The Lebanese Traveler | Tourism In Romania السياحة في بوخارست، رومانيا واجمل ما عليكم رؤيته

Bucharest is a city break This mix is very delicious One of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see They came up with a newer apparatus We should go! Bucharest is one of many regions in
the world that divides people in opinion Some say the city has nothing to
offer and not worth visiting While others continue to see it as “Little Paris” So let’s see who is right and don’t forget to give me your
feedback in the comments below The best thing in Bucharest is that it is very old and you can feel it and feel the history that happenned here This is why I have to ask locals
for the things that we need to see While walking in this area I met Mohammad a Jordanian man who lives here and owns a restaurant So I asked him where I should go For eating something traditional Cișmigiu Park here And the parliament they told me Yes it’s very big and very nice Thank you so much Mohammed
it was very nice seeing you, Bye I forgot to tell you how I met Mohammad The last thing I expected to see in Bucharest is the shisha (hookah) Mohammad is the owner of the
restaurant that serves shisha And this is what he told us about shisha in Bucharest It’s growing But there is a big interest in shisha in Romania I knew where I should visit first And along the way, I saw some of
the most beautiful buildings and streets We walked 10 minutes from the city’s
center to see the most beautiful and the largest parliament building in the world This is it We are now in front of the parliament,
we saw it from the outside and I can tell you that this is one of the
most stunning buildings you will ever see If you have time and you are staying
longer than us in Bucharest You can buy tickets and have a tour of
the inside and I am sure it will be worth it It is time to head to the old town,
a place I’ve been excited to visit Located in the center of Bucharest It was built in the 16th century and
while it holds a rich culture and history It is at the same time a modern and energetic city And this is why; I would not be exaggerating
when I say that this is the best thing here Inside the old town in Bucharest, there two streets that distinguish this
city from other European regions These two streets do not sleep Monday is the same as Saturday,
the morning is the same as the night The atmosphere is always very nice since they are lined with restaurants,
pubs and clubs that do not close While strolling through the old town we met Roy, a Lebanese young man
who owns a pub in this street we sat with him for a while and asked
him about his opinion on Bucharest Bucharest is a city break Not a sea destination or beach destination It’s a mix and has everything This area in particular, the old town in
Bucharest has its own strong vibe It is almost like a weekend everyday the nightlife is amazing and they know how to club whoever comes over here can find a beautiful city with some kind of connection so it is fun We spent a night at Roy’s pub and wrapped up our first day in the old town but we left early to prepare for the next full day Day 2 in Bucharest and we woke up very early to visit other spots The first thing on the list is the “Arc de Triomphe” which is the second largest arc in
Europe after the one in Paris The Arc de Triomphe that we
see in many cities around the world and that we take our photo next to it as I did was originally created by the Romans who used to build it whenever
they had an important event such as the death of an emperor
or the appointment of a new one the arc that we see in Bucharest for example was built for the army forces to pass under it
after their victory achieving independence for Romania when you reach this point in the city there’s another thing to do which is to visit the large park located next to the arc we walked around King Michael I Park
located next to the “Arc de Triomphe” a large lake passes through this park in which you can spend a nice time and bask in the beautiful nature while watching the animals that live here as well as the monuments set up here The interesting thing is that this park
links the city from both sides so you can skip the city’s traffic and take a walk here After visiting the arc and the park I returned to the old town to have some traditional food But before that, there’s something
important I have to tell you Like all the European cities, Bucharest has lots of traffic and there are several modes of
transport that you can use Such as the train, the tramway, the metro, Uber, taxi But because of the heavy traffic jams They came up with a newer apparatus that the tourists can also use The electric scooter But I would not dare drive it because I’m sure I will fall off You only have to download an
application on your mobile to use these electric scooters and
even the electric bikes available all over the city The application withdraws money from
your bank account while using the bike And when you are done with it,
you can leave it on the side of the road so that you don’t waste time
returning it to a renting shop The best thing is that they dedicated lane along
the road exclusively for the bikes and scooters It’s not about hunger, but I wanted to try several types of traditional food here We are now in the old street I chose one meat dish and another seafood dish We have beef mixed with wine, which is famous here And here we have mussels also
cooked with garlic and wine This dish is very famous in
the region around the Black Sea I will start with the beef Tomato sauce with wine It’s a bit spicy but I love it It’s a bit chewy But it’s delicious The sauce with the potato will be tasty But before finishing this dish
I will taste this one This is more delicious that the other This one tastes better, it is exceptional Since I am not so hungry and the meat is not very tender I will leave this a side and finish the mussels The mix is very delicious Stop filming and let me eat peacefully Before leaving we visited several spots Including the Stavropoleos Church storing ruins from other destroyed
churches in Bucharest and found in the old town we also visited Caru’ cu bere
the most famous restaurant here with its distinctive architecture but because it was fully booked,
we were not able to try the food outside the old town, we passed by
the “House of the Free Press” building one of the most famous
communist buildings in the region facing it you will find a monument build to honor those who fought against communists in Romania we were sad for not being able to visit Dracula’s castle in Transylvania since it is a 3-hour drive from
Bucharest and needs a whole day to visit Our journey in Bucharest ends here This city has exceeded our expectations with its beautiful streets and buildings full of history but this does not mean that we are done with Romania because we still have many places we want see If you like this video don’t forget to follow and subscribe to our channel to see all our videos

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