The Skin Institute Internationalé

welcome to this skin Institute Internationale where we prepare students with the extraordinary skills they need to procure a rewarding lucrative career in the aesthetics and spa industry our students learn in an environment that provides individual attention from an experienced passionate staff with over 40 years of experience our students learn the ultimate in customer service as well as the ability to sell products every day you learn a new thing until you take away something from every instructor or even from the students themselves is because you learn how to first teach yourself learn from each other and also just take away one special thing that way you can use for yourself in your own field I’m ready to get out there the TSI has been such a wonderful experience you get so much knowledge and some passion from the instructors and everyday how they check on us how they make sure that we all feel comfortable and that we are learning the material correctly it’s kind of the reason why I chose this school you walk in the door and we feel very welcomed and very comfortable from facial treatments to massage modalities of all types including the popular healing Hawaiian lomi lomi the skin institute internationale sets the standard for the industry so the industry is fast growing and I have to stay on top of the cutting-edge technologies with ways to teach things there’s always new products out there so I do if I can to bring the best products for waxing products skin care products and cutting edge technologies with different modalities so that when they get out and work in the real world not much is named to them because we provide as can’t hear for them so that when they are out working they have the confidence and they say I know how to do anything many of our graduates when they go to work in the spas find that they are more well rounded and better trained than their co-workers who have been working in the industry for years I definitely think you should attend you’ll love it it’s fun everybody’s happy you get your skin looks beautiful by the end and you get to know all the tricks to really beautify yourself and other people the skin institute internationale offers full and part-time learning opportunities contact us today [Music]

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