The State of Mobile Bookings in Tourism | Checkfront Study

Hi there, Paul here at Checkfront. Tour and Activity Operators today know that mobile bookings are on the rise and how important it is to have a website optimized for mobile devices. We here at Checkfront wanted to look at our booking data to confirm this. You can read the full report of our findings on our website, but let me share some interesting information with you now. In 2017, over half of the tour and activity bookings on Checkfront were done on either a mobile device or tablet. As well, we learned that a majority of these bookings were happening within the week of the booking date itself. With these two pieces of information, we’re able to determine that there is a massive rise in travelers waiting until they’re in destination, and then turning to their mobile devices to book. We also found that mobile sessions were converting higher than desktop sessions, and this doesn’t surprise us at all. Travelers tend to research tours and activities on desktops prior to their trips, but execute on mobile closer to their preferred activity date. So they weren’t staying on mobile websites as long, and not visiting as many pages. So what does this mean for you as an operator? Well, you need to make sure that your website is performing well on mobile. This includes, providing online bookings with real-time availability. Removing all distractions so you can lead visitors to make a booking with clear buttons. Minimizing the amount of form fields to book with or contact you. Displaying a clear cancellation policy for those that are anxious of making a booking mistake on mobile. And finally, offering easy instant message or click-to-call buttons so they can access assistance. Read the full study on mobile bookings today over on our website, or, if you’re looking for a new website or booking system optimized for mobile, start a free 21 day trial at Checkfront today. All at checkfront dot com.

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