The Peninsula Hotel Hosts Paris’s Famous Ball | Condé Nast Traveler

[Music] welcome to the pendulum Monsieur we are getting you ready for the debutantes ball tonight so the hotel is very busy today [Music] hello this is Mary at the front desk there is a gentleman from Condon s traveler would like to know if this camper and Olympia Tadashi have arrived my grandfather or corian I’ve ordered the champagne family I hope you heard of it champagne technology I live in England but I’m one of the French Dip atones and this year you have to be an accomplished girl to be here if you don’t know about it you think oh she’s just going to a ball I’m gonna be a princess but you have to really work for it and I feel like a star of the red carpets this is the only time where you smile it look pretty oh my god she’s walking like these and I can’t get to you I’m not the best dancer sir yes the sort of lead I’m living the moment sentence just an amazing the ball is fine so many things it’s charity auction in the spotlight someone things that I love [Music] yes going need some air [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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