100 thoughts on “THE SEXIEST TIME TRAVELER | The Sexy Brutale

  1. A game that involves time travel, a silent protagonist, clocks and masks.

    Well someone REALLY likes Majora's Mask.

  2. What is with the mask? when the time doctor (sorry for the name ) dies the first time. the mask starts to tern black. 4:24

  3. This seems like a game made by a fan of the legend of Zelda: Majora's mask, and I am a fan of it too, so as you might expect, I thought this game was freaking awesome, please play more of it for us, Mark =D

  4. It's weird, I read it as The Sexist Time Traveler and i was wondering why there was no sexism, until I realized that I read it wrong and it was The Sexiest Time Traveler

  5. Just gonna say I really hope you make more of this! I've already played through the game and love it so much that I want to keep experiencing it through the eyes of someone who hasn't yet

  6. I havent been on here for four months, i have a lot to catch up on, but this game looks fun, looking forward to seeing more

  7. I gave this a try over the holiday and 100%ed it in a couple of casual sessions, so it's easily finish-on-video material, and it's lovely and fun too. More!

  8. This was fantastic, so interesting !! I do hope you do more

    I love the design, and the lava girl/god? she looks amazing,

  9. I really hope that Mark goes back to this game in the future as I'll really would love to see him make this into a full series..unless he already finished the game in his own time.

  10. You can actually finish this in a few hours if you're good at puzzles…I hope he finishes playing it.

  11. I really hope that Mark will come back to this game in the future as I really would love to see him do a full let's play of this game.

  12. He obviously doesn't know who Renet from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original Mirage comics is, THAT Is the sexiest time traveler.

  13. I wonder if Mark ever finished this game? I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. Honestly, I wish this game were longer, or had DLC with more time-based puzzles. I really like its mechanics.

  14. this game is amazing.. me and my family used to always sit down and play it, always theorising about how to solve mysteries and just having a darn great time

  15. I hate how he lied and never did more vids on this….this is one of the best games to come out that year!!!!

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