The Inbox that works for you

To everyone. Subject, an email about email. We love email, but too much of
anything can be overwhelming, and it seems like
everything these days– every impulse buy, every
trip, and pretty much every person you talk
to– makes more email. So we built Inbox, an
inbox that works for you. Inbox lets you add
your own reminders, to help you get things done. It bundles similar
messages together and highlights the
important stuff. Inbox is a way to get
back to what matters. Come try it with us. Your friends at Gmail.

98 thoughts on “The Inbox that works for you

  1. I tried this for a week and then went back to my Gmail app. I don't see the big deal, maybe I don't get too many personal email for me to see the real benefits. To me it just kind of looks like another social network, it just gives me that vibe. Also I don't like when it starts sorting emails for me, then I tend to miss something. Since I do receive about 10-15 emails in a day, I'd rather just quickly take a look at them all and swipe to archive junk I don't care about. 

  2. My thought is why do all of these companies feel the ned to change everything every month or 2 if its not broken dont fix it and confuse people all the time hat are not computer smart.

  3. Galera, se não me falha a memória, eu ainda tenho um convite para enviar. Caso alguém tenha interesse, me responder, não esquecendo de deixar o endereço de e-mail para que eu possa enviar o convite. 

  4. Not impressed. They send me the invite but don't bother making it clear that this is for android devices. I was hoping they had finally addressed making Gmail a more orderly system. It's Google. Getting like MS – lots of hype but no substance. Ce la vie!

  5. Multiples several accounts gmail using Inbox in Android ?

    Can I use Inbox in PC Windows by Web Chrome ?

    When scheduled messages in Inbox like Boomerang Extension Chrome ?

  6. Как тут удалять письма?потому что перемещая письмо в корзину после чего захожу туда и из корзины не удаляет а перемещает

  7. I requested an invite and got a reply that said they would send me one as soon as possible. Now it's three days later, and every time I try to sign in it says "something went wrong, try again later". Is somethong wrong or do I just need to keep waiting?

  8. Great App! Excellent for ongoing life! Easy workflow! For me Just has one thing missing to Work just fine: the (trash) Bin bottom! 

  9. Very awesome, THANKS. Thanks Google for making my life simpler for once not harder like when you tied G+ and YouTube on us. '_'

  10. I like Inbox more than I do Gmail. I hope that they eventually migrate all users over to Inbox and be done with Gmail in the future. If anybody wants an invite to Inbox by Gmail just send me your e-mail. I've got two invites left. First come first serve!

  11. removed it waaaaaay too underfeatured and not one good thing about it at all.

    Please don't ever, ever get rid of gmail as it is now.

  12. Could somebody explain to me how I obtain this new Friendly vocal Translator of Google, and information about it's efficacy? I forgot to mention that I have a Samsung Galaxie 1 or 2-Thanks

    The problem is that Google is now too big. I want to quit using EVERYTHING Google owns. If people don't realize it in time how dangerous it is that Google is as big as it is now and the total control they have over the internet it will be too late to do anything about it. WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES?

  14. there's a draw back in new version of inbox
    in previous version while composing mail Drive can be used directly to attach a file but where is this option in new inbox?

  15. Is that Panther Beach, Santa Cruz California at the end of this video when the couple run across it?

  16. I almost puked when i saw the spot. This style of advertising makes me hate everyone who was involved – including google itself.

  17. Vou ser sincero. Talvez por preconceito no inicio eu não vi muita lógica em sair do Gmail para entrar no universo do Inbox. Hoje, percebo a grande utilidade dessa maneira de ver os e-mails. Recomendo a todos. Muito bom!

  18. Just watched the video. Still really don't know anything about what Inbox is, but learned its users like to play in bands, run across beaches, and skateboard.

  19. desde la aplicacion de mi télefono abrí dos cuentas al mismo tiempo, una sesión múltiple pero con la cuenta de un amigo y ahora no se como quitarla. alguien me puede ayudar.


  20. تعليقي على يوتيوب جيد اتمنى ان يثبت المقاطع التي بدون اتصال على الجوال. أو يطول المده أكثر من48س

  21. Don't close INBOX before you implement the same functionality in GMAIL!!! Especially reminders! Not in a separate app, but in the same app. I don't want to use multiple apps instead of one the best (INBOX).

  22. What is your alternative for Google's Inbox apart from Gmail ?

  23. I'm sick of broken products, now you dump Inbox, the one product you ever made that actually worked, while gmail is STILL BROKEN AFTER YEARS??! Yeah, goodbye google.

  24. RIP.
    Best mail app, everything was automatically sorted perfectly. Cards were fantastically informative. Everything was just fluent. Nothing will come close.

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