The Untamed world tour, Dramas stop filming due to outbreak, Top 10 Chinese dramas ATM 01.31.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 31st 2020 edition. In this edition, the good and bad news of
The Untamed cast world tour fanmeet and another coronavirus update, but first.. The Great Lordis a fantasy costume
drama starring Roy Wang and Ouyang Nana and it premiered on January 30th. Adapted from a novel of the same name, the drama tells the story an ordinary boy who transforms into a hero who rids the world of evil. Along the way, he forms lasting friendships
and finds love. The Great Lord releases two episodes on iQIYI
every Thurs to Sat, VIP members get a six episode headstart. There are English subs on the iQIYI app. Find Yourselfis a modern
drama starring Victoria Song and Song Weilong and it premiered on January 26th. The drama tells the story of a career woman
in her 30s played by Victoria Song. She is highly-accomplished and has it all,
except for a love life. She meets a hot, young intern, played by Song
Weilong. He’s ten years her junior and heads over heels
for her. Find Yourself is available on Netflix with
English subs. As far as I know, there isn’t anywhere else
that streams it with English subs at the moment. For those who don’t need subs, it’s on Mango
TV. And I have some news for fans of The Untamed. Well it’s a bit of good news bad news and
I’ll start with the good. The Untamed cast is going on a world tour fanmeet. Remember the concert tour last year in Thailand
and China? The bad news, and it’s kind of a big one, the two stars Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo will not be in it, so really it’s only the supporting cast. The tour is called Newborn and will feature
Yu Bin, Zheng Fanxing and others. So are the boys coming to city near you? Let us in the comment section if you will
attend. So I have another update on the effect of
the coronavirus on the entertainment industry. Last video, I talked about how China shut
down around 70,000 cinemas throughout the country causing seven high-profiled movies to delay
their premiere. Well, not only has the situation affected
the premiere of movies, it’s also affected the production of them. Hengdian World Studios, where many Chinese dramas
are filmed, announced on January 28th that they have temporarily
suspended all filming activities starting January 27th. Many other major studios have also temporarily
suspended operations causing many dramas to halt production. These include:
Legend of Fei with Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, The Golden Hairpin with Yang Zi and Kris Wu, Like a Flowing River 2 with Wang Kai and Yang Shuo and Thank You Doctor with Yang Mi and Bai Yu. These productions all put out statements to
indicate that filming was halted to ensure cast and crew’s safety. To halt production like this is undoubtedly
a very costly move but IMO it’s much better to suffer some monetary loss than to risk
suffering human loss. Like I said in my previous video, better safe
than sorry. The productions also expressed their gratitude
to the front line medics who are risking their lives to fight the disease. And I think that is so important, that we
give acknowledgement. Sometimes in our busy lives we take for granted
the social services that we have. It’s really only during these times that we realize
what heroes these frontliners really are. Concerts have been affected as well. Andy Lau, who was originally scheduled to
hold a 12-day concert tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum starting February 15th,
announced recently that he has decided to cancel it. Andy Lau’s ‘My Love Hong Kong Concert’
had already been cancelled twice. It was originally supposed to happen in 2017
as a New Year’s event but Andy fell off a horse while shooting a
commercial in Thailand so he had to postpone it. Then he planned to hold the concert during
the 2019 New Year’s celebration, but postponed it again because he fell ill to the flu. He joins Eason Chan and Jay Chou as performers
who’ve had to cancel concerts due to the outbreak. The data is provided by Vlinkage, a marketing
consultant company based in Shanghai. The list is based on view counts on Tencent,
iQiyi and Youku, social media discussions and Baidu searches. The modern drama stars Roy Chiu and Janine
Chang and follows Thailand’s Chinatown’s number
one detective as he solves difficult cases. The modern drama stars Bai Yu and Zheng Qiuhong and follows a mysterious young doctor who
travels the world to rid spirits of their obsessions. The republican-era drama stars Huang Zitao
and Jackson Yi and follows two impassioned youths as they
devote their lives to their country. The modern drama stars Bi Chang and He Shufeng and revolves around ups and downs of life
in a rural Chinese village. The costume drama stars Dylan Wang and Ireine
Song and follows a young general as he protects
his loved one and his country from harm. The costume drama stars Zhang Ruoyun and Li
Qin and follows a noble who’s sent to a an enemy kingdom
to rescue a spy. The costume drama stars Dilraba and Vengo
Gao and tells the 2000-year spanning love story
between a monarch and a heavenly emperor. The costume drama stars Roy Wang and Ouyang
Nana and chronicles an ordinary boy’s transformation
into a hero who rids the world of evil. The costume drama stars Allen Ren and Seven
Tan and tells the story of an embroidered uniform
guard and a constable as they team up to solve a case. The modern drama stars Michael Chen and Loura
Lou. It follows four guys and three girls and their
adventures in the Love Apartment in Shanghai. Joy of Life remains in the top 10 despite
ending it’s run about a month ago. The Great Lord premieres impressively at third
place and Ipartment 5 goes strong at number one. I also want to mention the top three Chinese
TV dramas at the moment. These are based on TV ratings and social media
discussions in China. At number three is the recently aired Find
Yourselfwith Victoria Song and Song Weilong. Number two is Handsome Siblings
with Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan. And number one is New Worldwith
Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi. Also provided by Vlinkage, the list is based
on drama performances, Baidu searches and social media discussions. And in this list, there’s no separation between
web and TV, it’s just drama actors as a whole. He currently stars in The Great Lord with
Ouyang Nana. He recently starred in Sword Dynasty with
Li Yitong. She recently wrapped Oath of Love with Xiao
Zhan and will star in The Golden Hairpin with Kris Wu. He is currently filming Legend of Fei with
Zhao Liying and was also announced to star in Being a
Hero with Chen Xiao. He currently stars in Forward Forever with
Huang Zitao. He recently starred in the movie Jade Dynasty
and wrapped filming Oath of Love with Yang Zi. She currently stars in Eternal Love of Dream with Vengo Gao. She currently stars in Find Yourself with Song Weilong. She currently stars in Under the Power with
Allen Ren. He currently stars in Under the Power with
Seven Tan. So the usual suspects – Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan
and Wang Yibo – remain in the top 10 but it is the stars of Under the Power, Allen
Ren and Seven Tan who dominate the list. Not surprising as I’ve heard many good things
about the drama. So there you go guys. Hope this gives you an idea of who and what’s hot in Chinese drama land at the moment. And that’s it for this edition, guys. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. so thank you all for watching and as always,
I wish you good health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

