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person while attending the Midwest Travel Network conference in Medora
North Dakota last summer you might say that these two people are the examples I
try to follow for working as a professional business person um they
have been so inspiring to me the honest truth um I asked them for a bio to use
as an introduction and here’s what they had to say we love traveling locally
regionally nationally and internationally not as often as we would
like we originally started the site to share our experiences with our friends
and family whether it’s across the world or in our own backyard in Omaha Nebraska
where our lovers of all things food travel and adventure we visit various
cities in search of new experiences and undiscovered treasures Lisa worked in
the travel industry for over 16 years initially working for a hotel company
and later as a travel agent she has co-created the community Midwest travel
network which connects travel writers and tourism professionals to promote the
Midwest she has spoken at several competent conferences including type a
parent team X or travel bloggers exchange and whit’s women and travel so
summit today her full-time job is as an online
marketing specialist for the home healthcare company right at home Tim to
Dell is the writer editor and photographer of the couple covering
fabulous places people and events today he has an e-book available titled the
walking tourist guide to Nebraska attractions beyond Omaha and Lincoln and
the published book 100 things to do in Omaha before you die release in April of
2018 in May 2009 teen the focus turned to
food as they released their book unique eats and eateries of Omaha they traveled
for business sporting events extended family trips and of course for fun the
reason for the walking tourists name is that they enjoy their time walking to
most local destinations to help discover new things along the way
ladies and gentlemen please welcome Tim Alisa Trudell they are the walking
tourists hey guys it is good to have you on the show thank our hello thank you
for having us that’s quite the introduction yeah yeah I just read what
you wrote before that kind of you oh not too kind to get my check okay great
folks who watch my show will know that I’m nothing if I’m not honest guys
really are a mountain I mean I say hey Matt Lisa and Tim are doing this and
interpreting that and isn’t this cool and they’re a couple and they’re doing
both Lots anyway so yeah you you are an
inspiration to many ingredient so you mentioned in your bio a little
bit about how the walking tourists got started but can you talk a little bit
more about that sure actually well with with Lisa work in the hospitality
business and I did for a little while but she did for a very long time we
would travel on weekends holidays vacations we were gone a lot so we would
post photos on Facebook and then family and friends were out
we’re like because they’re always gone you know with all the pictures in that
and then somebody mentioned that you know we should we should start writing
about the trips as well and so you know we talked about it and that’s how the
walking tours got launched awesome that’s kind of how Matt and I got
started in Happy Trails hiking – everybody look at our Facebook pictures
and go hey we want your life I get that so um you say that you look for
undiscovered treasures what place have you been to that our viewers have to go
and just go out over themselves Oh tough question at the beginning matters like
what that is like the toughest questions like asking us which of our cats is a
favorite yeah yeah wanna tell you he is but you know the reality is all three so
it’s really hard for me to say that there’s one specific location that that
really you know just excites me so much but to be honest one of my favorite
places to go is Albuquerque New Mexico and you know I fortunately had the
opportunity to go back earlier in October for the Balloon Fiesta so that
was great but that that is one of my favorite areas New Mexico is one of my
favorite States I would say anywhere in Minnesota is among my favorites
Arkansas is a favorite state of mine even though we don’t get down there very
often that’s because my mom was was from there
and then again North Dakota probably will come as a shock to a lot of people
but when I was in the Air Force up there in Grand Forks I fell in love with the
area and Lisa can vouch for my love for the for North Dakota Dakota so when we
had that when we had the opportunity to go back to Medora for that conference I
was pretty excited and then we stopped in Grand Forks where I lived in the Air
Force and had a good few days there so again those are
and of course Nebraska is you know obviously dear and dear to my heart
since you know we live here and I’m a native and native of Nebraska and we
write about Nebraska you know so those are probably my favorite states so
though that would have to be my answer as to where people have to go so it’s
your short list yes everybody has to have a short list you know Lisa do you
have some well you know I say obviously well it may be not obviously but if you
haven’t been oh ma I mean please come to Omaha we we can definitely show you
around and we’ve got a lot of hidden gems and of course we wrote two books
about our lovely cities so I think we know a thing or two about where we are I
I do have to say Medora to going there the second time was it was really just
on aspiring because there’s so many national parks out there and we hear all
about the Badlands of South Dakota and Mount Rushmore and Grand Canyon and I
tell you what Medora I kind of there’s a lot of yeah it’s kind of it’s a lot of
Theodore Roosevelt National Park is kind of a some of those parks all rolled up
into one it was kinda crazy I agree I had never been to Theodore Roosevelt
National Park until this summer it’s always been on the list but there’s
never been any reason to go up its up we’re glad you went this time
