These 3 People Went To Mexico For Weight-Loss Surgery And Now They Regret It | Megyn Kelly TODAY

100 thoughts on “These 3 People Went To Mexico For Weight-Loss Surgery And Now They Regret It | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. I went to Mexico to have surgery in my ear and for medicine because its MUCH cheaper. It's very beneficial as long as you know someone that's trustable. It always goes successfully More often then not.

  2. Be careful what you wish for.
    My heart goes out to these people and many others who have suffered at the hands of surgeons. People are focusing too much on wanting results fast, now, today.

    I hope this video changes the minds of people considering this type of operation.

    Start by walking slow short walks then walk further each day, you will soon firm up, lose weight plus it will improve your heart and health. Granted it will not be an instant weight loss but you will be around a lot longer in the long run! 😉 sorry 'run' wasn't intended…groan!

  3. Lack of public healthcare and neo liberalism makes medicine a business in the USA. The prices there are just ridiculous because hospitals can make whatever prices they want (specially without public healthcare)
    When visiting US every single travel agency advices healthcare insurance because US is a jungle in terms of health…just the ideia of recovering in a hotel and I know US does the same disgusting! Glad I live in Europe

  4. Okay. Once upon a time I got fat. For like 2 years after my divorce I just let it go. I lost it all on my own eating healthy and exercising losing 80 pounds in less than 6 months. You got yourself there you need to get yourself out. Surgery is great for things people can’t control but weight (besides a condition, is not one of those beyond your control things. Also, they did all lose weight at least. Lol

  5. People in the comments saying this happens everywhere but Canadians pay for there medical insurance to extend to the us when they travel

  6. Omg these idiots!!!! They never researched the aftercare or the clinics they were going to. Jesus 🙄 stupid is as stupid does

  7. Even me as an Mexican, the only place in Mexico I would get surgery from is Mexico City because its more modern and they actually have accredited and recognized Dr’s. But even then, I would just save up the extra money and stay in the US.

  8. Also, ignore the real problem, people go to places to seek “help” rather than start taking care of their own health, always seeking the easier way out. Blame a country for your poor health care doesn’t make sense to me. A lot of people go out of state to get cosmetic surgery done and obviously it is life changing and an extremely risk for o e to take and act upon correctly. Crazy.

  9. It's NOT about health insurance. It's about health!
    How about make better life choices and take responsibility for your own health??? Dont cry genetics either! I realize heredity can play a role but, there is much that can be achieved through diet and exercise.

  10. This is so stupid, you exposing 3 people, but you don’t bring thousands others that save millions of dollars in medical treatment and medicine, I have medical experience in both countries and I have more poor care in USA more that Mexico. I do not defend bad practices in Mexico, just this tv show is not right when you expose one little part of the issue and not the other success parts of this history.

  11. Medical complications can happen anywhere. Funny how they ALL have lost significant amounts of weight and they all look great! I have had numerous surgeries in Mexico and had no complications and great care. You have to do your research.

  12. People are saying ohh why is this only happening in Mexico it happens everywhere else like ok.. but we talking about them this happened in Mexico for them not no other place Mexico I’m sure we know it happens everywhere else but the topic is in Mexico

  13. I went to Tijuana for the sleeve this month, had an amazing experience!
    Research the lap band here in the USA, it is horrible!
    Tijuana was amazing and the hospital was cleaner then any American hospital, the staff and Doctor was amazing!
    The key is research your doctor, hospital, after care!

  14. Maybe just maybe you can try like all of us do, the hard way, my daughter in law had a life threatening weight problem, and she just ordered an exercise machine and started eating healthy and now she even have Jobs, yeah jobs not a job when before she couldn't even walk one block.

  15. Whoa, hellfire I went Juarez when I was 15, and it is this very poor border town. Now the cartels have ruined it for tourism. I would never, ever go there for surgery. And I speak Spanish.