100 thoughts on “The Untamed world tour, Dramas stop filming due to outbreak, Top 10 Chinese dramas ATM 01.31.2020

  1. As an American I must say I am obsessed with Under the Power. Though they release subtitles at the end of every week, I still continue to watch without them.

  2. looooooooool marcus calling xiao zhan, yang zi and wang yibo "the usual suspects" 😅😅😅😅😅😅
    plus i honestly thought that song weilong would be on that list along with vengo gao considering that their female leads are on it ^^

  3. The untamed fan meeting but without the main actors it is just like a joke even I like also the other actors and respect them

  4. The untamed fan meeting but without the main actors it is just like a joke even I like also the other actors and respect them

  5. Yaaay! I'm happy and proud for Allen and Seven to make it to the top! They deserve it. Under the Power is a great drama. ok, honestly the plot and mystery case etc are just soso, if it weren't for the great acting and chemistry between the CP I wouldn't bat an eye on this drama. Goes to show how important an actor's skill is, even if the plot is mediocre they can still carry the drama through

  6. This is sad..due to the outbreak of corona virus, many people suffered and work have been suspended but of course as you've said in the video 'better safe than sorry' is indeed true. Be safe everyone. May China and every places affected surpass this situation. Wo ai ni all🤗🤗🤗
    P.s. Thank you Marcus for the updates. All informations i needed is here. 🤩🤩🤩

  7. Fans of ji Jung yi and zhang zhe han
    Drama blossoms of ruyi pavilion
    This drama 's title is changed to way of favours
    Finished filming 4 months ago
    Awaiting airing time

  8. Drama the killing of three thousands crows
    Total 30 episodes
    According to YouTube info this drama will be aired on 1st Feb 2020
    Looking forward to seeing the main couple
    Cheers great drama time

  9. Thank you Marcus for your updates! It's always a pleasure to watch your videos and I love what you're wearing. There are many great dramas currently airing, but Under the Power is by far my favourite one right now and it really goes down to the two main leads. I'm really impressed by both Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun. So glad to see them as the top two actors, they more than deserve it. 👏👏

  10. Was so excited to hear they are coming to Los Angeles and immediately disappointed to hear wang yibo and xiao zhan wouldn't be able to attend. 🙁

  11. Tnx much again Marcus i’am always waiting update about Dilireba ,,,China be safe,stay healthy from the North 🇨🇦 fighting 💪

  12. La verdad si los principales protagonistas no van a participar no entiendo el sentido de esta gira, por mas que el resto del elenco sean agradables no son la mayor atraccion, los grupos de fan son de xio zahn y wang yibo y ellos quieren ver interactuar a xio zahn y wang yibo.

