The Japanese Love Industry

[Tokyo, Japan] Here in Tokyo, [RYAN DAFI, VICE] girls, nightlife, clubs, sve kontrolišu ovi momci. [PRIPADNICI JAKUZE, SINDIKATA ORGANIZOVANOG KRIMINALA] Rečeno nam je you need to prove to them that we hung out with them. To have access. And here we are uniting, in the style of the Yakuza. [Japan’s Setting Sun] Not so long ago, Japan is the international stage was a rising power. Now has the highest negative population growth in the world. The man asked, why is this happening? It happens because people do not spend time together. Do not get married to, and does not have children. According to government research, almost 50% of women in Japan, aged between 18 and 34 years, were not related. And even more than 60 percent of men the same age of the males. I do not know a lot of people my age are married. No, I do not have a girlfriend. Currently in life have no room for the boy. Part of the equation is certainly a change in gender roles. In addition new generation of economically independent women you do not want to be constrained by household chores and raising children. I understand that emotional connection can be disturbed in life. Career at the end wins. Others blame the generations of men
who are obsessed with virtual reality and that many are afraid of real women, that they prefer cybergrrls from the actual connection. I do not have a girlfriend. Before going to buy toys and cards. This is a city where people live the social misfits. Money to solve their communication problems. These are all interesting theories, but there is another, obvious on the streets of Tokyo under control Yakuza. In a country that offers everything sex sells, and the Japanese are buying it. Japan has a seemingly endless catalog substitute for connections. You can copy any segment of a connection. Whether it is sexual, emotional, or other; without the need to have a real boyfriend or girlfriend. Japan is now becoming known as the “grizzled nation”. With more people older than 65 and fewer younger 15 years than anywhere else in the world, Japan has the highest negative population growth on the planet. By the end of this century, is expected to halve the population of Japan. And believe it or not, in this country is selling more diapers for adults than for babies. A obverse and reverse of the collapse of the nation this guy. It may look like a stripper, but did not. He is what in Japan is called “host”. Believe it or not, he’s one of the reasons why you do not have children. We are located in one of the many “host” clubs in Tokyo, where single women just like these, coming and are showered with attention you would not enjoy the ordinary bar. Rather than take a chance on love meetings, more women pays for society coming to places like this. “The host” clubs are charged per hour, and the price is usually a few hundred dollars just to talk. What women want from you, when you sit here? Do you want to be obasipaš care? Do you want to listen to them? If you touch? [MIŠEL Payne, DOMAĆICA CLUB] What’s your job description? [NAOKI Kishida, HOST / OWNER CLUB]
Listen, the women do not come here to seek sex. Cut the crap! Just never? Our goal is to give them as much help
to have a good time. Women are willing to pay a price for this experience. Can I ask you how much you earn? I make about 800 thousand dollars a year. 800 thousand a year? So you sit there and listen to women? This is completely normal. Maybe it’s normal for him,
but this is a pretty weird place for fun. A lot of flirting, the girls seem to be having a good time, but there’s no one sleeps with anyone. And the craziest thing is that it seems that it does not bother anyone. Do not talk about matorkama and man-eater. These are attractive single women, mostly in their twenties
or thirties, just like this a permanent guest, Mejo. You’re single?
-Yes. [Limit PERMANENT GUEST] Do you actively looking for a boyfriend? You do not want a boyfriend? What’s your story? I do not want a boyfriend. You do not want a boyfriend? Why?
– Why not? Currently my closest people in his life Naoki. We are more acquaintances than friends, but this may be having a drink with someone. Okay. Are marriage and motherhood is something you really want? I do not want to feel inhibited. Couples who watch foreign films remain together forever. When the Japanese take and have children, their love disappears as children grow up. Not only women in Japan disappointment in love. In Tokyo, there are more than 200 clubs with hostesses for men. For a few hundred dollars, all the women get the attention that you need. What is expected of you during this hour, when the man i took out some money? Talk to them, pour them a drink. Always think about what the client asks us. Or “host” clubs are just the tip of the iceberg. In Japan today, there is a whole industry pseudo-romantic service that fulfills every need. If you like anime, you can for $ 70 per hour to go out with a girl dressed as your favorite cartoon heroine. Or maybe you prefer sex with dolls. Fortunately, there is a man. If you want to take a day for hugs, then you’re in luck. I feel terrible anguish, I do not really like. Here we are in a Tokyo cafe for hugs. These people have been saved to the device something that looks like a kindergarten for adults, I can lie down and talk to strangers about their feelings. What will I do it with reluctance. With many, many, hesitation. I want to emphasize. Let’s look at the list of services.
