The ‘impatient’ revolution – a little story

Hey there and welcome to my campaign,
dedicated to create awareness about Lyme disease. Basically I’m looking for a thousand people
to fund an impatient revolution. Now why is that important? I’ll tell you a story that happened to me
some 30 years ago. On a beautiful day in spring, I was sitting in the school canteen and suddenly I felt a different kind of pain in my leg than I was used to back then. At some point I decided to take a look and rolled up my jeans: my lower leg had turned completely black and the skin felt freezing cold and I could feel no pulse anymore My friend Paul was there too. He was one of my friends who had carried me up and down to school stairs for a couple of years. After seeing my leg he ran off to
call an ambulance. As the weather was lovely, many kids were
in front of the school and so they could witness how my history teacher jumped in front of the
ambulance, waving his arms wildly. I quite liked this teacher, but now he was
shouting that “I was faking everything” and tried to prevent the
ambulance from leaving The driver simply shoved him out of the way and took me to the hospital in Amsterdam with screaming sirens. we arrived just in time to avoid the amputation of my leg. Well, some 20 years after this ‘exciting
episode’, I went to a school reunion. From across the room that same history
teacher saw me walking in. He immediately came over and said in a soft
voice “But this was real wasn’t it? You didn’t fake it?” Most people with chronic Lyme or another misunderstood
disease will recognise their own story in mine: how the absence of
an explanation for their symptoms causes misconceptions and these very strange reactions. How an accepted medical diagnosis changes
everything socially. I know from experience what
these misconceptions do to people and I also know how many people still
need to deal with them, 30 years later. With devastating medical, financial, legal
and social consequences. This experience also drives me to do my current
work for many. Because I was fortunate enough to recover from Lyme, I can work for all the people who are still
stuck in this labyrinth. I’m also qualified as an educator, so I am
in a position to contribute something. Personally I can now do what healthy people
consider obvious or normal, but what far too many others can only dream about: to visit friends, to read and write
longer than a few minutes, to put on clothes or open the curtains in the
morning and be able to stand the sunlight. The fact that so many people are not able
to do these things, but are told they “are faking it” is a concern to me. I believe the current state of affairs causes
a waste of life and a violation of our most fundamental human
right: the right to dignity. So how can this seriously ill and neglected
group of people be treated with dignity? My history teacher taught me something that day something valuable for the present: at that
reunion he somehow got that insight by himself and trusted me again, without me telling him anything So could ‘creating awareness’ be something else than trying to debate or convince those ‘above’ us? What also struck me later was how it had apparently
troubled my teacher for twenty years, far more than it had ever bothered me. This indicates the essence of my work: to
shorten these 20 years for others. For the last seven years I’ve been working
on this mission by writing, sharing knowledge and by being involved in
global political actions. My book for caregivers and all my 370 articles
and interviews are openly accessible to everybody. They’re literally ‘priceless’ and have already
been read by over a quarter of a million people. The political efforts of the global network
of scientists doctors and human rights experts – of which I’m part – is already impacting the lives of
countless others across the world. This far I’ve been financing my work out of my own resources and now I’m asking you for your contribution to continue on this mission in a sustainable way. When for example thousand people are willing
to give two dollars a month on my Patreon campaign I can continue and you can stop
your contribution anytime you want. I would like to invite you to have a look
at the text on the campaign page and I’m grateful to all who enable me to
continue my work for many.

2 thoughts on “The ‘impatient’ revolution – a little story

  1. Huib, thank you for sharing your personal story of being bitten by a tick 30 years ago and how it has effected you then and now.

    GOD BLESS YOU for all the research you have done, published, and made available FREE worldwide to the tick-borne patients. I've learned so much from you.

    I will be sending you my donation to help you continue to do your research with this money going towards your living expenses since you are unable to physically work like majority of us.

    BettyG, Iowa lyme patient 😉

    48 yrs, misdiagnosed 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs! Unacceptable!

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