The Most Annoying Octopath Traveler

Are you starting Octopath Traveler and want
to know which character will give you a tactical advantage? What could be more tactically advantageous
than choosing a character that isn’t an insufferable cad. Here is every Octopath Traveler ranked from
least to most annoying. *cheeky music* Number 8, least annoying, Primrose. She’s the dancer, which means it’s kind of
hard to start with her, but she’s got a really intense dark backstory, and she’s just a goth
theatre kid. All she wants to do is dance. Literally one of her lines is:
“And until I avenge you… I will dance.” *applause* Might make it a little bit hard to start, but she’s worth it. Number 7, it’s Olberic! Olberic is like the high school football star
who moved away and then had a leg injury and then had to move back to his hometown and
has become the coach for his own high school and also has to teach history because they
don’t just allow you to be the coach at that public high school. But that’s okay! He’s also really good at swinging a sword,
and he’s trying to find his purpose again. And that isn’t that annoying. Number 6, Tressa. She was the one selling candy bars out of
her pencil case in elementary school, and now she’s buying up people’s lunches so she
can turn a profit on them. She’s the Ed of this, or Edd, or Eddy, I can’t
remember which one was which. But she’s totally fine, and she’s got a very
French hat. Number 5 is Alfyn. And sometimes his friend calls him Alf which
is funny because it makes me think of the funny TV alien from the show that I’ve never
watched. Alfyn is the apothecary, sort of doctor character,
and he makes cool medicines, which is a nice treat. That said, he might be a narc, because he
did say this: “Try to give the pipe a rest, sir.” Alfyn seems pretty cool, but he’s probably
30 years old and working for the police. Number 4, H’aanit! Thank you for joining me Zuko, we’re talking
about the animal girl. H’aanit is the last person on this list that
is still pretty cool. She’s got a cool master that goes away gambling,
and that’s what she’s on the hunt for. But she’s also on the hunt for other monsters,
and she basically plays like a Pokemon trainer. She’s crunchy as hell, and she speaks in OLDE
ENGLISHE, which can get a little bit annoying every now and again, but for the most part
she’s just a very dramatic horse girl, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Do you have anything to say? *i should get paid more for my appearances* Number 3, it’s Ophilia! Look, Ophilia is a cleric, which means by
definition she’s going to have to be a teacher’s pet in some capacity. She really does suck up to the archbishop,
though, and calls him “Your Excellency,” even though he is her adopted father, which is
kind of weird. Clerics are important, alright, but maybe
not as the first character, so don’t choose her as the first one, that’s all I’m saying. Number 2, the penultimate annoyer, it’s Cyrus. Cyrus is the cool teacher. You can talk to him about anything. He’s not like the other boring teachers that’s
for sure. I originally started as Cyrus because I wanted
to do some of his cool Sherlock Holmes-y mystery fixin’ things. But then he started talking like this and
I had to stop. And ~FINALLY IT’S NUMBER ONE~
“Next time, I’ll have a tale of my own to tell.” Mmmm, listen to that voice. I love him to death. You can tell that Therion really wants to
be cool, except he only learned all of his cool phrases from anime. That wouldn’t be a problem if he went to the
anime club, but you know that he’s too stuck up and pretentious to go to the anime club. Just go to the anime club, Therion! I know you like Naruto! Therion is a very useful character later on
as a thief, but don’t go to him first. Like, go to H’aanit first and then go to Therion,
if you’re gonna do anything, or Olberic and then work your way over. There’s so many better ways to do it. So there you have it. All eight of the Octopath Traveler ranked
from least to most annoying. I sincerely apologize if I called your favorite
character annoying, even if it is objectively true. See ya next time! Here’s Mambo No. 5 with the names replaced
with the Octopath Traveler: A little bit of Primrose in my life. A little bit of Olberic by my side. A little bit of Tressa’s all I need. A little bit of Alfyn’s what I see. A little bit of H’aanit in the sun. A little bit of Ophilia all night long. A little bit of Cyrus here I am. A little bit of Therion makes me your man. *silence in Lou Bega* Make sure to like and subscribe to Polygon.

100 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Octopath Traveler

  1. Looking at the date on the shingles video and comparing to polygon's filming to release time period I figured something out. Why is this filmed in Brian's apartment? HE WAS AT HOME. SICK. WITH SHINGLES. Brian NO. Take care of yourself, please.