-Spisak. Clients caressing the girl on the head. OK. They look deep into her eyes. The girl also has sticks to clean your ears, if you will. Why? Freud would have spent crazy here. Come in. Hello. Great. Hi. I think I’d like a little of everything. As a meze. OK. Yes. How does that work? A very nice! It works quite well, thank you. [SAKURA Serizawa, GIRL Hug] Do you have regular customers? It seems to me that most of my customers constant. Most of them are single. And surprisingly, most customers are young people. Really? And you? Do you have a boyfriend? Of course not. Of course not? Why “of course”? Because it’s a real hassle to have a boyfriend. Do you even want to have a boyfriend before? Or do you think that these things are sufficient? When Christmas watch happy couples, want to drop dead. Oh my God… I do not like to look at people who express affection in public. It’s interesting, for someone who earns a living
showing affection to strangers. No connection emotionally for customers. Oh my God. Okay, I’m tired of that. I think that we should improve our relationship with a little role-playing. Maybe that plays Frenchwoman. Just not bother. This is basically a Victorian style. Perhaps we could look into his eyes. There is nothing uvrnutijeg than this. This is deeply, deeply disturbing. As a highlight of our visit,
I was hoping to be able to put your head in my lap, until you clean the grease from his ears. Now the girl is already showing maternal traits.
So this is a mixture of Activities moms and girls. It’s deeply engraved. Now they probably clean. In any case, we have to stop, that I freaked out. Clean me and brain. Do you know how much I owe you for this? 7,000 yen (80 dollars). 7,000 yen. So 7,000 yen. Thank you very much. Thank you. In my life I have seen enough perversion, but this pseudo-romance is really tore me. We concluded that it was time for a more realistic experience. We know exactly when we can take from false hugs the darker depths of the illegal underworld. We went to meet with the yakuza. I can not wait to get a few hours of fear for life and meet new friends. The notorious Yakuza organized crime syndicate. Known for their contempt for Western media. Although it rarely happens, they agreed to meet for dinner
in the middle of Kabukicho, the infamous red-light district of Tokyo. If you want to see really extreme events in the Japanese sex industry, we have come to the right place. You seem tense. Relax, have a drink. Cheers. That right to the point, the first time in Japan, and something that really fascinates Western world is a culture of sex. Such as the “host” clubs and a bunch of really weird things that you can dive into. What is the share of the Yakuza in this industry? Ceo Kabukicho control yakuza. You have to prepare for the nightlife. Come on, drink this. What is that? What is this? Blood turtles. One, in that bowl. Very nice, thank you. Is it good? O God, why did I first sniffed? Fucking stupid. Okay. Once I gained their trust, agreed to offer us services normally reserved
only for locals. Do not you tell me what exactly planned. They just told me to come to the hotel “Hyatt” at midnight. I still do not know where we’re going and what we do. But I know that this is not frowned upon,
whatever it is. So it’s a little … illegal.
A little is illegal. Is shrouded in mystery. Now we descend to the underground level, the garage under the hotel. Then we have to hide the camera, leave the room and wait for someone to come and do something you may not be recorded. [JUI TOKUI, dominatrix] Sorry to keep you waiting. Is he my partner? Get off. Please, do not hurt my balls, I’m a gentle guy. Yes, this is really fucking close. Ouch! Here it is.
Yeah, that’s my penis. But unresponsive. Well the government. Let’s get to humiliation. Come on. Good good good… I can not believe people pay for this. Alas, fuck! Ouch! Holy shit! Thank you. As I knelt in the room, was flogged and humiliated, I began to think seriously about the idea of ​​”osedeloj nation”. “The host” clubs, cafes of hugging, even these things fetish; Japanese, so used to comply with all the requirements, they were able to separate and disaggregate all aspects of human relationships, and to make an attractive package of services. While the romantic meetings, marriage, and in the end, the children fell into the background.

