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  1. Hi am from morocco and am proud to be  i hope the next time when you came inchallah to visit the south of morocco then you can descover a lot of magical things about my country , have a nice day

  2. Another one of these self absorbed docs where it's all about the host instead of the place. Become a model or an actress honey, not a documentarian.

  3. This journalist has such a wonderful job – another amazing and insightful video. These fashion features are becoming my favorite things to watch!

  4. “Day with Kamal Chaoui”

    We spent a day with Kamal Chaoui this spring and were sorry that we were not able to arrange to spend the night at his B & B. Our walking exploration of Bhalil with Kamal helped us understand life in the village and included visits to a talented craftsman and several cave homes. But more than that, we heard about efforts to bring business and to help the town become clean and colorful (paint and trash removal). We learned about the button making business and efforts to help children . Our short exploration made this charming area come alive. I could even return and order locally made djellabas, schedule a cooking class, arrange walking tours and lectures with Kamal Chaoui. He is gregarious and passionate about bring the world to Bhalil. This visit was one of the highlights of a month long visit to Morocco.

  5. I love morocco 🙂 I was born in morocco (tangier) but raised in USA ( Im a US american also) and every other summer we go visit all our family in morocco , it is the best time ever everytime<3 I cannot wait this year to visit tangier! It truly is a beautiful and amazing place. One of the places some people just have to visit once in their life at least! Very proud to be Moroccan

  6. morroco is a very beautiful country we have the best drugs of the world, women's,alcohool every single thing you'll find it her welcome Europe people in the paradise haha

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  8. When you say "fixed between Europe and Africa, the sacred and profane" it sounds as if you are referring to Europe as "sacred" and Africa as "profane". I highly doubt you intended for it to sound that way, but it did come across that way :/

  9. When they talk about how tangier was the loosely governed place for drugs and partying it makes me confused. It is a muslim country partly ruled by the sharia law,so why do they make it sound like it's ibiza?

  10. I've been to Algeria, Tunsia, Egypt, Jordan, and they were all beautiful places and the people were nice too, but Morocco it was truly exceptional I didn't go to tangier though, I went to Marakesh and Casablanca. Morocco and Moroccans and their way of life, and their food, and their Madina it was just emotionally beautiful, now after seeing this video I am setting a goal to visit Tangier this summer.

  11. i'm looking at videos like these and saying " oh, awesome! westerners actually are quite nice and loving people , they don't judge or hate moroccans who are muslims unlike what i see in the media ( their hate for muslims), "but then i see other anti islam videos made by westerners, or hate comments and i'm like " you know what? i take what i said back.. about them being so nice.and..loving…" of course not all westerners, but really, generally.

  12. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful my country is. if someone wants to visit, you are more than welcome at any time.

  13. my mother is actually from tangier, morocco, and we make an adamant approach to visit the city every summer. i no longer see tangier as i once did as a child. through out this year, the city has morphed into a vision of luxury, a way to escape and immerse yourself in your own imagination. i haven't been to tangier in two years now, and im planing a trip this summer and im extremely excited to visit the city with a new perspective and new agenda in place.

  14. I just came back from Morocco a month ago! I'm so in love with the country! So beautiful! Morocco is so much more than Tangier. There is beaches, mountains, desert, countryside, the cities, medinas, shopping, good food, history, and beautiful friendly people. If you get a chance to go take it! The day I had to leave I was sad. But I will definitely be back:)

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  16. Plz plz plz next time go to Casablanca because its the real face of morocko and IF you se this contact me /answer the comment and IF you go to morocko you can viset a real morocko family

  17. My grandparents were spaniards and lived in Tangier for 35 years, my grandpa (the dad of my mom) was a teacher in the Instituto Español of Tanger. My mom arrived there with them from the Canary Islands when she was 5 years old (aprox. 1951). When I was child in the seventies every summer we traveled from Spain to Tangier to spend the summer at the home of my grandparents and be with them. Very very wonderful memories of those times…. going to the Country Club and playing in the forests there as childs usually do, going to Robinson beach….. wow…. amazing times. We lived in the Iberia Plaza in front of the Mosque (in front of the Instituto Español too). Once my grandparents and my mom were gone, I did not want to return there and visit Tangier because I fear to feel really sad remembering those wonderful times there with them. But my best wishes to this wonderful city and all its people.

  18. Tangier Guide The first mobile application on Android dedicated to the city of Tangier, Morocco: Free available online for the operation of the big city day and night.