oh my gosh well so many reasons why I’m glad I went this time just just to say
but I’m I want to take I want to go back late yeah it’s not one of those parks
that you just go and you can forget it’s it’s unforgettable and I agree I’m sorry
yes but Medora is such a cute little town and city and because I I see big
things in its future so that’s that’s cool
you mentioned your books a minute ago that’s part of my next question um I
would like to know a little bit more about
books and what the impetus for writing them was because they’re all about your
general area there in Omaha and Nebraska so can you just tell us a little bit
more about what got you started needing to write books about your area
well well our first two books 100 things to do in Omaha before you die that was
the first one that came out in 2018 and that one is a bucket list of attractions
restaurants things to do places to go places to be seen you know in Omaha and
it was a fun book to write and then the second one unique eats and eateries of
Omaha that one is basically the story behind the restaurant or the eatery
involved and we have 91 in that book and that one was that was a little more
challenging to write because it did a lot of I did interviews for the
restaurants and that so it was it was fun and challenging and you know I hope
I hope people find it interesting when they read it but and we just turned in
the manuscript for the third book 100 things to do in Nebraska before you die
so that one will be out next spring and so we’re working on the edits right now
but at least I can tell you how we got involved with the books yes so the
publisher is actually based out of st. Louis Reedy press and they were they
work with local writers so they happened upon us I’m not sure how but they were
you following our block they followed our blog but I’m not sure how they came
across our blog so but they’ve been following our blog for a while knew that
we wrote about where we were from and knew that we wrote about our local stuff
as well as the travels that we do so they reached out to us and actually that
was the second publisher that I reached out to us because we were approached by
a different publisher previously but things just didn’t work out it just
wasn’t a good fit so when the other when this when really reached out to us we
were a little hesitant because we had had the experience of the previous
publisher that didn’t work out so we asked the questions and they basically
said we’re gonna do this whether or not you
use you say yes or not we’re gonna find something they will so we’re like and it
fit really what we were interested in doing so it all just kind of came into
place awesome well I have to say that really good roadtrip reading I read both
of them on our trip out west this summer when we took our trip so so what’d you
learn about Omaha there’s more to learn about Omaha than I ever will
then I ever thought there was like I’ve been to Omaha one time and it was to
visit one of my former students to a play in college okay I was like okay
we’re gonna go there I knew there was a microbrewery and I took her to brunch at
a microbrewery anyway so just a little plug and the links will be in the
description everybody make sure the books alright we can sign it before we
can sign them too if they would like coming up they make great gifts all
sorts of things um alright so I did have one question about the eats and 80
degrees no no maja always getting new places to
eat so isn’t this a problem alright people like oh you missed this one absolutely yes yes we keep we get
reminded of that every time we talk to someone and that’s why in the in the
introduction to the book we do specifically spell that out that Wow
you know if your book if your favorite restaurant isn’t in the book it’s not
that we shunned it or that we don’t like it it’s just that there wasn’t enough
room for three four hundred restaurants I’m saying what there’s like three or
four new restaurants opening every week or every month it’s not every week
cereal bar opening we’ve got a brownie bar opening
and a winter fattening up don’t tell the you know yeah maybe foodie Friday I will
just have to do this again and then we’ll just have like all these different
foods that a restaurant every weekend yeah that’s perfect
collaboration where I go to Omaha I was listening to your video this morning and
I think every time I heard some you know a transition it was like now let’s go
eat video yeah yeah that I felt like that sometimes well and on Wednesday we
got up and we had breakfast and then we had doughnuts and then we had Chef Bob’s
snacks and then we went to eat and then we left I was like I’m so full I can’t
even drive home so yes I I get it so yeah it was great um all right so let’s
move on I think so do you always travel as a couple I know the answer to this
but uh we say always travel as a couple but you are the walking tourists do you
go lots of places mostly as most of the time we go together there are a few
trips that we’ve done separately for whatever reasons when I worked in the
corporate world I may not have been able to get time off and Lisa did and so she
would go or she went to conferences and now that I work from home as a freelance
writer slash online content creator anybody’s interested in my services so I
you know there have been some there have been some trips I’ve taken on my own but
we still maintain two walking tourists and we do enjoy spending time together
and traveling and it’s it’s she’s a fun travel partner in the last couple of
months actually we’ve done more traveling apart than we’ve done together
I think in this last month or so he’s been to Elkhorn Iowa and to Albuquerque
and then OD Oh Dodge City no tell me I don’t wear that Tacoma yeah and then
where you yeah yeah and then I was just I was in Ecuador and
then I just got back from a business trip to San Diego awesome
yeah I know that Matt and I can’t always travel together but most of the time if
