1. Another awesome Koi Video I hope it'll reach 1mil views!!!! I wish i can buy some of these for my pond on my channel cheers

  2. I wonder what's on these fishes minds while all this is happening to them. These are really cute fish though.

  3. I literally want to move out into a house so I can have a garden, just so that I can make a pond and get some koi fish.

  4. I grew up with the koi at the Ala Moana Shopping Center on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. As they got bigger, I got bigger, and I'd "visit" with them, recognizing different ones. Maybe they recognized me.

  5. they might be soooo scared. everyone is so chill about it like … please lol put a dog in a that situation or a whale, taking from pool to another one without understanding anything , without any natural environement around . it's like taking yourself in so many different craves and finally release you some places you've never seen

  6. Great video, but boy is that guy bad at explaining the features of Koi fish. I'm not sure if it would even be possible to include any more jargon into every one of his explanations.

  7. Really? a 3minute intro about traveling to japan? I was so annoyed I decided not to watch your vid

  8. Nice and beautiful, but could have been edited down to about half, and not lost anything important.

  9. These fish are simply magnificent. They are so bold and so calm in the water. They have been a favorite of mine since I was around 12 years old. I had a 30 Gallon tank with 2 big Goldies and 14 Comet Feeder Goldfish from the festival in town for many years and some turned Platinum-Brass-Gold.

  10. 10 mins of Koi in and out of water into bag out of bag into water back into bag back into water….FUUUUUUUUCK!

  11. Breeding animals for good looks, don't really like the idea.
    All of these fish are fine if they're healthy.

  12. What percent of the koi survive the first two years after importation to your country? I lost three out of four but my koi were only a little over a year old. If they survive two years, they do well (in California). The koi are imported from Niigata.

  13. So what I take from this is, the best koi have equal parts white and orange, then splashes of black on it like ink accidentally spilled on it. Useless information I will never use.

  14. OMG!! ahhaha I laughed out loud wen i saw that koi jump at 28:30 !!! I didn't know they could jump like that lmaoo

  15. Koi are actually banned in my Country, and I have no interest in them… so why did I watch and enjoy the whole movie?

  16. Quick question: did you get the idea or motivation to make one of these videos from Sacramento Koi?

  17. i travel to China and i see there koi in there and all i can say is that its not that to Japan Koi and Chinese facility is so Dirty! you can see some dog shit around the pond maybe even the breeder shit there tsk!!

  18. Definitely on my bucket list. I hope to have some high end customers pay for me to bring back some beauties!!

  19. Absolutely beautiful, There is no wonder so many people keep them as a hobby or pets in my case, Love the video great filming and it gives a great view into where these beautiful monster fish are breed. It would be a dream to visit and have that experience. Thanks again for posting this very informative film. Stephen

  20. A question I see the people moving the fish from water to water do the koi have a tolerence to temp changes or is the water in each tank the same and same water parameters

  21. I already have 28 butterfly koi in my pond and I really enjoy watching them but they are about 2-4 yrs old and not this big in my 9 meter pond😑😤 I guess its about the genes.

    Love these videos anyway😍💕💓

  22. Nice to meet you♡I'm a south Korean YouTuber. I will learn a lot from you. I look forward to your kind cooperation. I'll press the subscription!!

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