The story behind Google Chrome

>>For how much the web has evolved, browsers,
as a platform, haven’t evolved that much. What we are trying to do with Chrome is to
make sure the browsers are really evolving along with the web, so the web can evolve
to the next level.>>Browsers need to get better because they
were designed for an era where web pages were doing completely different things.>>Today, most of what we use on a day-to-day
basis are applications and not web pages.>>People are watching videos.
They’re uploading videos. They’re chatting with each other.
They’re playing games on the web. All of these things certainly never existed
back when the first browsers were created, when the first web was created.>>Wouldn’t it be great to start from scratch
and design something based on the needs of today’s applications and today’s webmasters. [pause] When we set off to build Google Chrome, we
wanted to make sure that we improve browsers along the lines of speed, security and stability.
Speed is always very important at Google, and we wanted to make sure that Chrome executes
as fast as possible, everything from the Javascript engine to the renderer.>>We started a project called V8, which was
designed to allow Javascript to execute really fast.
Javascript is the language that is used everywhere on the web.
It was performing to slow, so we decided to make it faster.
The team that worked on that did an amazing job.
We were all stunned by how fast that works.>>We saw a big opportunity to try to take
a fresh start. And to use a different rendering Web Kit is
something that we spent a long time evaluating. Web Kit is the underlying rendering engine
for Chrome, because it’s very fast. It’s very lightweight, it’s very small and
easy to maintain code base. [pause]>>So we’ve worked really hard to keep the
browser very fast– especially when it’s accessing these very powerful sites– and also to keep
it very stable. For instance, if you’re doing something…
if you’re playing a game in one browser tab and it suddenly slows down a lot because,
you know, suddenly you have 58 monsters on the screen you have to kill, you’re next tab
over, that’s running your email, isn’t going to be slowed down by that.>>And so we came up with this system whereby
each web app would be run in its own environment, isolated from the others.
And this allowed us to make them more robust.>>Other browsers, what might happen is the
entire browser would crash. So you lose your online banking session.
You lose the document that you were editing. You lose everything.
In Google Chrome, if one tab goes down the other tabs will stay up. [pause]>>So, in building Chrome we were very concerned
about security. One of the things that gives us a lot of mileage
is the multi-process architecture of Chrome. So each renderer runs in a separate process
on your computer. And that means that they’re isolated from
each other, so that one can’t talk to the other and steal information.>>So what we do is we essentially give each
web page its own little playground, its own sandbox.
So you’ve got your online banking running on one tab.
You’ve got your search results, your Gmail, in another tab.
The two can’t talk to each other. And if something bad happens in one sandbox–
you know, it’s, like, maybe there’s a giant flood or it’s about the rain– the other sandbox
is going to stay nice and dry, nice and happy. Your tab is going to be isolated from the
other tabs. [pause]>>In an engineering and browser sense, Chrome
is the… is the user interface itself. It’s the stuff around the outside of the window,
the buttons, the toolbars, all that kind of stuff.
And, so, hand in hand with that was this design philosophy that we took, which was we wanted
to maximize content and minimize Chrome.>>In designing Chrome, we felt that we had
to make it invisible. People shouldn’t have to think about Google
Chrome. People should have to think about their applications.>>And in this process, we have taken a very
minimalistic approach, just like You know, if you think of the white page in, we tried to do the same with the browser.>>From top to bottom we designed the interface
to make sure it was as efficient and clean as possible.
We argued over every single pixel in the chrome of Chrome to make sure that there was nothing
wasted. [pause]>>So Google Chrome is a fully open-source
browser, right? So we want to release this in a way in which
others adopt good ideas from us– like we want to adopt good ideas from other folks–
and help the browser get better.>>People should be able to dig into that.
People should be able to learn from it, and people should be able to contribute.>>We really want the work that we do to,
sort of, raise the bar for browsers. We want to push browsers further.
We want to make the capabilities better. We want to be able to allow for better web
applications to be delivered.>>Even if Google Chrome itself isn’t used
by everyone on the web, as long as it makes the web better we’ve achieved our goal.

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  1. @FunnyAmey IE hasn't "sucked" since the release of IE8. In fact, it's probably the second fastest browser after Chrome now. If you ask me, in today's web environment it's Firefox that sucks. It's the slowest and clunkiest browser of the bunch and while it once had a huge extension library going for it Chrome now has just as many. IE isn't the best browser, but it certainly doesn't "suck" anymore.

  2. @mebossyounothing There is no spyware in Google Chrome. They don't obtain any personally identifiable information either. All they do is keep track of your searches in order to provide you with more accurate results/suggestions in future and more appropriate ads. You are not being "spied on" and if you're seriously paranoid about that you should get the hell of the web. Privacy doesn't exist on the internet. Just don't be an idiot and overshare.

