The Inspiration Behind the Art Style of Alhambra

NARRATOR: The red bricks
in the unadorned walls were made from the
iron-rich Earth. [MUSIC PLAYING] And the castle
perches on [INAUDIBLE] as if it was carved from
the mountain itself. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s one of the ways
the Moors embraced the nature around them. That commitment carries
through to the inside as well. The buildings of
Alhambra showcase exquisitely detailed
artwork that is grounded in symmetry
and mathematics, yet seems uncannily organic. A poem on the wall describes
a palace of grandest beauty and perfection, with embroidery
similar to the flowers of the garden. The designs were not intended
to be ultra realistic, but the Moors intentionally
pulled from the patterns, the shapes, the color
palettes, and even the textures of the natural world. The flora and fauna helped
breathe life into the castle, connecting nature and
man made inside and out. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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