The Google app: Ice Cream

FEMALE SPEAKER: You all right? MALE SPEAKER: OK, Google. Does gravity change? KID: Ice cream! GOOGLE: According to
Curious About Astronomy, gravity does indeed
change with altitude. MALE SPEAKER: Lesson learned.

88 thoughts on “The Google app: Ice Cream


  2. Hes got Heroine in the toast god dammit ice cream gets related with gravity somehow i guess hell of a drug my perspective though
    Kids eats toast*
    At this moment the kid knew he had fucked up.

  3. I love the part when the kids fall
    Mom are you alright
    Kid yup I just fell im fine
    Both kids run to the ice cream truck lmao

  4. instead of asking for hospitals near him, he asks some stupid question about gravity. somebody should call child services for child neglect.

  5. So the dad asks Google a question instead of helping up his kids and then teases them with his answer?
    I guess the Google App is for shitty parents…

  6. Watches their toddler fall on the ground
    Asks Google about gravity
    Watches other kid fall on the ground
    Gets on to their kid

    And yet they still wonder, "Where did I go wrong?"

  7. +Google i can't make a a new google acount on
    new phone it says coudn't sign in BUT i have type my email and password correct and when i make a new one it say username isn' available BUT i have a strong network connection

  8. Its to show the app still recognizes his voice over the bullshit that is happening in the background you dumbass apple lovers.

  9. Google last year it was this ad and it was called ice cream nearby I just want to know what song was you using

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