  16. So its NOT bc its in MEX..its bc they didnt do their homework..How do you go to a place where the docs arent certified…

  17. That is one thing I never understood is Insurance how is it you get people who can go in there and get surgery done and you heal the insurance pays for it but then when you go in and get the same insurance they say they don't pay for it you see people walk around with braces and on the teeth and having surgery done to lose weight so where are these Insurance places at that does all this cuz I would love to have it done

  18. My gosh. Just put the food down. I would do that no matter what before going outside of the country

  19. Even here in the States, this can really happen. I am RN for a long time and I’ve seen the complications with these kind of procedures. And these are done in the US. Usually it happens 5-10 years after….

  20. This is a type of surgical procedure that has a lot of complications. I know people who have nearly died in the US from this surgery. People should avoid this weight loss surgery. It’s bad.

  21. My sister did this surgery and she never told anybody that she went to Mexico. To this day she doesn’t speak to my family and she’s changed.

  22. Forget all that. I've seen and heard enough. A lot of people go Mexico for surgery and end up dying.The facts speak for themselves.

  23. My insurance covered the surgery and I came out of the surgery in burning, sharp pain. I ended up spending 11 days in the hospital bc of internal bleeding, I had a bad reaction to the blood thinners. I am 33 and healthy (almost a black belt in taekwondo). After a 2nd surgery and a few blood transfusions later… I am doing great.

  24. I sometimes don't understand why people would even go as far as to have weight loss surgery. Put in the effort in to losing weight. And I mean really try, not just, eat a salad all the time and call it quits because they see no change. There's a reason why there are certified nutritionist out there and personal trains and primary doctors and therapist, they are there to help guide you through a healthy weight loss goal and to make sure your making health conscious decision when it comes to weight loss.

  25. Well its the price you pay. Well half the price even paying full price doesn't guarantee great results. Dont mess w what God blessed you w.

  26. I’ve seen these same problems with bariatric surgery here in the US. I have seen more patients with complications here in the US than I’ve seen with patients that had the surgery outside the US.

  27. I’m dying and I can’t get care in America. The DR I’ve had for years runs a racket. Running patients in like cattle. I’ve been treated all kind of ways. I hardly ever see a doctor. Mostly just Nurse Practicioners. My previous insurance paid probably upwards of 250,000 for my healthcare over the years. I am just sitting out here with problems that I can’t take care of. When I started going to Drs they were friendly and thorough. Now you feel like a number. Healthcare in this country is better but for the price we have to pay it is not close to what it should be. I’ve been to one place. Bon Secours St Francis is the only place I’ve been where people actually care and you are treated professionally and well taken care of. Our system is a huge mess over all.

  28. This is a great story to get out. I just can't stand the MK. She sounded a bit judgemental. Just because they left the country doesn't mean its automatically going to go wrong. They got botched it's not their fault.

  29. Well…at least they're thin now…right? I mean…that's the most important thing…right? What price THIN???????

  30. Mexico or any other place SEARCH the clinic INVESTIGATE !!! Not just take other peoples word ! Is your HEALTH in risk and especially in Tijuana ! Go to Mexico City hospitals !!!!

  31. Have these people checked they still have both kidneys or that all their major and vital organs are intact?

  32. I am a foreign doctor who practiced in U.S. I can tell the standard of care in "surgeries" are almost the same everywhere. It is obvious doctors in America have so much more resources that anywhere else. However, having all the resources do not erase the chances of complications. This type of complication certainly happen in U.S on the hand of outstanding doctors.. It is on the statistics, maybe the difference is that in USA doctors are liable. In other countries doctors are not prosecuted as hard as in U.S

  33. Primary care Dr and The weight loss Dr has to deem it Medically Necessary……I had it done 2003….the lap band is the WORST option in the world

  34. I don't understand why would they jeopardized they life to lose weight. Why not work out instead of getting cut… These ppl put there own lives at risk…. they tell you NOT to go over seas or to Mexico for cheater surgeries… So why do it? But his mother didn't heal all the way so why get it…. PPL always trying to get things done cheaper and they tell you it can cost you your life.. SMH sorry but I don't feel sorry for them because they knew better

  35. "It's cheaper, but there's a reason for that." Yes, Megyn, it's cheaper because American healthcare is astronomically expensive!

