yourself, that J-shape
thing has been working. Oh, wow, Whitney look at that. – [Whitney] We’re gonna hang off. – [Dave] Go lean on the glass. – [Mom] Yeah, I’ll be glad
to give you my wristband. – You should’ve got that on film, Dave. She said, “We’re gonna
be hanging off of that.” – We are! – Oh my god, this is cool.
– This is beautiful. – [Whitney] It says
don’t lean on the glass. – [Man In White] Dave
are you crazy? (chuckles) – I can’t even get that close. – [Mom] Do not lean on
the glass, yeah, right. – [Man In White] Oh, this
is beautiful, look at this. Now you know why I like
training in Arizona, right? – [Mom] Look, there’s the
strip, right down there. Yeah, really. Yeah, Arizona is beautiful. – [Man In White] Whitney, imagine this. You see how the mountain drop? Now imagine–
(overlapping chatter) People are jumping off, I’m telling you, they’re doing bungee
and they’re going down. I was driving up– – [Dave] Oh, here it comes again. – Come here, stand over here.
– Oh! – [Dave] It goes fast.
(chuckles) – Don’t get too close,
don’t get me too close. I’ll be holding onto you for dear life. – [Mom] Alright, smile.
(laughs) – Look over here.
(laughs) This is crazy.
(laughs) – [Dave] This is before the big accident. – Oh my god. – [Mom] Wow, should we
walk all the way around? – [Dave] Yeah. (overlapping chatter) – [Mom] No, we wanna see
if you jump when you push. Jesus Christ. – [Man] At this moment, she’s
like oh gosh, I could see– (crowd exclaims) – [Woman] God no, uh-uh. – [Man] Is she falling? – [Woman] You missed it, she
went right off, right there. – [Mom] Whitney, don’t lean, honey. (overlapping chatter) – [Dave] Why don’t I see her? Oh, there she is. – [Man In White] Can see
that woman down there? – [Mom] Yeah, lay down. – [Dave] See her at the bullseye. (upbeat music) – [Mom] That is cool. Why would anybody do that? (upbeat music) – [Ride Operator] You’re
only hanging off a building. 106 feet in the air. (upbeat rock music) – [Man In White] What does it do? – [Man On Loudspeaker]
Smile for the cameras– (laughs) – Oh god.
– Look down, look down. (upbeat rock music) (overlapping chatter) (screams)
(laughs) (overlapping chatter) – [Dave] How was it? – Oh, I smell good food.
– Yeah. – Hey Whitney, let’s go get–
– Can you see through there? – [Whitney] No, you
have to put in quarters. (screams) – [Woman] Uh-uh, we’re not running around. – I can’t believe I did that. (overlapping chatter) (chuckles) (upbeat rock music) (screams)
(laughs) – [Man In White] Better
you than me. (chuckles) (screams) – [Man On Loudspeaker]
Welcome to Insanity. (laughs) For your safety, please
keep your heads back against the headrest at all times. Smile for the cameras and enjoy your ride. (upbeat rock music) – [Man In White] That
girl is freaking out. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) (laughs) Oh that’s awesome.
(laughs) Whitney has no fear. (upbeat rock music) (laughs) (laughs) – [Man] She’s your daughter? – [Man In White] No, she’s not. She’s a gymnast, I’m her friend. (yells) – [Man] She likes it a lot. – [Man In White] She’s like whatever– (upbeat rock music) – [Man] Her mother, she’s getting scared. (laughs) – [Man In White] Look at–
(laughs) (yells) (laughs) I’m glad she did it and not me. (upbeat rock music) The boy in the black is scared, oh, now he’s smiling. (upbeat rock music) – [Man] The girl out
there with black shirt. – [Man In White] Yeah, you can see, right? (upbeat rock music) – [Dave] Has Whitney put her hands up yet? – [Man In White] Whitney
was rubbing Tiffany like, it’s okay, it’s okay.
(laughs) (upbeat rock music) (laughs) Tiffany’s happy, like, it’s stopping. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) (laughs) (upbeat rock music) (groans) Look at the guy in the black– (upbeat rock music) (laughs) (upbeat rock music) You can tell the ones who were scared ’cause their face is just like (laughs) no expression whatsoever. (upbeat rock music) – It was awesome! – [Ride Operator] Welcome back,
for your personal safety– – [Man In White] Whitney? The best part when you were
like, Mom, it’s okay, it’s okay. (laughs) (overlapping chatter) – No, she was like this, “I’m so scared, I’m so scared.”
(laughs) (upbeat rock music) – [Man In White] This
is crazy as craziest go. (upbeat music) – It was awesome! – [Man In White] That looked scary. – That was the scariest thing– – [Man In White] Was it scarier than that? – I’ve ever done in my, yes. That was worse than skydiving. That was, I couldn’t even
scream I was so scared. – All I saw was Whitney go like this, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” – She kept going, “Mommy, mommy.” I’m like, I can’t (stammers), I’m so scared, I’m so scared. – She was like–
(pants) – I was so scared.
(laughs) – I didn’t think you were
breathing, you were like– – [Woman In Black] So scary. (overlapping chatter) – [Mom] Oh my god,
literally, that was so scary. I couldn’t even scream. – ‘Cause you could see straight down. – [Mom] It’s like you go over
there and I was like (pants). Scarier than skydiving. – This one?
– I’m sitting in the front. – Mommy’s coming in the front with me. – I was so scared, what? – Mommy’s coming in the front with me. – [Dave] Oh year, go in the front. – I’m not going in the front.
(laughs) – [Dave] There’s only
room for two I the front. – Why we gotta go in the front? – ‘Cause I like being in the front. – [Dave] I think it’s up to these guys. – Yeah, it depends where we are. – Please read.
– That was so scary. (upbeat music) – Yo, I like this part. This ride is not recommended
for guests with fiscal, mental, and/or medical limitations. – [Dave] Clean up, aisle five. – [Man In White] I remember that sign. – [Dave] Oh, there’s eight
seats, you guys are going. – Oh my gosh.
– Yes, oh my gosh. – Is that scary?
– Yes. – [Man In White] It
wasn’t bad when you go up, it was when you come back down. – [Dave] Alright, good
luck, nice knowing you. – [Mom] Alright. – That one was so fun.
– I haven’t recovered yet. – [Dave] Didn’t waste any time. (crowd exclaims)
(laughs) – [Dave] Whitney!
(laughs) – [Man In White] That was priceless. – [Dave] Uh-oh. (screams) (laughs) – You better be glad you didn’t come. – [Man In White] I know!
(laughs) (overlapping chatter) (laughs) (overlapping chatter) – [Dave] Is that it? (overlapping chatter) (screams) Your turn. – [Mom] Awesome. (upbeat rock music) – Great poses.
(laughs) (upbeat rock music)

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