The Truth about Abroad Studies Pt 1 : Latvia ( with English Subtitle)

Hello friends My name is Hari I am a Master’s student in Turiba university Latvia Before each intake In my whatsapp and instagram Students who want to join here Used to ask me about the procedures Whether the course is good ? How is the life after the course Ask about a lot of things And I tell them what ever I know regarding the doubts Like that recently a student asked me some doubts and then I decided to make a video and share whatever I know regarding the issue with you guys. Recently a student who is getting ready to come here send me a fee structure which he received from his Agency like, what are the charges? What are the charges for different processes So, he messaged me asking ‘whether its okay or not’ When I saw the message it was really shocking Because…. Never see. We have spend a Particular amount to get here When I saw that they are taking such huge amounts from students I decided to do the video as soon as possible You all know that no so long time ago there was a trend Either go to UK or Canada for studies Or Australia Before it was these countries which many students preferred or where focused Then due to the Requirement of IELTS scores and Huge FEES ! Many people changed their destination to Europe Now, even if you visit an agency What everyone is saying is that When comparing with UK, Canada or any other popular countries In Europe you can study with comparatively less Fees Receiving international Degree they say about the facilities and other perks. the agency convert the students andthey send then here So, in truth what is the real expense here I am gonna talk about the actual figure and procedures So… Latvia ! I don’t know How many of you know
or have heard about this country Because I heard about Latvia from my agency
For the first time ‘There is a country called Latvia’ ‘Its in Europe’ ‘Its less Expensive’ ‘If you come here’ ‘You can study Master’s in minimum expense’ It was my Agency who told me about this country and its info about the universities and other details. That how I got here so, the amount it took for me, to get here 3000 Euro Tuition Fee 500 Euro Caution deposit,
This was first informed by them 3000 Eur was the college expense The other expenses are VFS charges and other document charges Visa application charges Travel insurance and other expenses for small things So, all around if you have 3 Lakhs Rs You can go to Europe without including Bank Statements and other documents. But, regarding the expenses If you have 3 lakhs rs you can go.
Thats what the agency told me Now I am gonna talk about the changes
that had happened i.e the service charges which the agency is
asking nowadays I want to discuss all that with you guys In that, recently someone who is getting ready to come here received a message regarding his expenses,
like I have said before in the video The message states: Registration fee : 5000/- rs Application fee : 150 Euro Tuition fee : 3000 Euro
Security deposit : 500 Euro Like I have said
to a guy who is coming to the Turiba University His agency had send this message which he
then forwarded to me Registration fee is the amount which is kind of
same for almost all the agency i.e 5000/- rs some charge 2500/- , some charge 3000/- rs Which depends on the agency Application fee 150 Eur Firstly after after applying to the university this is the charge that we pay for verifying our documents and other things this is the first amount that we have to pay for our admission this 150 eur is a must then 3000 euro is like I have said, Its your
1 year tuition fees 500 eur caution deposit or security deposit This amount will be reverted back to you
when youu complete your course. ok, next list of charges If you listen carefully then you will understand They are saying Documentation and Translation
charges 350 eur For Latvia I don’t think you need to translate
any documents or papers. Because when I was doing my papers. I did not translate any docs or papers I had to attest my papers Documentation and translation for 350 eur they have quoted 350 eur I don’t know For What ! Attestation, HRD, Norka Appostle, Visa slot booking, Visa fee VFS fee, Interview fee Insurance fee, Itinarary charge courier charge 700 Eur 700 Eur means approximately 56,000/- Rs Approximate rate in Indian Rupee In that Attestation. If you are a graduate then you have to attest your degree certificate or if your certificate name and passport name are different then then you would have to arrange documents regarding
it But, even then with VFS and other charges all together. I doubt it would be anywhere close to 56,000/- Rs Then they have listed Service charge, Airport pickup College registration, Room booking RPsubmission, Part time assistance and Post landing services 500 Eur In this the service charge they have already collected the 5000/- Rs registration after that what they are charging they should have already discussed with you before Then there is airport pick up If you are in Turiba university for example this university provides free pickup If you send your travel documents to the college On the date of your arrival, a driver with your
