The Trip Begins | The New American Road Trip (Episode 1)

(calm music) – [Man] It’s the hottest year on record. – [Woman] Coal is the future – [Woman] Polar bears are
supposed to be that thin. The sea levels are rising. – [Man] The only thing
I know about windmills is that Don Quixote fought one once (gasps) – Humans are killing the planet, and I’m complicit as fuck! (energetic rock music) (phone keys clicking) (phone rings) – Holy tweet-storm Batgirl. Are you okay? – No, greed has taken over the planet, and I can’t get out of bed. – JC, you just tweeted at Mother Earth. – Wait, did she get a reply? – Not yet, she’s having a moment. – Um, more than a moment, a meltdown. – Earth is having a meltdown,
and we’re bringing out the f-ing popcorn. – Breath, JC. (heavy breathing) – Is that reusable? – All bags are reusable. – Nice, trick question. – JC, the New American Road
Trip is looking for drivers. – The new what? – Check your email. I sent you the link about a month ago. Hi, I’m B-list internet
personality Francesca Fiorentini, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but big corporations and
certain government officials, (coughs) Sorry, air quality in this city. Big institutions and people
have been dropping the ball on climate change. The good news is, it
doesn’t mean we have to. There are many things you can do, like changing how you get to work, what you eat, what you buy, it’s time we get to
know the people working to help their communities and this country get its head on straight
about climate change. – Whoa, holy shit. – So get into a stranger’s
car for once in your life, because this is the
New American Road Trip. So what’s the plan? We’ll start here in
gentrified San Francisco and end up in New York
City to hand deliver a collection of signatures from Americans across the country who
are pledging their support for climate solutions. Think of it like the
DARE contract that you signed in high school to not do drugs, only this time, you’ll
actually keep your promise. How are we getting there? Using the most sustainable
mode of transportation to date, an invisible wind horse. It actually wasn’t available, so we’re in an electric car! This baby runs on
electric power supplied by wind, solar, water. Along the way you’ll meet
some very funny people without real jobs, comedians like me. Also, Jamie Lannister
from Game of Thrones. – Who doesn’t like a road trip? – Oh, snap, the king slayer! – He’s not a comedian, but he’s hot, and scary. So buckle up, because the future is here, and we’re looking for
a driver crazy enough to go the whole way. Is it you? – You just blew my mind. Adding Nagin. – New York is representing! Did you guys ask her? Is she gonna do it? Are you, JC are you gonna do it? Whoo, road trip! I mean for you, not for me. I can’t do it, I pee all the time. I’m too pregnant. – Yes, I’m in. – Dope. Pack your tiniest bag,
you’re going to Vegas. – To hang out with me, yeah, yeah! (howling) (upbeat music) (tweet) – Mother Earth has the
same sense of humor as my actual mother. (plane engine roars) (popping) – [Narrator] Coming up, on
The New American Road Trip… (upbeat music) – Was that everything we
wanted it to be and more?

57 thoughts on “The Trip Begins | The New American Road Trip (Episode 1)

  1. Even anybody is trying to Google her, it'll be easier to find using "JC Coccoli" rather than just JC. I could've sworn I'd seen her in something else but looking over her IMDB I'm guessing I was mistaking her for someone else since none of it rang a bell.

  2. Funny.
    Like laughing at a child seeing a dead pet that doesn't yet realize the truth that it's not just sleeping.

    EVs won't help they just offset the pollution to a different source. Recycling is just taking the jobs of future land-fill miners. And we've already irradiated the entire planet beyond what could ever be considered natural.

    So.. Funny AND die

  3. If you’re going to spread FAKE NEWS…at least TRY to be funny….oh never mind liberals and "comedy" central know NOTHING about how to be funny.

  4. You do know that just making an electric car makes a lot of CO2 and needs intensive mining to make. So use your old car until it unfixable

  5. I love the idea. Sadly, making the trip to the seat of "Money and Power" might not be the best idea. The only way to win this is IN SPITE of Lawmakers, Rich People, Churches and Corporations. Nobody 'Winning' in the current status quo gives a fuck – most of which are Boomers who figure they'll be dead before the shit hits the fan anyway (they seem bent on taking the last good years of the planet with them – narcissistic fucks that they are).

  6. So you plan on a trip with an electric car to support climate change, but first flew ✈️ he out to Las Vegas….was the ✈️ electric?

  7. By killing the planet we are saving the planet, we are smart but not smart enough to go into deep space therefore life must restart. Mammals are better then Dinosaurs, whatever serpasess Mammals, may find a way to move earth to a new sun before our sun explodes.

  8. Fun Fact! 58 kilograms of carbon is virtually nothing and no one in their right fucking mind is going to run from LA to Vegas!

  9. Ironic that you fly her to Vegas only to go to SF to start the road trip. Carbon emissions from airplanes makes up the majority of our transportation emissions. Just a thought, looks like a great idea can't wait for more

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