Three tips for spotting malware

Three tips for spotting malware Three tips for spotting malware Has you computer started acting well… not
quite right? You may have clicked on a link which
installed an unwanted program on your computer. People call these programs different
things like spyware, adware, or viruses. These programs affect
most types of computers and Internet browsers and they can do things like steal your
account numbers and passwords, redirect you to different websites, or show you ads with inappropriate
content. Here are a few signs to look out for: Strange ads and popups. Watch out for ads that appear a few seconds after the rest of your page has loaded. These ads may display inappropriate
images, flash in bright colors, or annoy you by
blocking the page you’re trying to view. Unwanted changes to your browser. Your homepage may look slightly different or you could be taken to an entirely new page. You may also become unable to set your
homepage or search engine to the site you want. Slower computer. Some programs may slow down your computer or make it crash. They can also cause your browser to load web pages more slowly or not work at all. The web is a great place to find information, but
make sure you stay safe while you’re browsing. If these symptoms sound familiar visit
this link to learn more, and share this video with your friends
and family to spread the word about healthy browsing.

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