I’m gonna travel I travel with Matt well the only time that I haven’t been
through the conference or summer so yeah that’s that’s new and different for me
in the travel professional profession so um all right so I bet in all of your
blogging and writing you have met some interesting people yeah yeah yes who is
one person that sticks in your mind that you may never forget they tell us about
I think we’re probably thinking the same person but you go ahead well I’m a
second if Connie the Riveter that we just recently encountered that really is
stick in your mind so I have to say that recently we met this what was she she
was gonna celebrate her 9996 birthday she is gonna sell right here nice it’s
birthday this January and we actually invited to the party I think she was
inviting everybody the baby but um she works at the shoot it was the be a b-29
b-29 hangar yeah in Wichita Kansas and we went to tour the beach way mind
hangar while we were there we were actually there for another press event
hmm but it was a media marketplace down there for Kansas tourism but we did some
of all side attractions of over there and we met up with a group and while we
were there Connie was there and she was she’s an original rosie the riveter from
back during World War two days and it was just fascinating just listening to
her talk about being on the lines and getting to work and um the experiences
that she had wow that does sound amazing that’s that’s really cool I always loved
finding out who because there’s always one person that you can think of and
you’re like oh yeah that person is gonna go down in history
even if it’s only in my blog but um so next hard question what do you like best
about travel writing well I think it is the storytelling it’s the under it’s
finding those those gems whether it’s you know somebody like Connie and
telling that story and having it live on um beyond
Connie and beyond that trip or telling everybody that we know that this this
place or this attraction is the the thing that they need to see or do next I
love being able to tell people things that they didn’t realize we’re there or
that they needed to go find out one of our favorite places that we’ve been to
over and over again especially when we’re on our way to Minnie at Minnesota
is clearly a guy or and so every time we get to tell you know everybody every
time that somebody says that they’re going that way or they’ve been that way
we ask the question have you been to Clear Lake I ordered you know anything
about clear like I won and so then we have to remind them you know some of the
history and we tell them all the things that they need to do while they’re they
excuse me walls are there and even places that people have been to before
will ask him well have you done this or that and you know we get we get we try
and give them a reason to go back awesome yeah go ahead Tim well I didn’t
say I actually have a personal connection to one story uh at least one
story I have personal connection actually to quite a few but one one that
has really met turned out to mean a lot to me because it’s had an impact on Air
Force veterans as I there’s a missile site that I used to work when I was
working in the Air Force security please which is now security services but it’s
in Cooperstown North Dakota and it’s called the Oscar zero because everything
was alphabetical and it’s an old missile control site
that when this Russia and and the US had a did a peace treaty and I believe the
90s the Grand Forks shut down their missile complex so they had to remove
the missiles and and all that and then they they sold the the control facility
sold all that land to anybody who wanted to buy it well they they donated one
site to the state of North Dakota to be used as a living history museum so Oscar
zero near Cooperstown North Dakota which is probably about an hour maybe a little
over an hour northwest of Fargo and it’s it’s is to work there when I was in the
Air Force that a personal connection for me in and when when our youngest
daughter and I were in Grand Forks a few years ago for a hockey weekend and then
this summer when we were going to Medora I took Lisa there and so I wrote about
my first my first experience there and you know we get a lot of a lot of
veterans come across that and they read it and they rings back memories of when
they were assigned to Grand Forks or when they worked in the missile fields
and so it’s it’s it’s it’s really it’s heartwarming to be able to share
something that you know not not only is like a an interesting place to visit but
ends up having a personal connection and and actually reaches out to to a to a
group of people that you know that that lived it and and they brings back their
memories of working there and serving awesome awesome yeah going back to it
some walk well and I told you when when we were there that my grandfather could
have been in one of those World War one pictures yeah it was too early that we
found was too early so he wasn’t in that um but yeah it was just going back and
those those connections that and my dad because I sent him that picture is like
oh send me more pictures um wha because my dad grew up around there right
it’s so neat to go back and I understand those making those personal connections
and making the even if they’re not personal connections you know I don’t
know these people right there you know commenting on my videos or my
blogs and saying wow you you really touched me with that and I just love
that so if I could mention one more thought that actually had a very
personal connection for me in Oklahoma City some artists my oldest brother who
passed away a few years ago he he was a musician and actor in that and a Native
American activist and he was very very well respected I should you know among
the among a group of people and some artists did a mural on a on a wall in
Oklahoma City’s Bricktown which is their historic section and they used my one of
