The Daniel Radcliffe Time Traveller saga continues! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

We’ve got no school photographs
of Daniel Radcliffe. And I am so sorry, I never thought
we would be doing this again, but viewers won’t let it go. The Daniel Radcliffe
time traveller. Now, it is bizarre. So, there’s all the old ones we used
to have. I think that was the first one
we ever showed.
Do you know about this, Miriam? No. There is a thing that happens
when I come on this show where people sort of dredge
the internet and have found photographs of people that look
like me throughout time. And it turns out
there’s a lot of them. Oh, my God – that’s not you?
That’s quite a good one. Yes. That one’s uncanny. Very good. That was a good one. Some of them… That’s rubbish. That’s quite…
Actually, that is quite good, I suppose. Let’s see. That’s quite good. That’s ridiculous. Oh, look,
there you are as a nun! I feel they’re getting less like
me, and just a person with glasses. This is still one of my
favourites because you look so happy in this one. I think this was when you were time
travelling, and here’s a really good bit of your life here. There you go.
I think you were in love. We’ve got some new ones. I look like many other
members of my family in that. Weirdly, we found one of you,
I think you are married to Robson Jerome. Yeah, that’s good. Ooh, you look… That’s a bad day.
That’s a bad part of your life. That’s a… I take issue with… Yeah, no, that’s nonsense. This one is good –
this is again another very, very jolly bit of his life. Daniel is really
loving life here. Hello! APPLAUSE
Yeah, that is just… Yeah.

32 thoughts on “The Daniel Radcliffe Time Traveller saga continues! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. What if
    Daniel Radcliffe played the rebooted version of that Adam Sandler movie where he played as
    Twins ( as man and woman)

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