name card would be waiting for you in the airport to pick you up Its a free service and college won’t charge anything from you then college registration why do we need to register again to college
I don’t even have a clue. because you have already have admission and
have paid tuition fee After coming here, you don’t have any such
further registration room booking when you come her you have hostel Turiba student’s hostel or Youth Hostel You, yourself have to pay rent and secure your room Its not done by the agency, they can book the room But for booking there is no charge just need to provide your name and details. RP Submission for Master’s students you have to pay only the card charge, That is the
Highlight And for graduates there is a small charge along with the card fee Part time assistance In the past who had come here, through this
agency they will be contacted by the agency and asked
to assist you. its like I have come here through my agency if anyone come after me, like the next batch my agency will give them my reference so when they come here, I could help them
in finding a job or for anyother assistance But the agency is not gonna find you a job or anything Post landing services I don’t know What they are proposing with this they are charging 500 Eur for that 500 Eur means almost 40,000/- Rs I think you guys already know, from what
I have said earlier that what are the free services and which services
need money All these are the things an Agency is charging from a student who is coming here In this whole college fees and details will be
provided in their websites. all details regarding the fees, deposit etc
will be given in the official website Then the main reason why you are visiting any agency is because any of your friend had gone abroad then he or she had given you this particular
agency as reference But, I think that you should check many agencies before deciding. I am sure that each agency will have their own different
fee and service charges. so, you guys should be very careful before starting
the process Many have come here. Like those who have spend 2 lakhs INR many have spend 5 lakhs, 6 lakhs INR there are people from northern part of India.
had paid 8 LAKHS INR as service charge. and had been studying here, which is not including the college
fee and other charges. agency service charge upto 5 – 8 lakhs people are doing this because they don’t have
any prior knowledge about the process So what I am thinking about is that I have come here to study Masters for 2 years. so, those who contact me I am happy to share my experience and knowledge with them I tell about the expenses, charges for each and every process
that they have to do etc So, What I want to tell you guys is that If you are thinking about coming here or If you are thinking about doing your
studies in Europe Before you contact any Agency You should search social media like Facebook
Instagram or ask friends and get in touch with people who are already studying there and
you should first discuss with them Then try to get an idea about the fees and other living
conditions for the country you are planning to visit Ask them about the expenses they had. Ask for the reality
of the matter. understand it and if you apply then you can save a lot of money Then the things after that its like hard working people have so much expectation
in their children they want their children to study and get settled in abroad and this students want to retain the money that their family had spend on them so that they could do something for the family Like that, what agency usually say to the
people who likes to travel a lot is that when you get the RP of this country You can travel to 26 countries But for that there are many other procedures Mainly, each and everyone has their own purpose of visit But here I am talking for those who want to visit Latvia
for the sole purpose of studies So we are providing our contact details in the description
of this video Our Instagram, whatsapp number etc in the description So if anyone wants to know further about this matter. You can contact me or anyone of the contact which
I am providing in the description. And we will get you the information that we know of. and if we don’t have any info about the doubts you have
then we will ask someone else and will let you know. Everything else, Like what are the other things you need to know
once you get here, Rp Submission etc Latvia have been presented to others by saying
that there are no visa rejection But this year Latvia is the country with most rejection. So if you have any doubts then feel free to comment below Now we are planning to do a series about Latvia About the other things which are contradicting to
the things that agencies usually tells what are the changes that you should expect. The things that we know of what things should we keep in mind before doing
certain things and how you can improve How can you save cash Thats what we are planning to do in the Future So, in the coming video we will share more informations and
will try to improve Thank you Subtitles : Vicky

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  1. Great video.. the agents were asking me 20,000rs so I decided to do on my own and found it pretty straight forward. In RTU now, from the September intake. Agents are quite misleading imo.

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