THE TOURIST (Short Film)

Welcome to Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport Mumbai kindly open the over head cabin safely and check your belongings before leaving luggage will be available on belt no … Hey mom, i just landed look at this but its too hot, i am dying with the heat. look at my face okay I’m gonna get a rickshaw right now and
then I’m gonna call you once I’m in my hotel room. okay, love you love you…
bye bye bye. in 400 meters turn right excuse me!! straight and then right yes madam take a U turn in 200 meters where the hell are you going? taking a shortcut madam.10 mins, 10 mins shorter why did you stop? what the hell are you doing bloody bitch what are you doing? Nothing, i’am just sitting is he your boyfriend? i didn’t do anything throw him out listen i didn’t do anything make him understand. i was just sitting there quietly asshole f**k off sister.. all ok sister its all ok, he’s gone boyfriend ? no.. no what happened i was on my way to the hotel from the airport And the rickshaw guy forcefully tried getting physical with me you can speak hindi?? ok he’s gone. all ok no problem, all ok i have lost all my stuff. lost my phone too no problem, i have 2-2 phones i arrange a sim card for you. I will get sim. No problem. Hotel? have you booked a hotel? No No hotel? i had booking details on my phone. i will take you to a hotel all safe no problem water? pass some water water all okay, all good, no problem. Brother
sister Latika madam Hello Khan bhai, how you been? i am good latika madam, this is my sister Paniz. she has come from Iran Nice get her a nice room please. friend sister friend… good hotel key thank you so much bag sister tomorrow ill arrange the sim and get it for you you can call then any problem, Khan is there for you (brother). you can call madam also thank you so much now you go and sleep relax, no problem thank you so much your stole nahh!! looks good on you you

40 thoughts on “THE TOURIST (Short Film)

  1. Solo travelling pushes you out of the zone of others expectations thats why all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.the world is made of good and evil there is just a constant struggle to which one will win,its so unbelievable that its almost 2020 and every woman has a story about sexual harassment, such an amazing film with a new concept congratulations to the team for raising a voice against such acts that have been ignored for years.

  2. It not only takes courage, but a great deal of sensitivity to even think of such an issue, let alone address it in such a magnificent way. I'm sure 1000s of girls along with me have felt such emotions, fear, shame, bruises, which sometimes scar us for life. I'm beyond proud of Geet, a wonderful friend of mine, who i can see now is more than capable of shaking the world of cinema.
    Until now I was proud of his fabulous direction. After this video, he has jumped up a whole new league. He and his team are gonna rock our world
    Keep it up Geet ❤️

  3. Excellent direction, it's very difficult to trust any one, these days.keep it up Geet, you have done a great job. We are proud of you.❤️

  4. This film reflects the moral of serious issues of today’s times.
    Great , great , great work Geet ❤️
    More power to Team Notorious Owl Pictures ❤️

  5. In the travel equation, the lonely girl is always the most helpless. Some people take advantage of this and try to rip you off, others scare you in order to sell you safety. Will it ever be changed? Great work. So real. So connected.

  6. It’s appalling to see so many women relate to this film. Consent is apparently a term that people of this world fail to understand.
    Excellent work Geet, love the direction as well! Such films must be promoted more often than usual!!

  7. Woooah!
    So relatable.
    Amazingly shot the overall feel is agreeable and actor did justice to their characters..
    Great work.
    And lots of love from Karachi, Pakistan.

  8. I can really feel the goose bumps after seeing this film, feeling sorry for those victims who faced such situations in their life… Great work by Notorious Owl and team.. Much love from Bhutan🇧🇹🇧🇹

  9. Brilliant work Notorious Owl pictures !!!!! U should send this movie to Berlin film festival … it’s over sooon …. so hurry up

  10. Amazing Short film with good direction and brilliant acting by all. This kind of harassment should be stopped with tourists. Great message.

  11. It has a very good storyline, it is very much relatable to the real events that occur around us and every woman in some or the other phase has experienced it. Harassment must be stopped be it on tourists from any country, any gender. The silence from the sufferers is the main reason that gives courage to the offenders. The story has a great message and loved everyone’s performance, especially auto rickshaw’s driver.

  12. Every girl at some point of time faces things like this on a slightly lower or higher level, either way, I’m so glad this film proposes to spread the awareness, it caught my attention at the Disclaimer

  13. A beautifully directed shortie! It’s a sad truth that has been taken and portrayed excellently. The roller coaster of emotions from her excitement of being in a new place to the trauma of being attacked to the relief she felt when she was given a place to stay (not knowing what was actually going on) has been so realistically portrayed. Brilliant.

  14. Seeing the poster for a year now…!!! Excellent direction and well portrayed by all actors..We all believe men being like this but was astonished to see girl too involved in this.! One of the great works by notorious owl pictures.! One of my favorite is Love isn't blind. ♥

  15. Every woman has had their "fair share" of this internal crass feeling from harrassment at one point in her life, and this short was able to capture the essence of that feeling. Good stuff, a pretty vivid portrayal of it.

  16. I love India but this happened to me twice when I was there. Thank god none of them couldn't do anything because I ran and ran and ran

  17. No words for this, I just got a goosebumps n i literally cried after watching this video, how can someone be soooo heartless!!!!!

  18. Geet bhai! 🙏🏼 Proud of you bhai!!
    What an amazing storyline! Brining the hidden dirty facts to light! An amazing attempt to bring an awareness as to what happens and what many aren't aware of bro!
    Always wished to see you direct something! You've gone way higher then expectations!
    Wishing you all luck!!

  19. As a stranger girl i really glad to see this kind of videos…hope this video will touch all just like me…I ll share this video everywhere…
    Respect you…lots of love from Georgia 💗💗💗

  20. Great great film , truly feel human beings need to respect each other and kill this evil notion in society that whether it men or women .. both ahold conduct and respect each other and the weak minded people really need to learn their lessons

  21. It's so disappointing to see this …very harsh reality…thanks geet for making such eye-opening movie…more to go

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