  19. I'm from Tangier and honestly speaking there is so much to see and discover in this city. It's like a time capsule full of life and artefacts. I visit Tangier yearly and it has clearly become a very popular touristic destination. I would for more people to actually visit Tangier and discover the magic and document it for everyone to see

  20. Beautiful! Tangier the high got its vibe from the location itself I believe. It has the mestery of Africa, the authenticity of the orient, inspired by modernity of Europ and aspiring to the new world on the West side on the land of the Amazigh, Free Man. I love Tangier!

  21. She should really do a piece on Al Houceima! It's constantly ranked as one of the top most beautiful seaside cities in the world, the people belong to one of the oldest indigenous cultures in North Africa (the Riffian Amazigh, who have amazing music), and there are no mosquitoes!

  22. when moroccans decide to leave to europe or … they're called immigrants but white people coming to morocco are expats ok!

  23. Look at all these white people profiting off of african land, while Moroccans live in poverty, they bathe in richness, colonialism 101, go back home.

  24. everything wrong with the candid expats mindset in a single video: the europeans living in Morocco are not presented immigrants but expats. the narration breath an indecent orientalism and the nostalgia of a time where Moroccans were exploited. Complete ignorance that these forgeigners are not trying to integrate within Moroccan culture but instead strive to exploit whatever is left to be exploited. I once witnessed one of those " expats" bargainning over a pottery maker selling his product for 10 dhm the equivalent of 1 euros. Anyway stop dreaming folks time and start respecting.

  25. Refinery29, take it from someone that is Moroccan, born in Tangier and raised in London. Creating this image of Tangier as a dream, where "westerns" enjoy a sense of escapism to roam around freely, only allows you to detach yourself from the locals. It's a cute video and all, but I want to see the true beauty of Tangier from the eye of the people rather than a collective group of Caucasians that call it an escape from "home". I do not want to hear from a group that have taken, but from people that give back.

  26. I'm curious about the reactions to the video, can somebody clarify? The title says expats, but people are complaining about an absence of Moroccan interview subjects. Others are complaining about these people being exploitative and not contributing to Morocco, but what are they basing this on? Are they not buying Moroccan products, employing Moroccan craftsmen and encouraging people to visit Morocco? I'm not trolling, just really trying to understand.

  27. If it is fixed between Europe and Africa it is fixed between the spiritually devoid and the spiritual.

  28. When I was 14, I went to Morocco with my family. Men were trying to buy me with camels as I have blond hair. We could not leave our resort, it was horrible. And my sister was there with her boyfriend, and men were screaming at them for holding hands.

  29. Omg l couldnt get past the first 5 minutes. I have loved your other videos but everything about this is offensive to Africa and Moroccan people. First Morocco is In Africa, second they are not expats but immigrants, third there is nothing profane about Africa except the colonial mentality of this video. Please think before making such rubbish videos again. Do you call Moroccans in England expats ? It is beyond a joke that in 2018 Westerners are still referring to the North of Africa as some other place not in Africa. Wake up..Egypt and Morocco are African countries full of immigrants of all kinds that does not mean it is not Africa because the culture varies. Never have l heard a European refer to Spain as not in Europe or France or Italy. Its just an offensive, colonial perspective of Morocco that should not be made in 2018. People that watch this should be aware it was made by someone with nostalgic ideas about colonialism and is not the perspective of African people (that includes Moroccan people who are African).

  30. Ppl stop at the fruit stand like they never had fruit b4. News flash.. A grape taste the same in morocco as it do in Brooklyn, NY..

  31. i hate this. as a moroccan, i hate this. interview some people from the land and shine a light on them. really disappointing.

  32. Yes, white has always been seen a pure and brown and black people and their culture seen as profane – rules set by whites to justify disenfranchisement of people of color

  33. Cultural appropriation. Blah blah fucking blah. Not everything needs some leftist moralizing. Just appreciate it for what it is.

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  35. 2:45 "…basically there were very very few laws, and it was a fantastically clever experiment"
    Oh yeah, living in a country colonised by your own country, and where you are free from rules and live peacefully in your villa, while the citizen are crushed by outsiders laws… very fantastic indeed.

  36. oh dear this is like those posh kids who go on gap years to “find themselves” and “give back” except they’re pensioners now

  37. That rooster attacking the dog nearly choked me! I was laughing sooo hard….Poor dog, roosters don’t belong in the house! LoL😳😱😂😂 🐓 vs.🐶

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