  13. I am editing my comment because I feel it's unfair to the boys.
    The fanmeeting is for The Untamed Boys which is a group formed by some of the actors after the series ended. The members are (I am going to by their character's names in the drama since not many would know their given names) Ghost General Wen Ning, Lan Sizhui, Nie Huaisang, Jin Zixuan,Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan. They have actually releasd songs together.
    The group has nothing to do with the drama at all except the fact they met while shooting it. However, I don't think it's a good idea to schedule a fanmeeting in the middle of the virus scare especially since they will be coming from China.
    It's okay to not like them but you don't have to diss them also.

  14. Damn…. that virus is just causing too much problems. I pray everyone is safe and hope that everything gets better!!! I give props and prayers for all the people who risked their lives during these hard times! Ty for the updates Marcus! Ps: LOVE the outfit you have on! ❤❤

  15. Under The Power is on my list to watch. Happy it finally aired. And happy the stars made top 10, top 2 to be exact!

  16. Thanks Marcus
    I’m new hi from Australia 🖐🏼 just started watching Find yourself love it…..Since going on to your site I’ve seen some amazing dramas never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be into watching subtitle dramas I always keep way from them, I didn’t know what I was missing. Thanks again and be safe.

  17. Thanks Marcus. As always your updates are informative and entertaining. Hope you are enjoying your time with family. Stay safe. ♥️

  18. I saw Handsome Sibling listed in Netflix. I bookmarked it for future watch. I watched Dicky Cheung & Nicolas Tse version before and imo, it was okay.

    I'm happy for 镜衣之下, because though the series is not "awesome", but it's good enough so it deserves a little attention ~

  19. Thank you for updating on Find yourself. I think I looked for it everywhere couple days ago, and didn’t find it. But I can watch it on Netflix.👍🏻

  20. Praying for everyone affected by this virus!!! Peace and love! Thanks for the updates Mr.
    Marcus 🤗 P.S. I just found Rise of the Phoenix and it was great!!

  21. Well… if XZ and YB are not joining the world tour then, it's not worth going, for me at least… Sorry! Thanks for the update, Marcus! Cheers!!!

  22. The untamed was wei wuxian’s character that is why they planed everything from the cast,interviews,behind the sine and discussed how wei wuxian exists to viewers and international fans really on to it.if they are having world tour without the main cast good luck, hoping for there success,I think both yibo and zhan are happy too for the untamed boys.its just they can’t attend for there busy schedules.For me I immediately open the screen I saw the untamed fan meeting because I saw the main lead but disappointed afterwards realizing they are not with them.

  23. ชอบที่ 1เลย ลิขิตเหนือเขนย🥰😍🤩 eternal love of dream💯 dilraba vengo 💖💖💖🤟🤟🤟👍✌️💞

  24. In my opinion, Under the Power is the best one on now by far, but it's also on MGTV. Not sure if those viewing numbers are counted.

  25. "Royal Nirvana" still strikes the best with me at the moment. The story itself is super sad. Literally from ep 1-30 i cried my eyes out.

  26. Thanks for the update. I hope you are well and I want you to know that although I am not Asian I feel part of you and we pray for you all so that this situation of the virus crown ends and no more lives are lost

  27. Hi Marcus thanks for the updates but I think today you didn't elaborate well about the "#untamed world tour" and from the comments below people are either confused or throwing unnecessary shade. 1 The world tour is not for "the untamed" but the "untamed boys". The 5boys formed a boy band under New style media, yes they have a few songs under their belt.
    2: To the people saying if the two leads are not around I won't go. Well they don't have any business going to this tour since one is from XNine and the other from Uniq. Fans going to these concerts know pretty well that this is not about the two leads of the untamed.
    Am XZ fan but I think if the boys decided to form a group then they should be given an opportunity to grow into their shells, I think so far they are doing well, their first meeting in B was successful…Wish them all the best.

  28. Happy Chinese New Year to you Marcus! Thanks for bringing us updates during this gloomy festive period. It looks like the production company for those "Untamed boys" are really trying to milk the cow dry. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely hope those boys will get their fame one day. Everyone deserves a chance. This company should take advantage of the popularity by investing in some good projects for their new artists, instead they chose the easiest and the cheapest way by riding on the coattails of the Untamed.

  29. Hi macus, thanks for updating us about drama, am very sorry about this corona virus we pray for the yguys and the world Allah atupe nusra yarrab

  30. Wonderful as always Marcus! Thanks a million for the updates and Happy belated New Year to you!! Love your red shirt. I heard about the Coronavirus causing filming to stop. I hope it gets contained soon. I hate to see so many people suffering and getting ill. So many great series to look forward to and hope this year will get better. Wish you lots of luck, health and happiness too!!! Keep up your great work as always!!!❤️🤗

  31. I am so happy to see my Zhanzhan still so high up and Wang Yibo als well 😭 I love them so much, cant we get a season 2? How to live life without Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji? At least they are having a few ne costume dramas comming up 😭💕

  32. Dear Mr.Sim , with your FYI on Chinese entertainment , I able to watch a lot of good costume dramas. With corona virus I hope the China govt. and WHO able to contains the virus and eradicate them , for those who suffer with the virus I pray for you all to recover wells and back to good health . Mr. Sim you are speak beautiful English . Love and respect to you. Peace.