100 thoughts on “The Japanese Love Industry

  1. All japanese needs indianz men 🙂 they will be loved by them and they will change there mind 🙂

  2. Redical feminists are destroying everything.they are destroying love and creating new kind of dead ppl society where no one take any responsibility

  3. It's because they have little dicks, their penis doesn't even hit a woman's H spot so sex to them is just unpleasant. Asian women are freaky but only when they get a man with a working dick to dig in their guts

  4. Do we need host clubs in USA? Consider: how many straight women have gay friends? Men with whom sex is never an issue, with whom they can talk and socialize and relax without worrying about unwanted seduction? A lot. The Japanese have figured out how to monetize this. Re: “hostess bars”, US men couldn’t deal with it, but isn’t it a common statement by prostitutes that so many women spend more time talking than screwing?

    Whether the reporter is acting or not, he does a good job of being an “innocent American”.

  5. Maybe shes a detached cuddler but holy hell that isn't the energy of a payed cuddler,she has the wrong job

  6. We shouldn’t forget that Japan has a long-timed culture of “hosting”: Geisha. Pay to get entertained and chatting with culturally valuable women. No sex, just a lovely way to spend time in group.
    Even if for us westerners it can feel strange, it IS perfectly normal there.

    (Obviously there are sexual deviations and exaggerations. But check them out too… Japan’s ancient popular culture has something to do with some of it)

  7. The Cuddle Cafe aesthetic reminds me of 'Think Tank' on TYT, that show Hannah Cranston used to run… it looked liked Cenk had kidnapped her as a teenager and was keeping her there to present news nobody cared about. : )

  8. Initially amicable, the mood swiftly darkened around 7:21 – 7:24. In a daze, but not so surprised myself, any reasonable person would conclude it as a professed microcasm of the greater issue emergent. Still though, WoW! Happiness on the surface, but misery lieth just beneath. Despite all your financial freedom, Tinder options, and social media gratification, there will likely always be something profoundly lacking, evident more and more with the ravages of time.

  9. Even thought it's 6 years old, this video is amazing. I had no idea of how dysfunctional Japanese society is. It seems they want love but to cultivate a real relationship is somehow too much of a bother for them. If the population does dwindle by half by the end of the 21st century they will cease to be a real power in the world. I thought the U.S. has it's problems but Japan seems to be way beyond. The cuddle girl looks like a child. Obviously older than she looks. She wants a loving relationship and is jealous of couples especially during holidays. The comment about Freud is right on. This is really sad. I think the same thing will happen to China. Soon their population will start shrinking because work takes precedence over everything else. This is how nature will re-balance the human population back to a sustainable level. Ear cleaning is done in Thailand and Vietnam also. It's a part of the culture. We have filthy ears in the West because we don't bother to clean them. I use q-tips every day in my ears. Doctors tell you never to stick anything in your ears but they are wrong. If you are careful it's ok and the wax needs to be cleaned out. Just like wearing shoes indoors is idiotic. We don't think of it but you are tracking everything you stepped in, into your house. Eventually we will catch on and take our shoes off before we enter our houses. The Asians are way ahead of us in that respect. The Yakuza are all about ego. Making really bad karma they will be spending many lifetimes working off.

  10. Those yakuza guys were so obviously fucking with this guy, and honestly, I would too. What a useless piece of fluff this piece was.

  11. The Yakuza probably were laughing their asses off from seeing this white boy get flogged.
    I expected more from this episode 🤔

  12. im very sad i think my crush dosen't like me even if i gave her a ferrero rocher collection and alot of mini toblerons

  13. I wish Vice would take over the disgraceful news page on Facebook. They literally don't cover shit. Lol

  14. In America you can get all this on tender lol alt faster. Believe it or not they have little cuddle places for lonely people lol that’s fair

  15. That is not a cuddle cafe. You're supposed to feel cared about in those. Then again, the place did look shifty.

  16. Japan seems like the perfect example of the futuristic world that the whole world is going to come to some day.

  17. It's way more than this. This was an embarrassment. From what I've seen in certain establishments you're literally given a fucking menu with all sorts of everything including how many people are included. It's like going out to eat.

  18. I watched this 5 years ago. Still the best documentary Vice has done + North Korea, Liberia, Krokodil and a few others.

  19. wow… ok i get it, we are all diffrent and there have to be space for everybody as long as it dosent hurt one. But some of those sex dolls looks like 6 year old girls, and that i think is disturbing. At 05:40

  20. สาวญี่ปุ่นบังคับจับพี่โยหูนวก😓

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