my brothers poems as a as the motivation for it so the the faces it’s a series of
faces of actual people ranging from young young women to an older woman
older elder older elder that and then it included a portrait of my brother so
that was that was pretty cool to see that is very special very special thanks
for sharing me I guess ma I’d like to move on to the next question we run out
of time so quickly on this I just get into the good stuff and like oh I gotta
go on I mean you got somebody like Lisa that just won’t shut up talking I’m
starting to deal with him although it was tough I back as much as they process it was fun we had a good time yep
alright so what is the hardest part about being travel writers cuz this is
what I battle with everything yeah that’s
yes you know the hardest to me probably the hardest thing is trying to make sure
that when you write about locations that you don’t fall into a routine or a rut
where you’re just kind of churning out content and you know whatever it is and
you know you’re not putting you’re not putting the the care and the thought the
thoughts into presenting something original and something that is really
that you hope is worthy of people’s appreciation as they read it go oh yeah
you know I really like that or that’s a great idea or we should go here you know
because you want to you know a lot of times we get hosted or being joined by
somebody I think so a lot of times you know we’re being
hosted by people so you know there are certain expectations and you want to
make sure one you meet those expectations but to me it’s you want to
go beyond you know above and beyond them but you don’t want to sound fake and
that’s probably the most difficult thing is to make sure you don’t fall into a
routine where you do end up sounding fake or like somebody can go oh yeah
that’s you know that’s their writing that that way because you know they were
hosted or they got paid or whatever it is so you want to sound original and you
want to be original you know I should say that so you don’t want to be fake
and so I think that’s difficult to sometimes to make sure that you’re
creating an original story that doesn’t sound like any other story you’ve got
sure okay cool Lisa do you have anything to add to that
or you think sometimes it’s it’s trying to we always have so much that we want
to fit in and then we try to and trying to like pull ourselves away from the
destination because we have to get back home and we find something else we want
to go back to Mike like leaving the Badlands at 7 p.m. and getting home at
like 4:00 a let’s say that ever happened to us yes yes um well my well I think that I
have a unique perspective in that I have I mean I have videos and so people know
I wear my heart on my sleeve you know if I love something that I really love it
like you know and I tell me we’re walking around going Bob oh my god hey
we’re going to a park you know just look and this is a beautiful facility and oh
my gosh the theater was wonderful and you know you just you get me and that’s
that’s the nice thing about me doing video is that I can like show you the
emotion it’s not like you know we live in a texting world and so you get you
sometimes lose that in text and I think that you all do a wonderful job of no
I’m not losing that I know that you really love these things or that it was
just okay you know it’s it’s okay you know you’re honest and you’re welcome
I’d probably I appreciate that so we only have a couple minutes left
and I do want to give you just a little bit of time to tell us whatever you want
to but my last question because it’s my favorite one what is your dream
destination or dream tour that you want to go on oh man there’s so many places I
want to go I would like to go do a European tour let’s start off in England
go back go back up into Ireland Northern Ireland we did that a few years ago and
our daughter went to school over in Northern Ireland and then go over the
continent and check out France and Germany and you know all there and go up
into Scandinavia see where am I my dad my stepdad see where his family came
from and just just they just that would be my ultimate goal
to spend six months to a year just traveling Europe we have some regular
viewers that are from that area and would love to meet up know you around
and show you what the locals actually do so that’s a good one all right I’d
learned to take a New England fall tour that’s followed my favorite season the
colors are gorgeous and I just like love to go back up to New England and you can
use you can New England the area is so easy to kind of get up and down the
countryside I’m as far as like timing goes because there’s it’s not as long of
a distance to get between states like it is in the middle of the country yes I
understand yeah what our states are really big and broad yes there’s lots of
distance between yeah yeah awesome well um would you all like to share
anything else about travel or encouragement for our viewers today then
just like to give you a chance to to share whatever you’d like for the last
couple I’d recommend people just get out and explore via their area their state
their region just just get out and explore have fun it doesn’t have to be
anything fancy it can be a park you know it can be your downtown area just
something just get out and explore and learn about your hometown learn about
your state and just go out and have fun and explore awesome awesome well if you
guys will hang out for just a second close out the show be right back with
you alright guys please make sure that you
do three things for me number one click those links below go over and see
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hiking and number two go out and live the life you love today don’t forget to
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remember you are not replaceable have a great day guys thanks for coming

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