  33. Just watched the first few eps of The Great Ruler and am already obsessed. It feels like a mixture of the Novoland series and the L.O.R.D. movie and it certainly has the budget of Novoland. Gorgeous imagery, cinematography, lighting and cgi from the get go. The 19 year old leads are NOT dubbed and I actually think most of the actors aren't which is really nice for a change. The storyline reminds me of Novoland, L.O.R.D. and Ice Fantasy combined with tons of characters, regions, tribes, and magical sects. The acting is fairly strong despite having such young actors, but the storyline more than makes up for any acting and is super immersive- let's hope it doesn't get bogged down as many fantasy epochs do in Wuxia Dramaland 🙂 I'd definitely give it a try if I were you!!

  34. Am I the only that think the Chinese government caused this disease to happen to stop the democracy demonstrators in their tracks. When you think about it, it seems like this is the only recourse the government had to prevent democracy from happening without a bloody battle. Just my opinion

  35. OMG! The Legend of Fei please take care all of you there in China
    We pray that the World will soon overcome this critical situation , in 💖❤️GOD JESUS mighty name , save us all 💖🙏🏼

  36. Great updates. Thanks Marcus. I am so happy for Allen and YangZi update as they are my favourite s. I hope we get to hear from you about these two being casted again together. Thanks for the update. Wish you good health and happiness too

  37. non of these locations are close to me at all. I would love to go to the fan meet regardless of the mains not attending. If they went to Kamloops, Vancouver BC or Seattle I might be able to go. Fingers crossed. I would also like to give my praise to all the workers fighting this sickness. I also hope this doesn't affect my layover in HGK in May. Love the Vids Markus. If you ever go on tour make sure you come to kamloops lol.

  38. Dear Marcus, once amazon prime video has a restriction to my Country, I am watching Royal Nirvana on jetsen tv, here on youtube…happens that they forgot the english subs to the episodes 55, 56, 57…I think they do not read the comments so maybe they even know that something wrong is happening, everything is in chinese so everyone whos watching don't know how to contact them and report the situation…do you know how we can contact them?

  39. Anyone know if the other main singers are confirmed?

    Zhou Shen?!?!?! (He wasn’t in the cast, but sang Xue Yang’s character song)

    A Yan Ga (Not in cast, but a great singer too.)

    Other cast members who sang their own character songs…
    Wen Ning – Yu Bin
    Lan XiChen – Liu HaiKuan
    Jiang Cheng – Wang ZhuoCheng
    YiCheng – Chen Zhuo Xuan (Ah Qing)

    Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, and Zhou Shen could host individual concerts and fill the venues. Maybe they are considering safety and security first, as they should.

  40. Does anyone have ANY info on the untamed boys tour??? I’ve been looking ever since it was announced and can’t find dates or venues or even just an official statement….

  41. Just read this in the news! 😷I wonder if this affects the last eps of Ming Dynasty starring Yang Wei . We've been waiting for it at Viki's with the correct eng subs😭

  42. Hi, mr marcus, thank you for your reviews… pls add some comments on Dr Cutie… and I've been facinated that the Chinese entertainment industry could release so many dramas at a given period of time. Can you pls explain the top key companies producing these dramas, thanks from Philippines

  43. Thanks Marcus, I always know where to find a better understanding of the Chinese dramas I like to watch. Plus, I love your 'no-nonsense' approach to it all. Yep, I'm a fan!

  44. Hello, I am from Thailand, last month, we have the privilege to enjoy the performance of The Untamed Boys before anyone else in the world. The tour is specifically named, “The Untamed Boys (TUBS) New Born” concert and only includes the casts on the poster, with additional side casts as special guests. The concert was decent, the games was enjoyable, the Hi touch was memorable, the fans had the pleasure to celebrates Song Ji Yang’s Birthday and I ended up loving some of the casts even more.

    I think there was a misunderstanding that the tour is The Untamed Casts, when it’s actually The Untamed Boys. TUBS is the boyband appointed after the The Untamed Concert in China ends. I get that most ppl may not have known of this. But This is why WYB and XZ will not be joining from the start. For photos of the Thailand concert and info of the casts, you can search The Untamed Boys Concert on Google.

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