The Tibet Solution – Pema’s Appeal to World Leaders

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends this famous quote by Martin Luther King
rings true to this day especially for Tibetans. my name is Pema and I’m a Tibetan. Growing up in the UK people were always asking me, “Where is Tibet. We don’t see it on the maps.”
“Yeah,” I’d say, “Because my country was stolen by China.” since 1949 when many countries around the world started getting their independence, Tibet was illegally invaded and
occupied by China, and there’s not a single day when I don’t wonder when will we get our country back. You see what’s unique about Tibet is our spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who heads a major religion, Tibetan Buddhism. He is also a widely respected leader for his teachings on compassion, peace,
and humanity and Tibetans, we’re fighting the Chinese
government non-violently, using the lessons of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and other heroes of successful non-violent revolutions. And everywhere I go around the world I
meet people including politicians who recognize the Tibetan flag and tell
me, “Yes, Tibet should be free! Our monasteries should be protected, our ancient culture preserved.” They tell me, “We are with you!” So with all this international support it’s only a matter of time, before the world’s influential leaders step it up and use the diplomatic tools available to them to hold China accountable right? Now, I thought this time I’ve been in 1959 when the Dalai Lama was forced to flee tibet and hundreds of thousands of Tibetans were killed by the chinese
soldiers but it wasn’t. How about, to stop China’s aggressive cultural genocide in Tibet. No, that’s still going on. How bout when
China announced its plans to remove 2.2 million Tibetan nomads off the Tibetan grasslands into
reservation camps, you know, similar to what they did to the
native americans and Aborigines? No, not even then. Now, over a hundred and twenty-five Tibetans
have lit their own bodies on fire in protest against Chinese repression,
and to call to the world for help. Now has to be the time. Governments may be speaking up, saying ‘China’s crackdown is wrong and
should stop’ and they should keep doing this. but here’s the thing: they’re doing this
in isolation of each other and china’s not having any of the
because China isn’t a democracy there is no rule of law, no freedom of speech, no free press. The Chinese government is a bully.
They bully their own people, and they definitely bully Tibetans and now they’re bullying our governments into silence, and our
leaders are allowing themselves to be bullied! Why? For fear of what? For fear that China will stop doing business with us? Not likely. The proof is in the
statistics all major countries even those whose
governments have met with the Dalai Lama and spoken out for Tibet are enjoying
stronger trade relationships with China today. China’s like the big bad wolf in the Three Little Pigs story who huffs
and puffs addressed by the house down. But yet they’re empty threats. China doesn’t really want to punish our
leaders because they need our business. They want international legitimacy. So what’s the solution? Well for starters it’s high time for like-minded governments to jointly call out China’s bluff and it’s time to unite against the bully. Countries must act together instead of individually, in accordance with our shared values and democratic principles we can change the way we engage in tibet
be successful it’s not just the right thing to do is the smart thing to do. By getting
together and developing a common approach with shared strategies, our governments can gain leverage over
China that doesn’t currently exist. The combined voices of many of the
world’s most prominent leaders has a much greater likelihood of
securing concessions from China. Beijing will finally feel the pressure
to work towards resolving the crisis in Tibet. And the multilateral nature this
approach will provide our government with greater
protection from China’s punitive reaction. For the Tibetans the situation has never been more critical. For the world the solution has never
been more practical. It’s time to unite for Tibet. My name is
Pema and I know we can put Tibet back on the map. Together we can unite world leaders for Tibet. The time is now. Be a part of the Tibet solution and ask your leader to do the same. Sign the
petition that calls for world leaders to unite for tibet.

32 thoughts on “The Tibet Solution – Pema’s Appeal to World Leaders

  1. Pema, you are a true Rhetor and a talented artist.  I've read ALL the recommendations of this sort (in English), and yours is the clearest and most compelling.  Good luck to you.

  2. So would the American government give back the stolen lands from the native Americans? I guess Students for a Free Tibet is also supporting Scottish Independence and Palestinian Independence? 

    Oh, and will the new Tibetan government remain theocratic (where the top religious figure have total power like in Iran)?

  3. Pema lak, you have done a great work and i appreciate for your hard work. 
    we must united together as u told and we must fight together…  Free Tibet.

  4. Nice & very Fresh insight Pema. However, you know all politicians are in BED with that Wolf & that Wolf is like the Manipulative Feminist Movement who has all Men by their Balls. Every government is Corrupt including UNO & it is literally Begging for your rights universally from the very Takers. It's good Awareness though…
    Nehru himself said Tibet is part of China & I wonder why we even demonstrate in India at all? I think it's time we demand certain rights & be a Tibetan Chinese like African American here in US since I'm done Begging for a Utopia. Tibet has already changed…

  5. under lobsang sangays leadership Tibet will never be free, under my leadership Tibet will be free without world leaders help. lobsang sangay is all about money and power he doesnt care about Tibetans, Tibetan monks, Tibetans in Tibet or our country, or the ones who have died to this day, he only won cause he went to a private school and has a 10 yr degree. lobsang sangay has light connections with the chinese government.

  6. when i was in India last year i was highly highly highly advised not to criticize lobsang sangay, SFFT is all about saying yes to lobsang sangay no matter what.

  7. An excellent presentation Pema la, very detail, inclusive and beautifully thought out solutions too. I am very impress, thank you.

  8. We are with you sister and feel your plight. Now with internet, you can spread the word to corner and drive away the bully wolf from beautiful Tibet.

  9. བོད་ཡིག་གི་གསལ་བཤད་ཡོད་ན་ཅི་མ་རུང་བསམ བཀའ་དྲིན་ཆེ

  10. China communist must be hold accountable for millions of tibetan persecuted… Millions of falung gong persecuted and cracking down violently and unlawful to all human rights and democratic activist….hold CCP accountable

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