Things to do in Mysore: Climbing Chamundi Hills (Karnataka Tourism), India vlog

Previously on “Lifetime Travelmates” We are in Chamundi Hills Where we have to climb 2,000 steps To reach the top of the hill So we can see nice views on Mysuru city Chamundi Hill is named after the hindu goddess Chamunda.
A fearsome form of Chandi, the Hindu Divine Mother Durga and one of the seven mother goddesses Chandi representing the total power of Brahman. Also known as Chandika, she is a powerful, terrifying form that manifested from the combined energies of all gods to destroy evil. According to a legend, the asura Mahishasura was killed by goddess Chamundeswari.
The name of Mysuru comes from the old Kannada word “Mahishooru”. Mahishooru literally means ‘the city of Mahishasura. I think I’m only halfway and I’m already sweating like a Roasted chicken. Oh my god Approximately halfway to the summit is statue of bull Nandi, the vahana, or “vehicle” of Lord Shiva, which is 4.9 m tall and 7.6 m long and carved out of a single piece of black granite. Thousand steps and almost there. A few more steps after passing Nandi statue there is the one of the main viewpoints of the whole city of Mysuru. At the top of the main hill there is the Chamundeshwari temple.
There stands the beautiful tall Gopuram of the temple, one of the best examples of the Dravidian school of architecture. A large number of devotees from all over the country and even abroad visit the temple every year. Pilgrims strongly believe that the Goddess helps them to fulfill their needs.

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  1. Did you know about this hill?
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