The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

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  1. Beautiful city, Rotterdam. Visited it in 2016! our daughter lives in Amersfoort. She loves it very much. will be visiting Haarlem this fall!

  2. isji v,jvnhl hlhni fhadnهسته روتردام اماده باشید. کتابفروشی شهر روتردام هلند انقلابیون پارلمانی میز کتاب بگزارند

  3. Love this video. I'm from Holland & I love the old style from the Netherlands. At the left sight in the background you see a old railway bridge by 16:15

  4. Wow. Netherlands seems so amusing and filled with beautiful people! Love how a lot of people are just riding their bikes happily, it makes this country look so peaceful. Hope I could visit one day!

  5. 2:46 cheese guy shaves another piece I think for the camera man. Interviewer takes it. Important Dutch etiquette, when offered food or cookies, take one! And never the last one!

  6. that why joma sison terrorest leader in philippines . love hiding leaving in nethierland injoy hes life drinks wine women left and right every night go out in the red light city in netherlands . collecting revoltionary taxes in the philippines . while on hes followers supper from cold mosquitoes bite hiding running on mountain luck of foods fighting on phil military. shame on you joma.

  7. The east of the Nethetlands is also very beautifull. There used to be a lot to do, but industrialisation, artificial textiles, less agriculture made the region shrink in importance. Houses are cheap. But there is not much work, although the government tries to stimulate things with universities, and governmental headquarters. The past is very near, as is simple farmers life. For tourists who love nature, this region is delightfull.

  8. hello Rick,I just have a lil bit if tid bit information for you,I'm not sure if you have seen the movie on Helen Keller but she hid out in Amsterdam and that's also the first home of John Denver and his father.

  9. In South Africa and Namibia about 16 million people can speak Afrikaans, as a 1st or second language… It's very similar to Dutch and We can communicate very easily, We coloureds and boere still have a very strong Dutch traditions and culture, they are the place where our forefathers came from so we share DNA aswell… Ons is lief vir Nederland en sy mense dis waarvan ons voorvaders af kom… Alle sterkte en liefde van af Suider Afrika…

  10. Wonderful & educative

    I recently went there
    Sorely missed the places you described.

    But went to schiermannikoog.
    Great experience.
    Being a vegetarian I could manage very well
    The Dutch are polite & friendly & I loved in total.

  11. Jeez even travel logs are spreading the global warming BS. “Sea level rising” ? US Navy says normal, mm per year, keep telling a lie and it becomes the truth, Goebbels

  12. 1600's… My ancestors ditched the Netherlands for America in 1660… Probably got tired of all the water…. No, actually it was for free land in NY, back when it was still called New Amsterdam. lol

  13. I really like this video. It's one of the better representations of Holland apart from a few grammar mistakes like Scheveningen.

  14. Everyone raves about Amsterdam, but there is so many beautiful costal towns in Holland that many British people dont realise.

  15. It's probably been said dozens of times before, but it's not Schevinengen, but Scheveningen. And Enkhuisen should be Enkhuizen 👍🙂

  16. And you don't see a lot of FAT people as at some places i could mention! :-)) Many people in the US believe that these people used to live in windmills, all walked on wooden shoes and were eating tulips.

  17. Went to Amsterdam in 2016 and got to see the usual tourist spots like Zaanse schans and the lots. Now, thanks to this video, i am plotting my next trip to Holland. So beautiful 😊

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  19. I'm glad he told all the boring stuff he was gonna do at the start of the video so I didn't have to waste 25 minutes of my life

  20. The Netherlands is so much more than holland. Once you go east you see less cities and way much more of the countryside of holland

  21. Holland are just two provinces. The Netherlands is a small country but much bigger then only those two provinces. Go to Maastricht, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Groningen or other cities and villages.

  22. It is one of the beautiful countries I have ever seen with very polite and welcoming people. I am planning to do my masters in Data science next year in NL. I feel I would enjoy my time there.

  23. Always love your kind, respectful, enthusiastic, and studied descriptions of your travels. Thank you once again for another wonderful video.

  24. Don't EVER pronounce our words with an American Accent! ZUIDERZEE is: Zoui-der- zé. HAARLEM (not halum) obviously has an extra 'a' so use it, as so with any word with the same letter together, extend the sound. GEZOND (meaning healthy) is: Ghu (as in HU in english word huge) zond, we have a very unusual 'g' sound. Like French, pronounce words delicately and correct. Happy to welcome you again in The Netherlands…

  25. Your video is very much informative, it has a very special sense of history. I liked it very much. KEEP TRAVELLING

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