The Islands of El Salvador [Adventure #141]

last week we sailed into the Gulf of
Fonsecaand made landfall on Isla Chonchaquita in the country of El Salvador what are you doing I’m swimming it’s
like an endless flat pool here with the current you can just swim in it go
anywhere so there’s decently large tides here in
the Gulf of Fonseca where we are and it’s uh so about 10 foot tides so aside
on to the breeze right now we’re laying more with the current no better pupusas
is what everyone really wants tonight to say is kind of like around
yeah it’s like a stuffed tortilla they kind of make it round stuff it and then
flatten it out pretty tasty the Gulf of Fonseca is a pretty unique
place bordering three countries and home to more than a dozen islands of varying
sizes here at Pancho WETA one of the larger islands of El Salvador
the steep hillsides were a mixture of jungle and farmland and the small
fishing village was a friendly welcoming place though it seemed very rarely
visited by foreigners and we felt like a bit of a novelty visiting here by
sailboat brain after pulling or digging up onshore we
watched as the fishermen used logs to roll their heavy launches up across the
beach then we went up to see what was happening in town as it turned out
tonight was not pupusas night but we did find some great local food ok this will
be a short one really good evening in town sampling different street foods
chatting with the locals got pretty windy this evening we have saw that
storm clouds pass over isn’t really getting raining but pretty choppy and
windy row back to the boat I don’t think we’ve been back to the boat for more
than 20 minutes and it seems like we’re getting a bit closer to land and the
anchor alarm started to go off so we hold a thinker yeah we’ll tell you more
tomorrow mm-hmm how did you sleep all right
bit windy last night very windy it’s all we’re gonna get the heck out of Dodge
here in a few minutes this is the second Anchorage we moved to last night after
we ended up dragging anchor and got really close to shore luckily we were on
the boat at a time and our drag alarm went off they were probably good one one
and a half meter wind waves 25 to 30 I think the highest we’ve got
recorded here is about 26 but it’s just real strong Gus so it wouldn’t be
surprised if it’s a bit stronger and I think it’s gonna blow like this for
another four or five days according to the forecast so we’re gonna move on over
to the islands opening dinner so a little bit of update on what’s going on
here there’s a really strong Gale coming through the twine I pick right now about
45 50 knots the wind is continuing down through what
they call the Papagayo z– and we’re expecting 20 to 30 knots here for the
next few days non-stop so we want and that’s out of the Northeast wanna be is
southerly Anchorage as possible there’s one over there on Mangueira we’re gonna
yeah we’re going to reserve the dinghy off the back which we toda answers at
night when we should be dragged and we’re gonna tow it across it’s four
miles over we’d like to put it on deck but it’s probably more dangerous right
now to attempt it for dinghy on deck those winds especially we’re 25 30 knot
that’s coming around think mostly we need to put the running back stays out
for now stay cell that’ll help brace the masks we’re just going to go with the
stay so today we’re thinking about a double reef main but it sounds like too
much work well I’ve been cutting across this
channel which is probably going to be extremely windy funneling through this
channel we’re gonna walk into the town of
Mangueira we think right this is we’re on the south side right now that’s some
strong winds blowing northeast in the east for the next four or five days the
towns over on the eastern side of the island so we’re gonna walk over there we
hear it’s about an hour walk wall but there’s a little trail up and over the
hill here mm-hmm just the trail so generally for most of our exploration
we’ll bring the backpack or two as the backpack with all the camera gear and so
on in it well most of it and a lot of times we’ll put veggies and stuff like
that as well today we’re expecting that maybe get a few more veggies so
Hillary’s also got backpack there with a hydration pack in there full of water we
also brought our boat documentation so it’s still not officially checked into
El Salvador I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone we know there’s a port
captain here and responded on the radio so I might go
visit their office and then Emily’s got nothing where did you wait wait okay
yeah we didn’t get near that no it hasn’t been told and we have a story to
tell well last night we figured it would be a
nice idea to go explore the beach and on trying to get back out to the boat we
may have some digging but I took my phone without a drive how is the phone
doing it’s working but I figured to avoid further issues I would now carry a
dry bag whenever going in the dinghy what what Emily fails to realize is that
with salt water the problem will not will not show up for a people week I
just have the picture of you guys still side what next is still potable I guess because the ITO the path to town was
quite scenic winding through forests along the beach and then up one huge
climb to a pass cut through a big hill went on as a kid I had to walking over
mountaintops and ravines and across landslides and around halfway around a
