The Ese’Eja People of the Amazon

[Stephanie Bacon]: I’ve been working with a class this semester on installation of this incredible exhibit about the Ese’Eja people, one of the last
remaining Amazonian tribes. The exhibit includes daguerreotypes and platinum
palladium photographs of the Ese’Eja people, and it includes their own words and drawings
about their way of life, and it includes artifacts from their material culture. In taking the class, I learned a lot about
the process of actually handling artifacts, learning how to pull together a case, learning
how to work as a team, learning how to balance both historic stories and ethnographies and
art, learning how to mesh all of those things together. And working with this particular project,
with the Ese’Eja tribe and learning all about their culture, it’s been a really great
experience learning how to both pull together a project and tell somebody else’s story. And as a historian, as someone who’s training
to be a historian, I think that this has been a really, really great experience. [Light, acoustic guitar music plays and fades out]

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