  2. Hhhhhhhoboy where do I… even begin with this. The commentary didn't feel lively, it felt forced, and relatively boring. The Alf joke just… didn't really feel funny. At all. H'aanit is nothing like a "horse girl", she's a Hunter. Taming monsters is kinda part of her job. Also, leave Therion alone. I would say more, but I currently don't feel like it. Once again, Polygon not doing the full amount of research needed. Yes I do realize I'm looking into a list such as this way too deeply, still doesn't matter. The only clever/good thing that came from this video was the ending bit. 'Nuff said.

  3. Therion is the single best character in the game. Started with Therion, was NOT disappointed at all. Tried others, they were alright. Each one of them had something to offer to the enjoyment of the game (except Tressa, I can't stand her, she's my #1 most annoying, period, end of discussion), but Therion will always be my #1 favorite in the game. Haan'it is my second fav and Cyrus my third.

  4. Choose Cyrus if you want to muke everything in your path with magic

    Also he's right next to Ophelia so early Cleric access, which is nice

  5. H'aanit is the most annoying. Just speak normally. Stop it.
    But yeah Ophelia is pretty annoying too with the way she keeps calling her father "your excellency".

  6. Whether you find Therion annoying or not, I can't be the only one who enjoys his laugh when his turn comes up in a fight.

  7. Lmao I click while know the most annoying would be Therion I was right. But I still love my dark sasuke emo boi


  9. I know I'm 10 months late but I really wanna know how he went from this to Unraveled in terms of presentation style. Did he still have shingles at the time this video was made? Is that why he's lying on the sofa the whole time?

  10. What's funny is that the Japanese voice actor of Therion also did the voice of Kirito in Sword Art Online. If that's not the most ansty anime shit ever, I don't know what is. Still love Therion though, they sold me with the bolderfall soundtrack…

  11. i refuse to believe olberic ranks that low on annoyingness on the fact that he is completely willing to assault random people and then steal their money while they're unconscious and call it a "duel"

  12. i started with primrose but straight up h’aanit is the most annoying. i haven’t even watched the video. h’aanit is obnoxious. stop talking in your dumb fake shakespeare. stop it.

  13. How is Haanit not number 1… the way she talks is infuriating. I almost quit the game because I was so livid getting through her first chapter.


  14. This is the video that inspired me to play octopath traveler, but by the time I finally got around to playing it I couldn't remember the video so I chose Cyrus because I couldn't remember any of the points and I like wizards

  15. wtf? Therion and Tressa are the best ones to start with (take everything!)
    Hannit the old english pokemon catchen-them-all is the worst!
    You should've studied harder!

  16. I don't like Tressa, not because of her character, but every time I hear her voice I want to cut off my ears with a rusty spoon

  17. H'aanit is the most annoying character in this game. There is nothing more pretentious than speaking that way, and what's more, she does it all WRONG.

  18. I actually started with ophilia and wont accept this disrespect
    Having a solid healer who can also dish out some heavy elemental damage is great

    Also im a sucker for broody boys, leave my therion alone

  19. Bro I started with Therion and I love him and when I watched this video I really hoped that he wouldn't be somewhere under 5 😂 I still love him tho

  20. I totally agree that Theron is objectively annoying. I usually love thief characters so I went with him first and by the time I got to his finished his opening quest I was like… Just… Just stop talking please

  21. I love playing as Pokemon master H'aanit. It brings me joy trying to catch an enemy to the point where I make my team defend so I can just get a chance to catch an enemy.

  22. Don't hit my babies Olphelia and Therion like that. She will always and forever be my first pick

  23. Brian told be to like and subscribe. Strangely I cant remember seeing him asking directly. But for you Brian, of course.

  24. Idk why I just hate Olberic so much like he is so under leveled in my save file because I just hate having him in my party

  25. H'aanit is best girl, especially if you give her the Warrior Job. Ophilia makes an AMAZING scholar. Let's face it, Cyrus is basically pointless with her, especially when you hit the Archmage shrine. Tressa's my third and I had her as a Thief for ages until I reached the Runeblade shrine. And my final slot is always reserved for whoever's story I'm doing

  26. I just came back to this video and realized Brian has a cat named Zuko, and like i'm generally straight but like mmmmmm

  27. okei but did you forget that prim gets 1 hit in literally every battle with enemies 20 levels below her and cyrus 1 hits every boss

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