big island just to get to school it was a hard life beyond the trees and the fields town
finally came into view along with the local fishing fleet all out on the water
in their launches as we walked into town passed by a trash collection truck which
was a rare and welcome sight what’s the farm animals and then found
her way to the waterfront and went in search of the port captain you know you know after first being
directed to the military office the offices they’re pointed us in the right
direction to the port captain and immigration the morning walk was good it
was morning was a run between the shaded spots how’s the water here better than
it has been not as more I’d be a little bit colder despite the long walk into town being
anchored on the other side of the island was pretty nice
we were totally protected from the wind and away from town it was just us some
beautiful island views and a small fishing village on the beach Wow paved road day to walk into town did
our immigration yesterday but the guy that does these are pay the boat chicken
was not there to do that so we’ve been here in five six seven days now and we
only officially got checked in yesterday well 50% checked in we got out of these
as a stamp but the boats not legally yeah yeah nobody really seemed to care
we’re trying pretty hard everywhere the radio even in town here and there’s a
bit of work just to get someone to check us in so where are we off to now guys
festival of fish are we going to eat hopefully want to drink isn’t this a very cute little town yeah Saturday
today and sounds like some people who haven’t good old time some fried sardines with eggs and some
shrimp to be said this was a pretty cool little festival with families cooking up
their special seafood dishes we were surprised that we were not only welcomed
in and included in the festivities as outsiders but also that it was a
completely free event just a nice little get-together for the local community I know officially 100 percent checked into
El Salvador we can take our yellow flag down been here a week or so place worth
visiting I would suggest this is a place you could spend the summer lots of
islands to go between beautiful nice Anchorage’s high stands big towns little
town say plenty of stuff if you wanted to spend all summer here by marina very
nice today we went into town after the festival went to back to the port
captain immigration office we got our cruising permit to be in El El
Salvadorian waters that was 30 bucks for a 30 day permit 30 US dollars and then
we’ll have to go back there to get our internationals our pay when we check out
and that’ll be 40 bucks we’re here more official and it was like 10 bucks for us
to check for visas $10 each for visas except for Emily Emily got a free visa
she didn’t need it right right that she was gonna follow them and there’s a
really nice car you gotta say that go doesn’t look like the sails are set very
well no wind coming from every which direction and we tried to sail off
anchors down so yeah why don’t we go in jibe that
sorry its fact that we sailed off anchor here at Guerrero which is the south side
of Isla Mangal were headed around to anchor off town well we had loved that
isolated anchorage on the southern side of the island we were eager to visit
town and evening which was not really possible with the long hike back to the
boat anchored right off town we paddled ashore for some dinner
taking our trash with us since we had seen a trash collection earlier in the
week what was it just two tortillas basically that’s all for this time
thanks so much for joining us if you enjoyed the video please remember to
give us a thumbs up leave a comment and hit the bell so you get notified of new
episodes until next time adios my shadows here people who look like
witches you got a bathroom break on the trail no toilet paper here it’s just the
leaves the long grass

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  5. JUST PLEASE BE SAFE…advise: go in group, avoid certain places, be sensitive when filming because some don't like being filmed, NEVER get involved if you see something you MUST act as if you did not see or hear anything and just "mind your own business" (I'm sorry but even I myself as a Guatemalan have to do the same) RIGHT NOW Guatemala is in the middle of political tensions/transitions.. may be it will be safer to wait until 2020.

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  24. I have driven (helm, lee helm, and other watches) a USN CRUISER off the coast of El Salvador in the 1980s. We had to patrol a long narrow box only a few miles offshore. My understanding was that we were primarily using the ship's powerful RADAR systems to monitor all air traffic in the area. A rumor was that the USSR was trying to sneak MiG-21s into Nicaragua. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful, and the general consensus was that it would be paradise, IF IT WASN'T FOR THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE. The government was hopelessly corrupt, and there was a civil war, with several factions, mostly rival socialists, trying to seize control. It is really jarring to be admiring beaches, clear water, lush jungles, and beach houses, and then see things start blowing up, apparently from artillery fire.

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