  3. Google Chrome is the best 🙂 its really easy to use and just shows what you want to sdee and what you need on a browser, its design is also simple but very good, and everybody will prefer Google Chrome

  4. "if one tab breaks down, the other tabs stays up"
    BUT when java script of one tab breaks down, every tab that has flash in it, breaks all down..esp when you've loaded a full length video… when that happens, i have to load again..

  5. N0, when my tab breads down, ALL the rest follow suit with a nasty shockwave error, and I have to reload ALL my tabs again!!!

    It's VERY frustrating, so I may just switch back to Firefox

  6. GOOGLE SUCKS! When you search for something you should see everyone else in your local area searching for the same thing + their pics + be able to chat with them from a search result. SEARCH CHAT

  7. i dont care i f this is better or faster in some lvls i only care if
    Compartiremos tus datos personales con empresas, organizaciones o personas físicas ajenas a Google si consideramos de buena fe que existe una necesidad razonable de acceder a dichos datos o utilizarlos, conservarlos o revelarlos para:
    plx only do that =D

  8. Open 50 tabs and see how slow it would become. If someone browses with less than 10 tabs open, then Chrome is fast, otherwise I think Opera is the fastest browser.

  9. 3:55 – "nothing's wasted"??? And they're telling it after making the huge borders of tabs in tabs panel…

  10. I tried Google Chrome, thank you very much. Chrome video I am responding to is but expression of Google mutual adoration society that has nothing to do with reality

    Self promotion at its best . Spare me the gag

  11. I would rather see igoogle stay alive. But, no, it is getting killed in Nov 2013. The best thing google ever did gets ditched.

    Fortunately, for Yahoo is it very good news. By- by, Igoogle. By-by google too

  12. switching tabs when watching youtube videos is SOOO glitchy for me… is that related to youtube.. or chrome latest update?

  13. … it's not chrome's fault? That's like saying "when windows crashes google chrome doesnt keep it up" its flash's fault not chromes xD
    Html5 videos ftw

  14. It is 100% Chrome's fault. Because they claim that each tab has it's own environment, so if a problem exists in one it shouldn't affect any other ones. However if JAvascript/Flash crashes in one, it crashes in ALL tabs. That goes against their claim that tabs are independent of one another. That's why it's Chrome's fault completely!

    They shouldn't make that claim since it's not really true.

  15. Are you for real? Nobody is using a system slower than a dual-core 2Ghz machine these days.. Switching tabs while a video is playing should ALWAYS be super fast.. But it's not.. There is a clear problem with Chrome that Google hasn't addressed yet.

  16. Browsers do not interact with the hardware directly. The kernel of a given OS provides an abstraction layer to the physical devices themselves. On most modern OSes, switching tabs in a browser, isn't delayed due to memory or motherboard. That's rather silly to think that. Sorry 🙁

  17. IE practicly waste of time.. Opera is excellent to.. i use Chriome an Opera .. together they a lot like Twin Flames the male Female umm.. archtyps .. kinda thing.. seems the more i use chrome the Faster an lighter it gets. I simply LOve Chrome!.. .. just recent i got to level of havin a lota fun buildin what feels like my own personal OS.. Cheers!.

  18. I guess that everybody here has to change their mind about Internet Explorer…
    I know it seems a joke, but if like me you are using Windows 8, then you must
    have already realized that how fast IE10 is.
    And I bet on it that it is faster than every browser.
    I am commenting through it now too.

  19. I need: Back/Forward and URL, everything else I do with keyboard short cuts.
    I can customize Safari to have exactly only that in the toolbar.
    Also Safari only shows ma a tab-bar when there are more than one tab.

    Why can't Chrome do/have that?

  20. nu inteleg ce mi-se solicita ,eu doresc setare pentru scriere cu diacritice si nu inreleg de ce nu au toate postarile traducere ?

  21. I do like Google Chrome, and it is a very useful browser, but I am one that prefers Mozilla Firefox over Chrome. I don't care so much for Internet Explorer, but in many workplaces, we are stuck using it.

  22. Took a 2 hour trip to an Apple Store: the problem was my pass words,so they showed me how,but when I arrived home and started on my iPhone received a message stating I had no gmail Accounts.This has happenedTwice in a 6 month period. HELP!!!!!!!

  23. dump google chrome policy settings! EVERYONE hates them and i cant download Chrome! Thumbs Up if you agree!   

  24. Fully open-source? Chrome isn't open-source. If you want open-source, check out Chromium, which is essentially Google Chrome without the Google.

  25. I say from what I read and the videos I have watched is great and very unique loving google chrome,all, in one place guys, are wonderful

  26. Thank you google team of operations for your dedication to help the search engines run as smooth and affectively…Making the information easy and fundamental…Your dedicated staff are very detailed and current to the point basically understanding just how to use the engine and browsers…Thank you Google staff for your valuable time and effort to show how it truly works… Sincerely, a participant on Google Chrome 2-21-17

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