  36. Did these people even research any of the facilities where they got cut open? I'm sorry this happened to them.

  37. I think this could have all just been so easily prevented if they just practiced good calorie counting and got physically active, no need for risky surgeries…no need to put themselves in danger, just eat clean and join a workout class, there’s no risk or trauma in that

  38. Mexico has fertility treatment and surgeries for a lot cheaper to have a baby cheaper than America !

  39. Ive been needing dentures since i was 18 and havent been able to afford the 15grand to get them done here in America. Ive researched dentists in Mexico for over a decade, i live in Texas so its not a far trip but throughout my research ive found tons of horrible dentists. Ive not been able to go to mexico to get them done but if i dont figure out something soon ill definitely be dead by 40 and im 32 now… its ridiculous that healthcare doesnt cover dental procedures when your dental health makes up such a huge portion of your overall health. I was born with amelogenisis imperfecta which means i was born with no tooth enamel so i cant just diet or exercise, theres absolutely nothing i can do besides have them pulled and get dentures.

  40. Lady in black is so sedated from antidepressants and antianxiety meds that its sad. This ruined her entire life…

  41. Madness to choose surgery when ALL you had to do was KETO together with INTERMITTENT FASTING…complete madness.

  42. I went here in A.Z and got the weight loss surgery WE WERE NOT TOLD THE WHOLE TRUTH about the surgery I ended up having a huge bulge on my side and my sister n law is in the med field and she came to visit from Calf where she lives and she said you have a hernia so I went in to get it fixed and after the surgery went good but when they were taking out the staples out it opened all the way so I went back to the hospital I ended up on life support in I.C.U for 15 days 4 doctors told my husband and son that I probably was not going to make it but my pastors and family were praying for me all over the world and God saw me through he healed I found out that hernia was from 2 yrs earlier and I found out was from the weight loss surgery and it healed on the outside but not on the inside so it was full of gangrene and that had been leaking in my stomach and so when I came out of it I was in the hospital for 2 weeks learning how to hold my head up and talk and eat I could not walk so I got sent to a place for rehabilation for 2 weeks learned how to walk and shower my self and I had a wound vack on and at home I had to have nursing care and therapy it was crazy but I am alive the Lord Jesus Christ brought me through and I have a hernia again in the same place the doctor said it could come back so here we go but hopefully it will be better this time and not full!!! And I have had 2 heart attacks since the weight loss surgery and now I had a seizure so I have to take meds for that. So know when you go get the weight loss surgery things can happen I had to have an open and he cut to close to the base of my lung so instead of 3 holes and 2 to 3 hrs surgery it was a cut all the way down the front of my stomach and 11hrs of surgery and the Dr did not tell me anything and I found out 7 days later a nurse told me about the dr cutting to close to the base of my lung……she said well it was no secret…… except to me. So be very careful to do your homework and pray!!!

  43. Thats why u dont go to other countrys , u people are so dumb thats why u rearch it first, good luck on the lawsuit it be hard in that country

  44. Had mine done in mexico and love the results. There is always going to be chances with anything you do in life. Hate they had a bad experience.

  45. 14:18 im sorry… what? this woman is blaming the doctors, while even though what they did is horrible, shes mega dumb for not doing her research. sad, stupid lady.

  46. I had a friend that went through this. She made it to San Diego and ended up in the hospital. She was there 5 months.

  47. So how is Jessica Ballandby one year later? How about a followup report! I'm sure viewers would like to know IF she is any better than on May 24, 2018



  49. It does not matter where you get surgery done, this happens and everywhere. My mom got surgery done in Mexico and everything came out fine.

  50. Should have done research, there are great doctors in Mexico but y'all probably went for cheapest and cheapest isn't best, you really get what u pay for!

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